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  1. 1. -73533276606<br /> <br /> <br /> What do you know <br /> about La Paz?<br />-183515544195<br /> <br />La Paz <br />3664585278130<br />1921510193675<br />352171099695209931021590<br />-512445142240<br />1446530485140 <br /> <br />GEOGRAPHY<br />La Paz is the administrative capital of Bolivia, <br />the second largest city (in population). It is<br /> located in the western part of the country in <br /> the department of the same name. It is <br />located at an elevation of 3,660 meters<br /> above sea level.<br /> Area: 133,985 km²<br />Population: 2.812.000 hab.<br />Climate:<br />Record high: 30 °C (86 °F)<br />Average high: 13 °C (55 °F)<br />Record low: -11 °C (12 °F)<br />3027408112667<br />1817279120015<br /> 1617980742950-499110166370<br />Opportunities<br /> The city of La Paz is one of the top <br /> tourist attractions in Bolivia. La Paz <br /> sits in the Andes Mountain range and <br /> is the world's highest capital.<br /> During your period of traineeship <br /> You can visit some of the La Paz.<br />198691569215<br />Coroico <br />World’s Most <br /> Dangerous Road<br />3158374177525 <br />- Tiwanacu<br /> - Lake Titicaca <br /> - Copacabana<br />-511175245745<br />1551305253365<br />1551487189106<br /> Currency<br /> The boliviano [BOB] is the official <br /> currency used in Bolivia. <br /> Beware of counterfeit money! You can go <br /> to any bank, money-exchange house and <br /> exchange your currency there. <br />309372055435522307551189990266954076614023157942319097<br />