3 internet communication film the net


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3 internet communication film the net

  1. 1. ESCOLA SECUNDÁRIA DE CARVALHOS Language Portfolio My Dossier Listening - 3 Internet Communication - The NetCommunicating is a part of our life; the internet has made it easier. However, “our whole lives are on the Internet”. Who hasaccess to all this information? What we do and say in virtual world can influence our life. Can it really?Getting Started 1. Here is a “computer” challenge for you to solve. Find the words in the following conundrums. a) mybolss - symbols e) terpucom lystana - computer analist b) suriv - virus f) eletetummoc - telecommute c) plopfy kisd - floppy disk g) itityden - identity d) gudeb - debug a) bercy ristteror - cyber terrorist 2. Now turn to page 186 in the student’s book and do ex 1 and 2. (This vocabulary may be useful!)Watching the ThrillNow enjoy the film – you will find some excitement and adventure in this story of modern piracy.Take down some notes about the film by completing the following questionnaire.Film Title: The NetDuration : +/- 120 minutesType of film: Cyber thrillerMain Character – name: Angela Bennett_______________________ job and employer: _software engineer____________________ personality / characteristics and interests (hobbies and leisure):She is a very unsocial person who never go out of her home. She work at home and she just have 1 friend. Theothers are only online friends.Other Characters – name: _Jack Devlin______________________________(important for the plot) job and employer: ____Hacker_______________________ personality / characteristics: He is a very bad person who do everything to win what hewant. name: Dr. Alan Champion_____________________________ job and employer: ___Psychologist____________________________ personality / characteristics: He is the best friend of Angela Bennett. He is a Medicineaddicted.Language Portfolio (year 10) – Listening 3
  2. 2. Setting – where the story take place: Mexico_________________________ When the story happens: When Angela Bennett was in her vacanciesPlot (story) – What is the film story? (short summary of the story Angela Bennett is a computer expert. She never go far from a computer and the only activity shehas outside of computers is visiting her mother. A friend, Dale Hessman, sent her a program with a weird glitchfor her to de-bug and he was killed in a plane crash. Angela discovers secret information on the disk that she hasreceived when she was in vacancies. Her life then turns into a nightmare and her identity was stolen. Shestruggles to find out why this has happened and who has it in for her. Problems brought on by the internet: Hers identity was stolen.What was this? What does it mean? 1. What did you think about the film? Express your opinion.Comment / Observation: I liked this film because it speaks about the danger of internet. 2. Digital footprint!? Read and think.“On the Internet a digital footprint is the word used to describe the trail, traces or "footprints" that people leaveonline. This is information transmitted online, such as forum registration, e-mails and attachments, uploadingvideos or digital images and any other form of transmission of information — all of which leaves traces of personalinformation about yourself available to others online.” (http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/D/digital_footprint.html )How should you use the Internet?We have to use the internet with carful without give information to strange persons.Language Portfolio (year 10) – Listening 3