School library from Gafanha da Encarnação


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Photos presenting our library for the etwinning project

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School library from Gafanha da Encarnação

  1. 1. School Library from Gafanha da Encarnação Portugal
  2. 2. The library plant
  3. 3. The entrance doors and the reception desk
  4. 4. On the left… Magazine and newspapers area
  5. 5. On the left… Encyclopeadias and dictionaries
  6. 6. On the left… Computers and students’ work
  7. 7. On the left… Online access to the library catalogue
  8. 8. On the right… Monthly suggestions
  9. 9. On the right… Area for group work or projections
  10. 10. On the right… Area for games and group work
  11. 11. On the right… More literature shelves
  12. 12. On the right… Area to watch films and listen to music
  13. 13. General view
  14. 14. We hope you’ve enjoyed the visit May, 2010