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  1. 1. AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS DE CARVALHOS Language Portfolio My Dossier (year 11) Project Work / Cultural Tasks - 1 A Wonderful World – Scientific DevelopmentWe live on a Breathtaking Planet and we are also part of this Amazing World. Scientists try to help keep our life Wonderful.“The scientific investigation method is important as it provides a systematic and complete way to acquire scientific knowledge.It also teaches us to think critically and analytically. Science discoveries help us to understand and appreciate our environmentand improve the quality of life.” is one of the biological processes used in scientific research. “Cloning is the creation of an organismthat is an exact genetic copy of another.” (http://’s see how much you know about cloning. Complete the following quiz by choosing the correct option in eachcase.1. The science of heredity is 2. The word that refers to a 3. The basic biological unit ofcalled_____. genetically identical heredity - _____ individual is _____.x genetics duplicate molecule biology clown x gene psychology x clone embryo4. The basic structural and 5. Popular term for 6. One of two types offunctional unit in people and recombinant DNA molecules that encodeall living things is ______. technology - _____ genetic information - _____x cell genetic duplication x DNA chromosome genetic linkage genetic code membrane x genetic engineering diploid7. All of the DNA that a 8. The mixing and splicing of 9. When was the first animalperson possesses is genes from different cloned?called_____. organisms is called genetic _.x genetic material restriction 1960 total genetic content x manipulation 1970 human genome reversal 197510. What was the first 11. When was the first test 12. When were the firstanimal to be cloned? tube baby born? human cells cloned? A frog 1953 1981x A bee x 1978 1993 A weasel 1983 2002 Log In, Areal EdHow did you do? Are you prepared to on a game show? or Do you still lack some general knowledge culture?Language Portfolio (year 11) – Project Work / Cultural Tasks
  2. 2. AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS DE CARVALHOS Language Portfolio My Dossier (year 11) Project Work / Cultural Tasks - 2 Fame – The Sky is the LimitThe title, “the sky is the limit”, is an idiomatic expression; it means that “there is no limit to the possibility of success orprogress for someone or something.” any language idioms and proverbs are used by native speakers but they make the life of learners a bit moredifficult. A. What is the difference between an idiomatic expression and a proverb? 1. Match the expression below to the meaning on the right. to try to understand someones real feelings or Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 1 a) intentions from what they say or write different people have different ideas about what age before beauty 2 b) is beautiful you cant tell everything about a person by the read between the lines 3 c) outward appearances; it isn’t possible to make a decision based on first appearances You cant tell a book by its cover. 4 d) the older person should be allowed to enter first 1 - __b__ 2 - __d___ 3 - __a__ 4 - __c__ 2. Now choose the most adequate definition to complete the definitions below. a. An expression whose meanings cannot be inferred from the meanings of the words that make it up b. This is a short, traditional saying in general use. It usually expresses some obvious truth or familiar experience. An idiom is __a___ A proverb is __b___ B. Now you! Write down 5 or 6 Portuguese idioms (choose the ones you find the most interesting / funny / strange...). Then find an equivalent expression in English. Use the dictionary or the Internet (,,  Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush  Its the color of a donkey on the run.  Friends friends, business aside.  From Spain, neither good wind nor good marriage [will come].  Monkeys bite me...!  Theres no beauty without an if.  God gives nuts to those who dont have teeth...  Trust the Virgin and dont run...  Women and sardines, you want them to be small.  Head of rotten garlic.Language Portfolio (year 11) – Project Work / Cultural Tasks