Choosing a shopping cart system


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Choosing a shopping cart system

  1. 1. eCommerce Choosing a Shopping Cart Software Luis M Cordeiro prof@luismcordeiro.netLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  2. 2. IntroductionChoosing a Shopping Cart Software Dont let the name fool you; shopping cart software is a lot more than just a payment gateway service. Good shopping cart software offers a host of other tools to help get your online business up and running. Here are just some of the ways in which comprehensive shopping cart software can help your business:Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  3. 3. Payment ProcessingChoosing a Shopping Cart Software Many shopping cart programs offer credit card processing as well as check, PayPal or other methods of processing payments.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  4. 4. Webpage DesignChoosing a Shopping Cart Software Many merchants are good at selling things, not designing web pages, so some shopping cart software will include step by step wizards to help take the mystery out of that process – you don’t even have to know HTML.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  5. 5. Storefront DesignChoosing a Shopping Cart Software Step by step store front wizards incorporate templates and other tools to help you set up the look of your web site’s storefront.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  6. 6. Inventory ControlChoosing a Shopping Cart Software Good shopping cart software will keep track of your inventory and generate reports automatically.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  7. 7. Shipping ControlChoosing a Shopping Cart Software Nearly all shopping carts offers a shipping tool that calculates shipping costs for customers based on parameters that you set, some can even link up to common shipping methods like FedEx or UPS.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  8. 8. TAX CalculationChoosing a Shopping Cart Software Most shopping cart software can calculate taxes, a valuable tool, especially since many states are considering requiring merchants to collect taxes for online sales.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  9. 9. Customers ManagementChoosing a Shopping Cart Software Most shopping cart software has features that will let customers view their previous purchases. The program will also recognize the customer when they come back for a return visit.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  10. 10. MarketingChoosing a Shopping Cart Software Most shopping cart software offers integrated information on affiliate programs, social network marketing methods, and help with merchandising. Many are able to create coupons, gift certificates or other incentives as well.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  11. 11. SecurityChoosing a Shopping Cart Software Customers won’t purchase online if they feel the website cannot protect their personal information. Most shopping cart software will offer protection by encrypting information, processing credit cards through reputable processing services and by allowing customers to move through their program without having to download cookies.Luis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures
  12. 12. ContactsMy contact informationE-mailYou can contact me atprof@luismcordeiro.netOn the luis_marco_cordeiroLuis M Cordeiro eCommerce Lectures