Plegable pesca deportiva


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Plegable pesca deportiva

  1. 1. SPORTFISHINGMISSIONTHE FISH, is a company that providesthe service of sport fishing, whichcontributes to meeting the needs andexpectations for the practice of thissport, providing variety of choices forhealthy development.With the best quality in the provision ofservices and competitive prices toachieve a position in the sports marketand fish hatchery. Getting theprofitability required to generate qualityof life of clients, employees andpartners.VISIONWill provide fun times according to theneeds and requirements of our clients,becoming an important option in themarket for quality, innovation andflexibility.Recovering vegetation rich areas anduse them to provide tranquility andrelaxation for families and others whovisit us looking for a good fun.It will be in 2011 as the best sportfishing center in the region, beingrecognized as a leader in our market.In two years to improve theinfrastructure of our locations to makeit a place everyone wants to visit.OBJECTIVESGeneral• To be leaders in the market andachieve trucheras with our excellentservice and good prices to berecognized not only in retirement butalso in other regions of Colombia.• Promote the development of sportfishing families unifying providinghealthy fun recognizing nature asessential means for its development.specific• make in one year can increase rangeof dishes and ingredients in our menuof products.• Provide new ponds and improve thequality of existentespara good growthof the fry.
  2. 2. JUSTIFICATIONIn light of the human need to have fun,share with nature healthy recreation,we saw the need to create a placewhere all these factors were gatheredand enjoyed getting there is the besttime anyone ever lived either alone oraccompanied.Our visitors forget the stress of workand be immersed in a world oftranquility and peace that was achievedthanks to nature will be a key factor inour goal.Furthermore we believe that a familymeeting is of great value today and thatbecause of the daily duties the familyhas moved away slowly and given wayto a significant deterioration of society.We provide a comfortable placeaccording to nature thus allowinginteraction of humans with theirenvironment, where they will spendmoments of divercion and healthyrecreation with his familyPensamos también en la comodidadde nuestros pequeños visitantesqueremos brindarles un lugar de suentero agrado , donde la diversión y latranquilidad vallan de la mano,sera unlugar que jamas olvidaran.Guided by the need of space for familysharing thought to provide a place thatis all-natural and rich in fun, whereforget the stress of our continuing liveand immerse ourselves in quietmoments..Dirección:kmt 5 via el retirotel:888888correo electrónico:pescadeportiva.@gmail.copagina