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Spiderman mary jane 05


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Spiderman mary jane 05

  1. 1. Xxx l¥“‘: %-L r '. ‘ ‘ ‘ ’7' - ‘ . . . , in Acts l I I 00511 in mm 7 59606 05795 5 MIYAZAWA § Up. IHIIIIII! lllllllfl < $2.99 Us $4.25 CAN STRAIN I l
  2. 2. Mary Jane Watson has it all- the looks, the friends and a cheerful demeanor that everybody loves! Deep down, though, she's got the same doubts as all of us — she's just better at hiding them. Snider-Man Lnvas Mary Jane (ISSN 6l559~U69lJ) Na. 5. June. 2006. Pl. ‘ l cm 1 H M~'«R'UFL ENYERTA l. l,l llli". OFHCF U? FUF, ll_'. »': TIGll Jl? Sill Aw - Q POSTAGE RATES IS Will? ) "1 AT ‘J Wllfllx 'l‘f MAD AT »'«DDl'l(. ‘F. ’>l war d All (li.1mc10's‘ ‘ ‘ " . Ml", Cllfll1llL"S Int .1 Imm) m :59 p- « . . . mrl S-1 ?5 ll] Can ml lGST : Rl? T . ‘ ‘El 0 9 | lI'UL. l)ll lhe m-lssmnn C.7", I ll; -vi my-ul = JJ[768:'>ZlT Printed in Inc USA 527 ill} C. m.JEl. '| 53," U0 Fm-'-. '1llS3fil‘. l] POSllv! »ST[l? SEND All AUDRFSS CHM. - ' . $lJH§CRll’TlUl. l DEPT V0 BOX 3ll. ‘vI’ll Sfxll IAKF ClT'V UT B~ll3ll l‘ri~‘. ’Ll TELFF’ ' lxilnl . "Vim" ‘AX X t»i»lln(. v|| vl4nns--'m. l'wls| lh mm Al’: »‘«F~‘n'«D Clue‘ Cle. illr~ flllrrm Al N. ‘ FHJE Pl: ‘S In CEO fl‘ M: I TL. , . L Illl [J»l‘. 'llJ BUGAWT VF’ 0‘ P: lllll~'Jm. .) U5“".2lu lit: UNI CARR Fveumm rmm, “V p‘ mgywn Tn _ _‘ Elmo’ SYN! LEE C'l. lllllI. lll Elli-“llL’» lm nllnnmllmi nrgycn-:1 .1 «ileum; ll l. ‘l. im-l limrlrs‘ (H on lvl. wr*l. 'um pl l. l.wnone Atlvevllsmg Dneclm .11 uIl.1llvlmr>. r m. iv». uI com or 2l? r576 8531 F0’ l. l.w. rl subsmplmn I: l]L. l‘n'K plnax-.
  3. 3. Manhattan, .Nl '; You said to meet bu this alleu. ..
  4. 4. i 4n § $5 . as-
  5. 5. ohmugosh. Youmadea A d 6 0 ca P"-'"’C-' te| '|1, Iaspuaryed no expense on the contents. .. We've got peanut butter and Jellg. we've got red delicious apples. we've got water. And, For dess - -macadarnia- nut cookies. Because. ..
  6. 6. ‘ . . - V, __ _ . .1—p: ' 1 -d%a¢‘, =-Q‘-n-Ilod-v-t? '&*C—I—. .3 --u. q--——vn. .s. .-1-r; —s-ruin I-r-fisnu‘. -"—: ' . .—I—. ‘<a$¢e’-Tu‘: -=‘—-'-; oiG.2-§n'rna’r’—c'“r: -*-i&fi‘a%'-“" N. M Q _ _. W W . e. W _ _ M _ __, _ _ , W
  7. 7. ~_, ‘ . . better if you'd pull ‘ up your mask and This is really join me. great. .. so. ..when you're not, gou know, wearing tha or doing super- hero stuFi-‘-- could you not ask me about. .. other day that you stopped some _ , §:_, ~.-; e£3,; ’ upzarsaieru er. » you all have weird names but what's a rave the deal with»
  8. 8. won't let you- That purse would never go with our wardro e, pail Heads up, miss!
  9. 9. ‘MW I mean. do 9°“ can do whatever do ‘t? you want. why are you so. .. unselfish? Oh, I'm Ienty selfish, be iev_e me. 1 get a lot of SdtI9F&CtlOfl out or‘ helping people. Yeah, but you couldjust, like, take stui‘? and no one could stop you. I guess Mr. _ and Mrs. Ider-Man raised a good boy. Do your parents know that you-- I wonder iFit's too SOON. Hmm, , maybe it IS Think it's too soon at’-‘ter a meal to go for a little spin?
  10. 10. .. .. .3.. . . ... _. .1. . . . ».. ... . as . .. _e. e.i, . .. ... du . . n. 4 . , ‘Chit . . 4 K - .05 . I!. H . § . it! Q ' . . Q Q an . ... ... ,.. .Eulln'ul| l.. . sees . , 3 as rfllfl w 1. I I . .. ov . _ u i . . K I N _. ., v . M . .. _. .. . . , _ . . . M . M . . . . . . ._ hm ‘| ‘‘ . . ’ . . Q l
  11. 11. Wno ever gets to see the city like that? You don't realize _ the complexity or _ the--the beauty . OF it all! It was over- whellmlnq. Absolutely.
  12. 12. Here you °°' 5'" Thanks, Spider-Man! Yer a real mensch. Okay, we can get movin‘ again. Oh, hey, it was no trouble whatsoever. Just ~ happy I could help! Anything ya say, spideyl I still owe ya one Fer savin'
  13. 13. I thought I mean. ..I fi ured you'd /1 e this kind well? Are you having I won't stop F ? t h I U” %n: ,,F, >oF: %?r£| e You don't have - y to apologize For °r°'“'5e doing the right thing. ‘l‘nere's ; someone else, isn't there? Are you sure? Because Rea” . , . q "‘ 5 °’“"-4 "" it's not that at all.
  14. 14. well, hey» the night's nowhere near over yet! we've still got a rivate tour oFthe et and a trip to the best little ltalian— ice stand in town. I mean, I know it's kinda chilly out, but—- Maybe it was all that fresh air. Man. I should probably get home.
  15. 15. " Are uou sure uou wanna take the train? You haven't lived until uou've swung across the Queensboro V .2315 a n n. *,{- - ‘ca-‘r i‘a‘‘n w ; -.-‘. t?. -~: ’:‘ ‘ -. ~.*. ‘ , go ‘-‘(I I ‘ III r n 2 I I I IKllI
  16. 16. L'A’_5_ A E ‘(I 2' _. j K‘ , ’ WI}! !! uiifmtltunswxuluuu« E "" ; ..__. :§ I-—j. :EE :3? . i j. ‘ guwmr J
  17. 17. really incredible stuH', you know? we went . swln in? around “' the C t . Heh1ade ‘ this lit Ie picnic on a web. .. was. ..what's the word? And evergthln else we did? Normal- people stufi? I hate to sa it, but it was army. on our First ‘ date. Harry took me on a carriage ride and it was romantic. But with Spider-Man? I meani£he's 'ipider—Man! Ems we hard"-J had And I couldn't anythln to talk about iook into his eue5_ . be‘35‘-'59 9 ’, 'eF“5e5 15°, I couldn't see ifhe discuss an thing about his was smiling. or persona life, so it was happu. or ,9 bored all Just su er-villains and min less small as I was or what’ Ik It could never I work between us. There's no wag. Like, * we could never do normal couple stufi-‘ like go out For dinner, : see a movie, hang out at a party. .. »‘
  18. 18. You know he actually asked me ii-‘there was some- one else. I told him there wasn't. And that was the truth. But the whole ride home, I kept wondering. .. ii, 1' t hafiévii ab<r>‘: itKl>elng --"”h'4 9°” rig ii-‘that makes were“ with you Feel any ppffier, better. ‘ er- I He totally knew I was let down, too. I Feel bad, ‘cause it's not like it was his Fault, really. .. Heck, you pon-t iook 9° , _ don't even care surprised. I see how that _anuone sees uou um, are when uo, ,-re hanging out with such with him. i a huge nerd. It's léketac H you're o a y comfortable. “"93 "erdi You're. .. Free. And he'd do anything For you. You knowthat, " .4 Q liifllza
  19. 19. Just as I was leavln For my date? eter asked me out what did I say? ! I pretended he was joking! Ii'"°""‘ito'E"i? .»i~c us so ou eldand I was about uchh' I hate And peter to have my dream date and__ probably hates You like Peter, don't you? As more than a friend. . ..I've talked to him, and I'm telling ou, MJ. will never ind a guy who's geeked For you the way Peter Parker is. sure, he's the biggest nerd ever and I can't see how any girl could actually go For him, but. ..he cares about you. L ’ 90. iryou really care ‘vu I . have to let him know how you Feel. You know how badly I want us to . be able to hang out _: as ‘two single girls. ..but. ..
  20. 20. l ' ~ * ~ ~ . , I ' N" __‘ : ;r—= :- I . N ‘ ____, _i ' Q . - - - fl ' ~ “ ‘ , '.. '~, ' I . /J / l ‘ I k h ' ij; ;, 3. I ' L K ‘ Cll ‘I III! . llllll | ' I A l E
  21. 21. Pete's Fine. I just saw him a little while ago. He's doing that new student liaison thing, showing this girl around I wish I knew, but Pete's a smart ‘ guy. He‘s keepin her -_ _ all to hlmse . Forget about . all the drama between us For a sec. Have you seen Peter? I couldn't reach him all weekend and now I can't Find him anywhere. is he okay? 90 you know? she's a real knockout, too. Blonde. I think they were headed For the school library. .. if you get he name, pass it along to me, .~
  22. 22. ‘E _ . U, 5" [70 ‘t tell me , —— , . i you never heard ____ f - I’ that one eF°l'e--v Well, sure, 2 J V but. ..not the n b j way you tell ' it. ‘ . ;i. <;«: :i: .i ‘ Lj Friend? I ll " I tried to call . ’ Jane Watson. mu you all weekend, _ . K studu P8|'tfiel‘-
  23. 23. Mckeever Miyazawa Strain Sharpe strain élnter Writer Art Colors Letters CoverArt Production 513 ‘I Nth MaK I with Mark Joe Pan Tharflgio / c‘Lsi‘3Z' / Cacleilahiezafd Paniccialouesada/ Buckley David Gabriel Assistant Editor Editors Chief‘ Publisher Sean / Takeshl Christina ! Pave / Tak, N.Lee 57 Rich
  24. 24. NATHAN COSBY: Welcome to the FIRST ever lellers page for SPIDER- MAN LOVES MARY JANE! And what befier way to kick off in letters page then lo not have any., leiiers. Dong. Uh. ..Seun? Tak? Chris? You guys there? TAKES}-II MIYAZAWA: Yup, here SEAN MCKEEVER: Huh? Whal? Oh, sorry. I was Just working on ihis scene in Issue #9 where——oh. This is the leilers page. I beiler noi say anything, then. GRISTXNA STRAIN: I'm like a cat. 1 bits people, too. NC: We know, Chris. We know. Figured since we're not gelling leilers "iii next month, we could gei lo know a lilile bil aboui your influences for this book and why it's important to pul out ANOTHER Spidey book ihcii doesn't even have Spidey in it much. SM: I grew up reading Spider-Mon, and one of the things I always admired was his supporting cast. Sure, as Spider-Man, there are always these cool villains he's fighting and heroes hes ieoming up wilh. Bui fhe lhing ihal always kept me jonesing for ihoi next issue was finding ouf what was going to happen nexi befween Pefer and Flash, or Peter and Harry, or Peter and Gwen Siocy. Or, of course, Peter and Mary Jane. Peier Parker had all these wonderfully lhree—dimensional friends and enemies WITHOUT powers to interact with on a regular basis, you know? So, for me, it's great to have a series like this, where we get to draw From that briliiani supporting casi. And to be able to do so in a way that leis me delve into biiiersweef teen drama as I so often do (and gives me lhe chance to work wllh Tak and Chrisiina, to boot) I5 icing on the coke. CS: Yeah. I'm completely info the whole ieen drama theme myself. when I was growing up, teen romance manwhn and mango was most of what I read and all of who? I wanted to work on. And whoi makes NU even sweeter is that it's drawn in the? mango vein that I grew up with, AND Takb friggin' awesome of producing quality aulhenfic-feelin' mango-style art! NC: Thanks, Chris. Tak, what do you-- CS: And man. .. Sean, he writes like a girl so that JUST makes it all even more sweel For me. .. boxes and boxes of lissues indeed. NC: Yep, Sean's a big girl, no doubf. Tak? TM: Influences. .. influences. .. I suppose most of what I've been doing refers back to daily mundane observations. For many aciion-based lilies "over- fhe-fop" seems to be the key to suc- cess whereas, for SPIDER—MAN LOVES MARY JANE, ihe complete opposite is frue. The challenge then becomes keeping the reader involved while kids laik, attend class or hang of the Coffee Bean. I've always been one to ihink less is more so even a glance or playing with hair has €lTl0I| Ol'ldl reso- nance. From some of the comments and feedback I've been geiiing I lhink the readers have been appreciating this more under-the-radar approach to sioryielling. Also, sure ii’s anoiher Spidey book, but it's probably the only solo fiile where the supporting casi is just as vital and completely wrii- len as lhe lead. I love that M3 can be absent for a good chunk of the book and Jusl have, say, Liz or Peter do their thing. I ihink this different approach to the book has been its grealesf plus. CS: I dunno, Tak, I fhlnk the book's greaiesi plus is how HOT Peter is. O_O SM: 1 so do not write like a girl! And to prove if, I'm going to cry! cs: Careful, Sean, you're going to make your mascara run! NC: Why does every conversation wilh Sean end with crying? Anybody goi anything lo say lo the fans writing in nexf month? CS: HUG! !!! Fans? Oh yes. thank you all for read- ing, if it weren't for all of you, we'd be eafing pre-chewed gum off the sidewalks. ;_; Thai and that all of you younger girls reading this book, you guys are the reason I'm so proud lo work on this book. GIRL GEEK POWER! TM: Yeah, man. Fans! ! You've been the lifeblood lo l’l'llS series. Seriously. Only reason we're still here is ‘cuz of you guys and gals. KUDOS! !! SM: As much as I love writing this series, it wouldn't be nearly as rewarding without all the great fans. I've me’! some of you at signings, I've exchanged e-mails, I've read your posts on message boards and blogs, and I am so touched by your support and your unflinching good taste! Heh. Really, like Tak said, this series wouldn't be here without you. I look forward lo hearing from you! Thanks guys (and girl ihal ihinks she's a col)! Don't forget lo mail us your questions and comments. NC signing off. See you in 30! --Nathan mondomarvel@marvel. com