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Ciudad del Vaticano


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Ciudad del Vaticano. Imágenes de la Basílica de San Pedro.

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Ciudad del Vaticano

  1. 1. City State of Vatican Saint Peter’s square, the Basilica with its cupola, and part of Vatican’s architectonic complex.
  2. 2. St Peter Square The square, the Colonnade, the Obelisk, and the Basilica’s façade built on Bramante’s project, had its corner stone laid in 1506.
  3. 3. St Peter Basilica Construction on the present basilica, over the old Constantinian basilica, began on April 18, 1506 and was completed in 1626.
  4. 4. ...between the rows of the Colonnade that surrounds the square… St Peter Square
  5. 5. Fountain the south one by Maderno (1613) and the northern one by Bernini (1675). This is the one by Maderno St Peter Square
  6. 6. Pope’s security guard The Swiss Guard stands at the Bronze Doors, an entrance to the Apostolic Palace at the end of the right colonnade. The Guards may be approached to obtain tickets to the Wednesday Papal Audience.
  7. 7. Carlo Maderno’s Porch – narthex and portal St Peter Basilica
  8. 8. Narthex ceiling St Peter Basilica
  9. 9. Narthex ceiling - detail St Peter Basilica
  10. 10. The bronze Holy Door was built by the sculptor Vico Consori in 1950 St Peter Basilica
  11. 11. Mosaic of St Peter - over Porta Santa St Peter Basilica
  12. 12. Holy water stoup St Peter Basilica
  13. 13. The dimensions of the Basilica, engraved in the floor, are impressive: 700 ft (211.50 m) (including portico), 611 ft (186.30 m) (without portico)… St Peter Basilica
  14. 14. …144 ft (44 m) high; the dome has 446 ft (136 m) in height. St Peter Basilica
  15. 15. Detail of interior ceiling St Peter Basilica
  16. 16. Top of pillar decoration St Peter Basilica
  17. 17. High Altar – work of Bernini, built between 1656 and 1658 St Peter Basilica
  18. 18. Interior view – Bernini’s Baldachin is in foreground St Peter Basilica
  19. 19. The baldaquin - a monumental canopy that shelters the papal altar and the holy relics of St. Peter. St Peter Basilica
  20. 20. Made of dark bronze accented with gold vine leaves, it was created by Lorenzo Bernini from 1624 to 1633 under the direction of Barberini pope Urban VIII. It is 95.1 ft (29 m) high. St Peter Basilica
  21. 21. The spiral columns derive their shapes from the columns in the original Basilica built by Constantine, and legend had it that they came from Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem. St Peter Basilica
  22. 22. Baldachin in forefront, High Altar in background, and St. Hellene’s sculpture at right side. St Peter Basilica
  23. 23. The sculpture representing St. Hellene – close-up. St Peter Basilica
  24. 24. The Confessio, a 17th-century sunken chapel honoring the confession of St. Peter that led to his martyrdom on Vatican Hill. St Peter Basilica
  25. 25. The bronze statue of St. Peter is attributed to late 13th-century sculptor Arnolfo di Cambio. St Peter Basilica
  26. 26. St Peter’s tomb is behind the Niche of the Pallium, the illuminated part seen in this photo. St Peter Basilica
  27. 27. Broad view: confessional, baldachin and High Altar St Peter Basilica
  28. 28. Mass office by John Paul II St Peter Basilica
  29. 29. View into the right transept from the gallery of the central dome St Peter Basilica
  30. 30. A dove representing the Holy Spirit inside a golden sunburst under the canopy of Bernini's, and the interior of Michelangelo’s cupola. St Peter Basilica
  31. 31. The dome of St. Peter's was designed by Michelangelo, who became chief architect in 1546. St Peter Basilica
  32. 32. Michelangelo’s dome - interior St Peter Basilica
  33. 33. Entrance to the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament St Peter Basilica
  34. 34. Blessed Sacrament Chapel - This splendid and solemn chapel is an artistic gem, decorated by Bernini. But what concerns devotes here is this’the best place to pray, and this chapel has been described as "the very soul of the Basilica".very soul of the Basilica". St Peter Basilica
  35. 35. Ceiling in the tribune at the west end St Peter Basilica
  36. 36. top of arch St Peter Basilica
  37. 37. Stuart Monument detail - Antonio Canova, 1817-1819 St Peter Basilica
  38. 38. Chapel of St. Basil the Great - The mosaic replaced the first painting of St Basil, which was made by Girolamo Muziano St Peter Basilica
  39. 39. The most famous and known Pietà of Michelangelo St Peter Basilica
  40. 40. …heading to a Council or, who knows, a Conclave. St Peter Basilica
  41. 41. The tomb of Pope Alexander VII, by Gianlorenzo Bernini – 1671- 1678. Below, there is a real door symbolizing the Gate of Death. St Peter Basilica
  42. 42. Detail of lion on the Tomb of Pope Clement XIII by Antonio Canova St Peter Basilica
  43. 43. Pope Innocentius statue St Peter Basilica
  44. 44. Statue of Charlemagne -1725, Agostino Cornacchini St Peter Basilica
  45. 45. Impressive from its solemnity look and silence, the Crypt at the Basilica’s underground, is where is the majority of deceased Popes sarcophagus. St Peter Basilica
  46. 46. Papal tomb in the crypt St Peter Basilica
  47. 47. After being declared Blessed, the body of Pope John XXIII was brought up from the crypt and placed under the St. Jerome’s Altar, which has become a popular devotion site ever since. St Peter Basilica
  48. 48. The last chapel contains the baptismal font. The mosaic in the baptistry shows the Baptism of Christ. St Peter Basilica
  49. 49. John Paul II lies in State St Peter Basilica
  50. 50. Polish mourners at the funeral of the Poland-born Pope John Paul II St Peter Basilica
  51. 51. The Tomb of John Paul II has become the main reason many people visit St Peter's. St Peter Basilica
  52. 52. ...and it’s in this Holy place for Catholic religion that rests forever the remains from St. Peter to John Paul II… St Peter Basilica
  53. 53. Photo imagery – from Internet, with credits to authors, or from Wikipedia’s site Music – Mozart - Requiem, k626 – Lacrimosa Research, compilation and format : Delza Dias Ferreira Colaboration and English version : Flavio Musa de Freitas Guimarães Brazil – São Paulo – May 2008
  54. 54. The end