The exploration of cork


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The exploration of cork

  1. 1. The exploration of Cork Irish: C(h)orcaigh City by the Lee
  2. 2. The River Lee (Irish: An Laoi) Origin: Shehy Mountains near Gougane Barra Mouth: Celtic Sea at Cork Harbour mouthThe Lee and Blackrock Castle Length: 90 kmCork, Ireland
  3. 3. The banks of my own lovely lee - lyricsHow oft do my thoughts in their fancy And then in the springtime of laughterrtake flight and songTo the home of my childhood away Can I ever forget the sweet hours?To the days when each patriots vision With the friends of my youth as weseemd bright rambled alongEre I dreamed that those joys should Mongst the green mossy banks anddecay. wild flowers.When my heart was as light as the wild Then too, when the evening sunswinds that blow sinking to restDown the Mardyke through each elm Sheds its golden light over the seatree The maid with her lover the wild daisiesWhere I sported and playd neath each pressedgreen leafy shade On the banks of my own lovely Lee.On the banks of my own lovely Lee. The maid with her lover the wild daisiesWhere I sported and playd neath each pressedgreen leafy shade On the banks of my own lovely Lee...On the banks of my own lovely Lee.
  4. 4. Bishop Lucey Park • Bishop Lucey Park was officially opened on 6 December 1985 • Bounded by the Grand Parade, Tuckey Street, the South Main Street and Christ Church Lane • Named in honour of Bishop Cornelius Lucey who was the Roman Catholic bishop of Cork for over 30 years
  5. 5. Cork Tourist Office• They offer: – tickets for ferry tours (stenaline) – Free accomodation booking service – Maps and all kind of info on different issues
  6. 6. Cork sporting teams - nicknames• Blood and bandages• Rebel hurlers
  7. 7. Statio Bene Fida CarinisIs a well-known slogan associated with Cork• It means „A safe harbor for ships”
  8. 8. Cork English MarketYou can buy there all kinds offood of the finest quality –fruits, meat, vegetable, sweetsand lots more…. The name English refers to history – long time ago in order to trade there you had to be of English blood or aristocratic background
  9. 9. St. Patrick StreetCalled „Panna” by the locals is one of the main shopping streets
  10. 10. French Church Street• The quarter is called: – THE HUGUENOT quarter – The street leads to Rory Gallagher corner
  11. 11. Rory Gallagher A tribute to one of the most famous Irish musicians, who lived in Cork, but was born in Ulster • Was a guitarist • Was involved in the following bands: • Fontana Show Band • Taste • Rory Gallagher Band
  12. 12. Crawford Art Gallery There is an exhibition at the moment called Gravity which explores many interpretations of gravity from science to spirituality, all trying to disturbour senses.W.H. Crawford was the benefactor and he endowedthe Gallery, St. Finbarre’s Cathedral, the Queen’sCollege.
  13. 13. Cork Opera House• Located to the left of the Crawford Gallery At the moment you can enjoy the musical for all times: BLOOD BROTHERS – you’ll be delighted
  14. 14. The Echo Boy Statue It’s the tribute to the boy who used to sell newspapers by shouting the name „Echo”. That way people knew they could buy an issue. He would sell „The Cork Examiner” and „The Evening Echo”
  15. 15. The plaque on the ground It comemorates the place where the newspaper offices used to be The papers were launched from here in 1892
  16. 16. Happy ending • Following the advice, we went for a pint
  17. 17. Thank you very much