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5 the world of technology and innovation


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5 the world of technology and innovation

  1. 1. ESCOLA SECUNDÁRIA DE CARVALHOS Language Portfolio My Dossier Listening - 5 The World of Technology and Innovation“An innovation is one of those things that society looks at and says, if we make this part of the way we live and work, it will change the waywe live and work.” (Dean Kamen in A. Listen to the other groups speak about their picture. Take note of the gadget and give your opinion on their presentation – be sincere. Evaluating Topic – Technological Message – clear andgroup group members Creativity, Interest Total Innovation informative 0 1 2 3 4 5 0 1 2 3 4 5 André Avelino A Bruno T. Tourism x x 6 Joel Ana Micaela Joaquim Food evolution B Luciana x x 8 Cook Sofia Hadassa Fabio C Bruno s. Music x x 6 Ivan Ana Mourão Joana Evolution of D Luís Póvoas transportation Patrícia Marta E. Daniel S. Evolution of E Rui x x 8 television Diogo Casanova Marta T. Daniel C. F Pedro Evolution of writing x x 6 Diogo GLanguage Portfolio (year 10) – Listening 5