3 our consumer society


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3 our consumer society

  1. 1. AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS DE CARVALHOS Language Portfolio My Dossier (year 11) Listening - 3 Our SocietyMan is a social being and often finds ways of doing things that are common to more than one person. Unfortunately sometimesa regular practice turns into a habit and then might develop into an addiction (psychological or physical enslavement).A. Vocabulary GameThere are many types of addictions. Discover the words, which refer to some sort of dependence, in theconundrums below. The definitions will help you. OCLICHOCHO COOLIALCH OHROCKILAW SCHOOLAIPHDefinitions: 1. a person who is unable to stop working - Workaholic_______ 2. a person who is addicted to alcohol - _Alcoholic____________ 3. a person who loves chocolates - _____Chocoholic_____________ 4. a person who is unable to control spending and buying - __Shopaholic________________B. Reading – “aholic”Some hobbies may turn into an obsession, although I have never found a word for being addicted to readingbesides bookworm. Below is a text that describes a certain type of addiction; read it and identify (underline) wordsthat transmit a negative idea about this habit.Without a doubt, we live in a very “spend-happy” society. As a whole, many people are living above their meansand some are drowning in debt. The problem is that many people (no matter their level of income) viewshopping as a hobby. Some of these people take weekend-long shopping excursions, spend money they do nothave, and often regret their purchases the next day.The people above described can be considered compulsive shoppers, or shopaholics. True shopaholics shop outof compulsion. They will make purchases long after they are over their heads in debt. They shop when they arefeeling emotionally distressed, and use spending as a coping mechanism. They do not shop because theymerely enjoy it, or because they are purchasing things that they have a need for. They buy things because theyfeel they HAVE to. Shopaholics are out of control; these people lack self-control. http://www.essortment.com/all/shopaholic_rxfm.htm (adapted)C. Listening – spreeOn the other hand, couch potatoes are addicted to watching TV. Watch 2 short videos so that you may answer thequestions below. 1 - Confessions of a Shopaholic 2 – “Don’t Blame Me”a) Tick (√) the words you associate to the video you a) Match the expressions used in the video to theirwatched. meaning.workaholic spending spree x expression definition paying, disbursing,shopaholic x modelling “materialistic” wasting “keeping up with the excessive acquisitionmoney gourmet food Joneses” of thingscredit card x designer clothes x trying to match the “spending” lifestyle of onesobsession x consumerism x neighboursb) text type* - __Film Trailer________________ b) text type* - ___Music Video Clip_________*b) Write the following text types under the most adequate title: music video clip; film trailerc) Being a shopaholic is the common topic in the two videos. However the approach is different. How is themessage different? A- The girl is made to feel guilty for her debtsB- Society is blamed for incentivating consumerismLanguage Portfolio (year 11) – Listening 3