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Performance based-assessment


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Performance based-assessment

  2. 2. IMPLEMENTIG PERFORMANCE-BASED ASSESSMENT IN THE EFL CLASSROOM by Irit Ferman• Represent a set of strategies for the apliaction of knowledge, skills and work habits through the performance of task.• This type of assessment provides the teacher with information about how students understand and applies knowledge.• Students apply their knowledge and skills in context.
  3. 3. Desing and Implementing Performance- Based-Assessment Defined your purpuse and you must take into account some factors:-What am I trying to assess?-What do my students need to know?-What presrequisite skills do my students need to have?-At what level do my pupils need to perform?-Will it the same level of performance be required of allmy stundets?-What type of knowledge is being assessed: reasoning,memory, or process?
  4. 4. Assessment criteriaReflect the elements of the project that will be employed todetermine the success of the pupils’s performance.They should also be written with the following factors in mind:• The published aims of the programme• Learning outcomes of the module• The level at which the criteria will apply• The nature of the discipline or subject area• The nature of the assessment task
  5. 5. Domain of presentation
  6. 6. Benchmarks
  7. 7. Steps to develop it :• Identify the overall performance or task, and perform it yourself or imagine it.• List the important aspect of the performance or product.• Try to limit the number of performance criteria, so they can all be observed during the students’ performance.• If possible, have groups of teacher think through the important behaviors includes in a task• Express the performance criteria in terms of observable students behaviors• Don’t use ambiguous words that cloud the meaning of the performance criteria• Arrange the criteria for students understand how they would be observed.
  9. 9. Advantages• Can be used to assess from multiple perspectives‡• Using a student-centered design can promote student motivation‡• Can be used to assess transfer of skills and integration of content‡ Engages student in active learning‡• Encourages time on academics outside of class‡• Can provide a dimension of depth not available in classroom‡• Can promote student creativity‡• May allow probes by faculty to gain clearer picture of student understanding or though processes‡• Can provide closing of feedback loop between students and faculty‡• Can place faculty more in a mentor role than as judge‡• Can be summative or formative‡• Can provide an avenue for student self-assessment and reflection‡• Can adapt current assignments
  10. 10. Disadvantages • ‡Usually the mostly costly approach‡ • Time consuming and labor intensive to design and execute for faculty and students‡ • Must be carefully designed if used to document obtainment of student learning out comes.‡ • Ratings can be more subjective‡ • Requires careful training of rater • Inter-rater reliability must be addressed‡ • Sample of behavior or performance may not be typical, especially if observers a represent
  11. 11. Performance Assessment in language testing by MOHAMMAD ALI SAMANI-NODUUSHAN• Performance task introduce• Detecting nonlinguistic factorRole with language performanceConstruction of performance test• Needs Analysis.• Detail description of a context.• Defined the task• Creating judgments.
  12. 12. Define scoring system• Attributes being evaluated.• Place one self in a hypothetical situation• Developing performance criteria• List the skills and knowledge• Alternatives assessment. --- > Portafolio.
  13. 13. Students role• Créate• Reflect• Solve problems• Collect• Use information• Formulate question
  14. 14. LINKS WHERE WERE TAKED ADDITIONALINFORMATION• and-disadvantages-of-Performance-based- assessment• mes/assessment-criteria/