From sol it to fu rege


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From sol it to fu rege

  1. 1. From   Italy   To   Founda0on             FUTURE      [RE]GENERATION                                                  System  Thinking  in  Ac0on  for  an  Alterna0ve  Economy   November,  21  st,  2013  
  2. 2. It  is  arrived  the  >me  to  go  on  the  field  …   1  –  Inspir-­‐Azione   Future  [Re]Genera>on   2  –  Tras-­‐Form-­‐Azione   3  –  A;v-­‐Azione  
  3. 3.  FUTURE  [RE]GENERATION  is  a  Living  Lab  of  the  Society  4.0,    the  new  model  of  economy  developped  by  OSo  Scharmer  …    
  4. 4. …  to  transforming  Business,  Society  and  Self  …   Hybrid   Enterprises   Future   Regenera>on   Eco2Social   Local   Systems   Conscious   People  
  5. 5.    …  to  trascending  the  8  disconnec>ons  
  6. 6.    Star>ng  from  SOL  …  but  trascending  SOL  …   US   Santa  Fe   IFTF   De  Baak   DMI   BIOTECTURE   PERMACULTURE   Peter  Block   WISE   RMI   BLU     Economy   Wisdom     ACADEMY     FOR  THE  FUTURE   FINDHORN  COLLEGE   Danah  Zohar   BARRET   VALUE   CENTER   ACTION  INQUIRY   Maxwell   UK  
  7. 7.    With  the  help  of  8  specific  frameworks  for  a  sustainable  and      resilient  local  development                       Society  4.0                                 System    Thinking   Necessary    Revolu>on                                                  
  8. 8. Opera>ng  on  Systems  on  different  levels,  from  101  to  106  metres  …   100%   Rate  of  applica>on  of     sustainability  principles   90%   Eco-­‐ Building   Eco-­‐ Cluster   10  m   100  m   1  km   Eco-­‐Impact   Eco-­‐ Village   80%   Eco-­‐ 10  km   Compren-­‐ sory   100  km   1.000  km   Eco-­‐Local   System   Na>onal   Eco-­‐   Network   20%   1%   40%  
  9. 9. Trascending  Associa>ons  and  Enterprises  with  the  legal  form  of  a     TRUST  FOUNDATION  …   ENGAGEMENT   (Love)     Founda>on   People  with  Capital     Walk  Together   (Power  With  Love)   Yellow  vMeme     No  Organiza>on   No  People,  no  Capital     Walk  Apart   (Love  me  only)   Red-­‐  vMeme       Enterprise   People  under  Capital     Walk  Behind   (Power  On)   Blu-­‐Orange  vMeme   EFFECTIVENESS     (Power)     Associa>on   People  without  Capital       Walk  Freely   (Love  me  too)   Green  vMeme   Needs  High  Levels  of:     -­‐  Consciusness  (Sensing   Reality)   -­‐  Followership  (Listening   Others)   -­‐  Leadership  (Purpose  and   Ac>on)  
  10. 10. ECO-­‐COMPRENSORY  -­‐  Integrated,  Mul>-­‐level,  Local  System   Vermont   Totnes   Findhorn   Esalen       100   km         10   km         1     km         0,1   km  
  11. 11. Na>onal     Eco-­‐Network     1  pilot  project     in  Oltrepò  Pavese   and     4  more  local  projects   in  other  regions  of  Italy  
  12. 12. [RE]BUILDING       SUS-­‐RES-­‐GEN  VIBRANT   LOCAL  SYSTEMS     for  the   FUTURE         FUTURE     [RE]GENERATION   System  Thinking  in  Ac0on     for  an  Alterna0ve  Economy                   Interna>onal     Systemic      Retreat    Center           ACADEMY                               [Re]Building     Local  Systems     Design  Game                           Pilot  Project   Oltrepò  Pavese   Local  System   MODULAR  TRANSPORTABLE     TIMBER-­‐FRAME     SELF-­‐BUILT     ECO-­‐2-­‐HOUSING    
  13. 13. Who  are  we  going  to  offer?   Wise   Co-­‐Living   Wise     Co-­‐Working   Wise     Co-­‐Housing   Wise   Interna>onal     Connec>ons   Wise   Co-­‐Learning   Wise   Co-­‐Designing   Wise   Co-­‐Building   Wise   Co-­‐Evolving  
  14. 14. 8  >pologies  of  people,  8  different    kinds  of  needs,     New  Enterprises   Social  Experiments   Social  Business   Entrepreneurs   House  –  Home,     assistance   Elders   Change  Makers   Social  Innovators   New  Habitats   Wisw  Managers   before  re>rement   Architects   Designers   A  new  “service”  Job   Families  with   childrens   House  –  Home,     protec>on   Experts  in  Sustainability   Facilitators     Evolu>ve       Under  Employed     Young  People   Jobs,  Learning,  House,  Family   Organiza>ons   Living  Labs  
  15. 15. The  4  ways  to  founding  the  na>onal  system   Founder  :   10/5.000e   capital   Volonteer   25e  year     +  >me   F.R.G.   Partner  :   500e  year   Associate:   100e  year   Founda>on   Value  4  money  
  16. 16. The  4  ways  to  founding  a  Sust.  Light  Village   FRIEND  GUEST   One  Week   Holiday     for  20  x  12  euro  a   year   CITIZEN  PT   Green  Studio     in  Mul>property     for  5/10.000  euro   S.L.V.   FRIEND   VOLONTEER   Co-­‐Worker  in  the     System   Living  in     the  Village       Full  >me   CITIZEN  FT   Green  House  of     50/100  mq  for     50/100.000  euro   Star>ng  in     the  System     An  Hybrid     Enterprise   25e  year     Founda>on   Value  4  money  
  17. 17. General  Canvas   3+3+3  references   6+6  kinds  of  partners   1  +  4  +  1  levels  of  ac>on   6  parts  of  the  project   8  >pologies  of  people  to  engage     3+3+2  specific  offers     4+4  ways  to  par>cipate   NEXT  STEPS  
  18. 18. I’m  not  crazy,  I’m  just  Joining  the  “dots”  of  my  life  …   Business     Innova>on   Process     Facilita>on   6   1    9   5   Fonding  Chair   Society  for   Organiza>onal     Learning  Italy    8   When  young   wanted     to  become     an  Architect   2   Worked  as     Turis>c  Village  G.O.   during  University   Director  IED     Management     Olis>c  Academy     at  the  Global  Village   4    7   3   Enterprise  Crea>on     Consultant  for  20  years   Promoted  5     Regional     Consor>a  in     Sardinia   Thinker   Alchemist     Architect     Designer   Test  driver  
  19. 19. If you think to belong to the “Why Not” and not to the “Yes, But” … Yes, but … Why not !
  20. 20. If  anyway  you  are  curious,  open  and  innova0ve  …      If  you  want  to  be  part  of  a  big  innova0ve  project  …          If  you  want  to  lead  from  the  emerging    future  …                  If  you  want  to  co-­‐create  a  new  posssible  World  …       …  than,  YOU  CAN  BE     ONE  OF  US  !