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YouTube and Medical Education


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Presentation about the use of YouTube for the education of healthcare professionals. Presented in the 1st International Conference on Medical Education Informatics – MEI 2012

Recommended reading:
Konstantinidis S, Fernandez-Luque L, Bamidis P, Karlsen R. The role of taxonomies in social media and the semantic web for health education. A study of SNOMED CT terms in YouTube health video tags. Methods Inf Med. 2013;52(2):168-79.

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YouTube and Medical Education

  1. YouTube and Medical Education Luis Fernandez Luque eHealth Researcher @luisluque Norut Tromsø (Norway) 6th April, 2012
  2. Online videos are cool!
  3. Health and YouTube
  4. Health and YouTube
  5. YouTube – Medical Education•  Patient stories, study cases•  Anatomy lessons (live and autopsy)•  Surgery (robotic, laparoscopy)•  Procedures•  3D Animations•  Quizzes (interactive videos)•  Live surgery•  Videos in research papers•  Medical imaging (ultrasound, ECG, etc.)•  Etc.
  6. Good quality •  Quality of the content •  Quality of the video (audio, video) •  Textual information: tags, tittle, description •  Learning outcomes •  Content provider •  Target audience •  Captioning-subtitles (accessibility)
  7. Enriching the videos Anotations
  8. Interactive videos Choose options
  9. YouTube Ads for recruitment Public Health Ads
  10. 3D Videos
  11. Viral campaigns
  12. YouTube and HealthSome of the challenges
  13. YouTube recommendations YouTube recommends videos on vaginal plastic surgery
  14. It is a public room
  15. Unhealthy YouTube
  16. YouTube and Health Research
  17. Information Retrieval•  Developing new algorithms to find relevant videos
  18. Information Retrieval•  New portals that integrate trusted videos with semantic information Medical Ontology - SNOMED
  19. Quality of Medical Videos
  20. Interventions
  21. Conclusions•  There are many good videos, but they are not easy to find.•  Lack of studies on how to integrate online videos in health education.•  Openness has also problems: comments, voyeurs, etc.•  Informatics can play a major role: vertical portals, integration with other platforms (pubmed, facebook, etc.)
  22. @luisluqueThank you! luis.luque@norut.nohttp//•  Reading list and papers –•  Medical educational playing list – –