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Collaboration tools and Digital presence


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Presentation about the different tools for collaboration used in the company

Published in: Technology
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Collaboration tools and Digital presence

  1. 1. By Luis Rodriguez
  2. 2. Collaboration tools are used to work in a Company, the main use of this programs are to make efficient an enterprice or a group in the school. And those people has a common objective.
  3. 3. Microsoft office 365 Microsoft office 365 is a package of programs for different utilities such as text processors, spreadsheets, slide presenter, slide editor, cloud storage, tasks reminder, calendar all this programs are cloud-based tools.
  4. 4. List of programs • E-mail • Word • PowerPoint • Excel • OneDrive • Forms • Contact(plugin) • Task • One drive • Yammer • Power apps • Calendar
  5. 5. Advantages of using Office 365 • You can access to these programs online • The last update is always available • You can also access on mobile devices • There are several programs with different functions • It includes big space in the cloud storage (1Tb). • Low requirement in the computer.
  6. 6. E-Mail
  7. 7. E-Mail The easiest way to communicate and you can upload an share documents and synchronize the email with the cloud storage to send big documents. Advantages: - Is used for business - You can have a good organization with it - Calendar and task remainder are plugins of the email - You can chat in the email in real time instead of just send the message by mail.
  8. 8. You can divide the email in different Folders You can archive emails The emails that you leave incomplete are saved in a folder that you can send it later.
  9. 9. OneDrive
  10. 10. Easy share that it can use for share information in a company and share folders 1 TB of storage. You can share file from different place. And free office online. You can have a backup of your work online. Two or more people can edit a document at the same time.
  11. 11. Microsoft Word
  12. 12. Word is a text processor, that is the last update of the program, word has many advantages like you can used to read books. The advantage of this program is that you can word with another person at the same time, and you don’t need to configure nothing to the auto save, a disadvantage is that this online web app has limited tools
  13. 13. Applications Work • Sometimes in the office the people has to look for a document to send it to another person but word save it directly in OneDrive, Then with One drive you can use the mail . • The people can work in their home just using word and that will be upload at time. Educational Sometimes in the institutions the home work is in groups, it’s difficult to go to meet, but with word they can work staying in their homes because, the whole group could work in the document in a real time.
  14. 14. You can insert pictures, table, links and symbols, numbers to the pages, comments. The program has the necessary things to do documents. You can print in a quick way.
  15. 15. Excel Microsoft excel in this program is use to do spreadsheets to calculate different formulas, to organize tables, to transfer a data base into a spreadsheet. To make different graphics and you can use it in mobile devices.
  16. 16. Interface
  17. 17. PowerPoint Microsoft PowerPoint is a program to edit and present slides, PowerPoint save the presentations in the cloud storage and you can use different animations and is also available in mobile device with limited tools.
  18. 18. Interface
  19. 19. Digital presence
  20. 20. Digital presence The meaning of having a digital presence is to have an space online, be recognized in the web in order to get a job and with the digital presence the people could have their goals achieved saved in the information account and the employers can saw that image of the person.
  21. 21. LinkedIn in professional contacts • To enhance your professional contact: -Update your profile, your curriculum vitae. -Upload a formal profile picture. -keep the information about important projects - Focus just in the area that is interested for you - Do less publications.
  22. 22. • Is important for being recognized in the social media with good achievements, there is more probability to find a job with a digital presence and the employers use to look the social media of their employees and for tat is important also to have a good digital presence Why digital presence is important?
  23. 23. • In LinkedIn you can look for jobs available • You can have different type of contacts • Your information of your life is in there • LikedIn is used to be the face of the employee. How can LinkedIn help create a Digital Presenc
  24. 24. You can add your current position in an enterprise It is easy to get notifications in the cellphone when is a job available The connections suggest jobs and say about where are they working or If they get a new connection you can send message to the conection
  25. 25. • LinkeIn send a email about suggested people that you could connect.
  26. 26. conclusion To conclude all these tools are used to jobs the collaboration tools with a group to make more efficient the works and the digital presence is important and is like how the person look, so it can used in different social networks.