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  1. 1. ESCOLA SECUNDÁRIA DE CARVALHOS Language Portfolio My Dossier Reading - 1 This is Me!Kati is studying English at a language school in London. Her English teacher has asked the class to build a portfolio, so theyall had to make a personal page to tell the teacher about themselves. Kati made a photo collage and wrote a short text. This isthe text Kati wrote to present herself.Read the text and identify / underline the mistakes. There are 27 mistakes.My names Kati. Im French but I studi English in London. So, at present I lived on Notting Hill. (AlthoughLondon is fantastic because ther is much parks, she is to cold in winter and to rainy in summer.)When I am free I enjoy really visiting art gallerys or go for a walk in the park. In weekend I travel sometimesto the countryside to take photos or make a picnic. I have already go to Scotland; therefore, I taken photos ofthe lakes.During the week I go to lessons at the morning and sometimes in the afternoon I make shoping. I lovebuying make-up and clothes. Yesterday, I buyed a new skirt ...Now correct the mistakes.___My name’s Kati. I’m French but I study English in London. So, at present I live onNotting Hill. (Although London is fantastic because there is a lot of parks, she is to cold inwinter and to rainy in summer.)_________________________________________________When I have free time I really enjoy to visit art galleries or go for a walk on the park.On weekend I sometimes travel to the countryside to take photos or do a picnic. I havealready went to Scotland; there, I taken photos of lakes._________________________During the week I went to lessons at the morning and sometimes in the afternoon Ido shopping. I love to buy make-up and clothes. Yesterday, I bought a new skirt ..._____Then fill in this information card.Name: Kati_______Nationality: French____Hobbies: Visit art gallerys, walk at the park, travel, take photos and so picnics.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Language Portfolio (year 10) – Reading
  2. 2. ESCOLA SECUNDÁRIA DE CARVALHOS Language Portfolio My Dossier Reading - 2 Communication- Funny Sign LanguageCommunication can be effective through words, sounds, gestures or pictures. Read the flowing information I found in theNational Geographic. Read the information below and then match each sign post image to a caption below. 1 South Africa Very steep ramp leads to crocodile pit _3_Argentina Hands off the butterflies _5_Germany No public peeing _7_Ireland Sudden drop-off _9_United States Beware TRV mirrors 10_France A ski lift how-to 12_Jamaica Britishism for speed bump 14_Brazil Some seats on bus reserved for obese riders 16_Switzerland Skiers beware 18_Canada Avalanche danger 20_Cambodia Toilet etiquette 19_U.K. Old folks crossing 17_South Africa Unauthorized vendors can’t sell food 15_Austria No sledding (the red circle can mean “don’t”) 13_Canada Logs in water may shift in storm 11_Canada Don’t eat shellfish _8_Australia Speeding endangers cassowaries _6_France No unleashed dogs _4_South Africa Break for dung beetle _2_United States No swearingLanguage Portfolio (year 10) – Reading
  3. 3. ESCOLA SECUNDÁRIA DE CARVALHOS Language Portfolio My Dossier Reading - 3 Media and Communication - Danger in CyberspaceIn the world of speedy communication, in which contacts are made in cyberspace, one has to take care not to be caught in anycriminal web.After having watched the film The Net, let’s find out more about these problems. Go to page 187 in the student’s book to dothe activities suggested. Then read the text on page 188.Now do the comprehension activities on page 189. Write the answers to ex 1and 2 on this 189 ex 1 a) The text is about hackers. b) People break into computer systems because of the adrenaline that it makes. c) The hackers invade privacy by reading mails and discovering passwords. d) Criminal hackers are people that steel money or create chaos by computerspage 189 ex 2 a) Break into b) Harmless c) annoying d) tiny bit e) ATM machines f) Separated fromHackers and hacking has been used as the theme in films. Find out more about the film Hackers, starring Angelina Jolie andJonny Lee Miller.Read the following summary and then go to the Internet to complete the table below.A young boy is arrested by the US Secret Service for writing a computer virus and is banned from using a computeruntil his 18th birthday. Years later, he and his new-found friends discover a plot to unleash a dangerous computervirus, but they must use their computer skills to find the evidence while being pursued by the Secret Service and theevil computer genius behind the virus. Film title:______Hackers_________ Plot character / starring: Type of film: ____Science fiction_______ Film director: _______Lain Softley_______ Jonny Lee Miller, Angelina Jolie, Jesse Plot Setting: In 1988, New York city Bradford, Matthew Lillard, Fisher Stevens, Lorraine Bracco, Renoly Santiago, Laurence MasonLanguage Portfolio (year 10) – Reading