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On sys. change


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Published in: Business
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On sys. change

  1. 1. EventsPatternsSystemicStructureMentalModels Vision
  2. 2. On Systemic Change:the U-process of Dance of ChangeBy Luigi SpigaBusiness and Management Innovation ArchitectFebruary, 2013.
  3. 3. System Thinking’s Iceberg Approach Events Patterns Systemic Structure
  4. 4. Theory U Downloading Performing by past patterns operating from the whole suspending embodying OpenVoJ Seeing Mind Prototyping the new by with fresh eyes linking head, heart, hand redirecting enacting OpenVoC Heart Sensing Crystallizing from the field vision and intention letting go Open letting comeVoF Will Presencing connecting to Source Who is my Self? What is my Work?
  5. 5. Fixing the Crisis Framework: Systemic U-process What are the events What events going on in current reality? might you see? What are the patterns of behavior What patterns of behavior underlying those might you see? events? What is the Desired systemic systemic structure structures in this situation? If you had an organization What seriously aimed at creating mental models your desired vision, what keep keep reinforcing mental models the systemic structure? would have to be present?What is the What is the What, then, is theexpoused vision vision “in use” What is the vision underlying that an observer might deduce desiredyou want to your from your actions, even if you create? behavior? haven’t explicitly chosen it? vision?