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Trabajo mecánica de motos

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  3. 3. SUMARY1) Security and comfort2) Instruments and controls3) Instruction for operating4) Service and maintenance
  4. 4. SECURITY AND CONFORTMotorcycles are two-wheeled vehicles. Safety of its use andoperation depends on proper driving techniques, as well as the skillof the driver conductor. All requirements should be knew by thedriver before driving a motorcycle. complete instructions from a competent source on all aspects of motorcycle observe the warnings and maintenance and requirements contained in the manual obtain qualified information on safe driving techniques and appropriate get professional technical service according to the manual or when conditions so require Mechanical
  5. 5. SHASIS: the chassis meets two basic types of functionsStatic = CHASSIS must support the weight of the rider andpassenger of motorcycle, the engine and transmission and devicessuch as oil and gas.Dynamics: the CHASSIS and the rest of the bike (wheels andsuspension) together must provide precise steering, good handlingand good grip comfortSUSPENCION: basically a suspension has two main functions: tokeep the wheels in contact with the ground at all the time. ensurethat the parts on the bike are anchored to the wheels and fixed allparts to it.
  6. 6. BRAKES: It worksby decreasing the speed of the vehicle by means of frictionbetween two or more pieces that are usually steel and shims orsynthetic or metallic padsINSTRUMENTS AND CONTROL AND INSTRUMENTS FOROPERATINGTACHOMETERSwitch locking main direction controls the ignition and lightingsystems, and is used to lock the steering. Below describes thefollowing different positions Open: All electrical circuits are energized Closed: All electrical systems are off you can remove the key
  7. 7. closed lock: The steering is locked, and all electrical systems are off Indicator light beam. This warning light is turned on, when the high beam of the lamp is on. Shift indicator light: This indicator light flashes when the turn signal switch pushed to the left or right. neutral spot light this light comes on when the transmission Is in neutral position.The electric tachometer allows the rider to monitor engine rpm andkeep them within the power range to turn the key in the position"on" the tachometer sweep once across the rpm range and thenreturns to 0 rpm to test entire electrical circuit the multifunction display is provided by elements following models: a speedometer an odometer fuel meterSwitch, turn signal: to signal a right turn puts the switch in thisposition, to signal a left turn, push the switch to that position.Step light switch: press this switch to make light work of passage.
  8. 8. Light switch crossing road: this interrupter position to put up thebeam and put down for beamHorn switch: Press this switch to sound the hornSERVICE AND MANTENANCEFUEL LINES: check if the fuel hoses for cracksPLUG: Check condition, clean and adjust toleranceAIR FILTER: cleaning, changeBATTERY: check the output voltage, check the electrolyteCLUTCH: verify operation adjust, lubricate the leverFRONT BRAKE: check function, fluid level and leaks, changingbrake pads.REAR BRAKE: Check operation of the brake pads, check fordamagedBrake hose: replace if necessaryWHEELS: Check run out and for damage.TIRES: check tread depth and are not cracks. Change if necessary,check the air pressure.PADS WHEEL: check whether the cushions are loose or damagedSwing arm: Check operation and change the clearance is excessivegrease lubricated bushings.CHAIN DRIVE: check clearance alignment and adjustment statusand lubricate chain with a chain lubricant.
  9. 9. PADS ADDRESS: check clearance cushions and steering for toughgrease lubricated.FRAME MOUNTING: check that all bolts are properly tightenednuts.SIDESTAND CENTRAL: Check operation and lubricate.FRONT FORK: Check operation and for oil leakage.SHOCK SET: Check operation and for oil leakage.MOTOR OIL: Change oil level and check for leaks.ENGINE OIL FILTER: change.MOBILE PARTS AND CABLES: lubricate.BOX throttles grip and cable: Check operation and free play,adjust the clearance of the cable if necessary.SIDESTAND CENTRAL: check if the air shutoff valve, the reedvalve and the air tube change damaged parts are damaged.FRONT FORK: check operation, adjust the headlight.