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  1. 1. ESCOLA SECUNDÁRIA DE CARVALHOS Language Portfolio My Dossier Speaking - 1 Leisure Time and MeWhen we have free time we try to have fun! Tell us about your free time activities.Take some notes about what you are going to say. Prepare your 3 minute talk on hobbies and leisure timeactivities. (Be original and interesting!) This is what I do best in my Leisure TimeTalk about:  I practice karate since 10 years old  I’m blue belt (show belt)  Talk about kata competitions (show some medals)Language Portfolio (year 10) – Speaking
  2. 2. ESCOLA SECUNDÁRIA DE CARVALHOS Language Portfolio My Dossier Speaking - 2 The Media and Global Communication“Mass media refers collectively to all media technologies that are intended to reach a large audience via masscommunication.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass_media )Traditionally this term can refer to newspaper, magazines, books, radio, television, the internet, as well as recordings andfilms. However we can also now include mobile phones to the list. Let’s find out more about all this!During class you heard, read and spoke about the Media and Communication. Now you are going to express youropinion or do research on a topic related to this theme area.You have to prepare a presentation on the picture, quote or situation that was provided to you in the draw.Stick the task below or explain which one it is. Take some notes about what you are going to say. Prepare your 3-5 minute talk. (Be original and interesting!) The Media and ITwo girls (Teenagers) using mobile-phones.Problem?"Sometimes social networks, internet and mobile phones connect people that are faraway, but disconnect those that are close in space." (By Luís Póvoas)Addicted to Mobile-phones?60% of students never turn of the mobile phone54% of students feel anxiety without itLanguage Portfolio (year 10) – Speaking
  3. 3. ESCOLA SECUNDÁRIA DE CARVALHOS Language Portfolio My Dossier Speaking - 3 Technological InnovationsDiscoveries and Technological Inventions have changed the world, and the way people live and work.Your teacher will provide you with a picture that illustrates / suggests the evolution in inventions and discoveriesthat have changed the world.In your group, prepare the presentation of your picture. You have to describe and explain, comment and indicatethe good and bad aspects of the illustrated gadget. In order to prepare this task you may use the Internet or anyother source and build a PowerPoint presentation (do not place the whole text on the slides).Remember that in the next lesson you will present your work and all group members have to speak.On this page indicate your ‘challenge’ and take some notes about what you are going to say.Here are some ideas to help you organise your presentation: - Begin by telling the audience what your theme / picture ...is; - Present your comment / explanation / argument …; - Conclude with a summary / rhetorical question; - ...(Be original and interesting!) The World of TechnologyHow would we live without the evolution of transportation?The way in which people travel changes according to the area where it is done.For example: In the desert people travelled by camel but in Europe, it wouldn’t be verypractical so travelling by horse is more common..Then, man applied the wheel to means of transport by making the first cart using thehorse to pull it.In 1806, Nikolaus August Otto invented the petrol conducted engine and it was used in1886 by Karl Benz, to create the Benz patent motorwagen, the first car in history. It has3 wheels and it’s maximum speed was 13 Km/hLanguage Portfolio (year 10) – Speaking