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Different Uses of Ing Forms

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Different Uses of Ing Forms

  1. 1. Ing as adjective  I was met by a welcoming party at the airport.  Let's go to my meeting room.  This article is so shocking.
  2. 2. Subject of the sentence  Smoking is forbidden.  Speaking to an audience is always stressful.  Swimming after work is very relaxing.
  3. 3. Object of the preposition  I don't object to working this Sunday.  Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, do some work for charity.  You need to speak to Sarah before leaving.
  4. 4. Object of the possessive  I'm angry about his missing the meeting.  Do you mind my coming?  Do not refuse the invitation of his welcoming.
  5. 5. Ing as verb  I have been working for ages  She was talking on the phone with her father.  Peter is doing his homework  My dog, which is barking, is black.
  6. 6. Ing as a reduced clause  The congress meeting next week will discuss a new law.  The accident ocurring last week left 200 wounded people.  My sister living in France is still single.
  7. 7. Exercises  We’re thinking of running a children’s play scheme for      a day in October half-term. Working as a care assistant with old people hardly qualified me for the role. All too quickly the children began arriving. We watched entertaining dvd clips. Knowing the words by heart, the children sang all night long. Don´t worry about my writing, it´s legible.

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