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Frg 0 - container


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Frg 0 - container

  1. 1.           FUTURE      [RE]GENERATION                                            
  2. 2. Yes, but …
  3. 3. Why not !
  4. 4. If you think to belong to the “Why Not” or to the “Yes, But” ? Yes, but … Why not !
  5. 5.      If  you  can  “Think  Different”  …     Here’s  to  the  crazy  ones.  The  misfits.  The  r   ebels.  The  troublemakers.  The  round  pegs   in  the  square  holes.     The  ones  who  see  things  differently.  They’re  not  fond  of  rules.  And  they  have  no   respect  for  the  status  quo.  You  can  quote  them,  disagree  with  them,  glorify  or  vilify   them.   About  the  only  thing  you  can’t  do  is  ignore  them.  Because  they  change  things.  They   invent.  They  imagine.  They  heal.  They  explore.  They  create.  They  inspire.  They  push   the  human  race  forward.   Maybe  they  have  to  be  crazy.   How  else  can  you  stare  at  an  empty  canvas  and  see  a  work  of  art?  Or  sit  in  silence   and  hear  a  song  that’s  never  been  wriMen?  Or  gaze  at  a  red  planet  and  see  a   laboratory  on  wheels?   We  make  tools  for  these  kinds  of  people.   While  some  see  them  as  the  crazy  ones,  we  see  genius.  Because  the  people  who  are   crazy  enough  to  think  they  can  change  the  world,  are  the  ones  who  do.      
  6. 6. Vaclav  Havel   “I think there are good reasons for suggesting that the modern age has ended. Today, many things indicate that we are going through a transitional period, when it seems that something is on the way out and something else is painfully being born “.
  7. 7. OMo  Scharmer     “We  live  in  a  moment  of  disrup3on,   death  and  rebirth.  What’s  dying  is   an  old  civiliza3on  and  mindset  of   maximum  “me”  maximum  material   consump3on,  bigger  is  be?er    and   special  interest  group  driven   decision  making  that  has  led  us     into  a  state  of  collec&vely  crea&ng   results  that  nobody  wants”.          
  8. 8. OMo  Scharmer   “We  are  torn  between  two   worlds:  the  world  of  new   leadership  challenges    on  the  one   hand,  and  the  world  of  old   economic  and  management  tools   on  the  other.     Between  these  two  lies  a  yawning   abyss.     …  we  explore  this  mismatch  by   con3nuing  to  descend  the   iceberg:  from    symptoms  (level  1)   and  structural  disconnects  (level   2)  to  the  underlying    architectures   of  thought  (level  3).”      
  9. 9. Stumbling-­‐blocks  to  Paradigm  Change   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Mainstream  Ethics   Mental  Accessibility   CollecUve  Orthodoxies   PercepUon  Limits   Economic  Resources   Change  Fear   Easy  SoluUon  Traps  
  10. 10. The  Dark  (Other)  Side  of  the  Moon   Mainstream   World     Modern     RaUonalist     MechanicisUc     ReducUonisUc     Linear   Industrial     Thinking     R.Cartesio   I.Newton   F.  Taylor   E.  Ford   M.Friedman   M.Porter     Alterna;ve     World     Post-­‐Modern,     OlisUc   Living     IntegraUve   Systemic     Post-­‐Industrial   Thinking     Albert  Einstein   Carl  Jung   Gregory  Bateson   David  Bohm   Peter  Senge   Ken  Wilber    
  11. 11. Reality  :  like  we  think  it  is,  like  it  is  !  
  12. 12. Global  Trends  from  a  Systemic  Thinking  PerspecUve  
  13. 13. In a High Complex Reality, traditional practices doesn’t work any more! Type  of     complexity   Approach     to  low     complexity   Approach     to  high     complexity   Process   requirements  for   high  comlexity     Dynamic       Piece  by  piece     System  as  a  whole     Systemic     Social       Experts  and   Authority     Stakeholders     Par;cipa;ve     GeneraUve       ExisUng  pracUce     Emerging  pracUces     Crea;ve   Leadership  and  Management  3.0  
  14. 14. How  are  You  in  your  Business  1.0,  2.0  or  3.0  ?   Me     You   The  World   Management   WIN   LOSE   LOSE   Management     WIN   WIN   LOSE   Management     WIN   WIN   WIN   and  MarkeUng    1.0   and  MarkeUng    2.0   and  MarkeUng    3.0   And  …  in  your  Life  ?  
  15. 15. From  Management  1.0  to  Management  3.0     Management  1.0   ScienUfic   (past)     Mind  (process)  IQ     Management  2.0   Social   (present)       Mind  (process)  IQ   Heart  (people)  EQ   Management  3.0   IntegraUve   (future)       Mind  (process)  IQ   Heart  (people)  EQ   Soul  (sense)  SQ  
  16. 16. IQ,  EQ,  SQ   EQ   Company   culture   SQ   IQ   12  qualiUes  of  SQ   Power      Wisdom      Love   Willing      Thinking      Feeling   Deep  Self,  Core  Vision,   PotenUality   SQ  :  Exist  for,  Aspires  to,     take  Responsability  for   AcUon   Plans   Extended   boMom  line   Customer  SaUsfacUon   Employee  Loyalty  and  Tenure   Employee  health   Profit  and  Revenue  margin   Revenue   Environmental  effect   Social  consequences   Third  World  Factor  
  17. 17. The three forms of knowledge Explicit knowledge Tacit knowledge (not visible, but already emerged) Auto-trascendent Knowledge (still not emerged)
  18. 18. If  you  mostly  agree  about  the  previous   elements  …  look  here   THE  PROJECT   FUTURE  [RE]GENERATION  
  19. 19.  Applying  System  Thinking  at  Micro,  Meso  and  Macro  Level  …   Self   House   Cluster   Village   District   Region   Country   World   100  =  1  metre   101  =  10  metres   102  =  100  m   103  =  1  km   104  =  10  km   105  =  100  km   106  =  1.000  km   107  =  10.000  km   Micro  Level  :     More  Linear  Economy   Mundo  Level  :     More  Circular  Economy  
  20. 20. OperaUng  on  Systems  at  different  levels,  from  101  to  106  metres  …   Eco-­‐ Building     1  =  10  m   10 100%   Eco-­‐ Cluster   102  =  100    m   Rate  of  possible  impact  with     sustainability  principles   90%   Eco-­‐ Village   103  =  1  km     Eco-­‐Impact   80%     104  =  10  km   Eco-­‐ District   40%   105  =  100  km     106  =  1.000  km     NaUonal   Eco-­‐   Network   Eco-­‐Local   System   1%   20%   From  Micro,  to  Meso  and  Macro  (Mundo)  
  21. 21. …  to  transforming  Business,  Society  and  Self  …   …  With  three  big  Purposes:     For  Hybrid  Enterprises  (Business):   Co-­‐Developing  the  Right  Environment     (cum-­‐panis)  (economical,  social)     For  Local  Economies  (Society):   Re-­‐GeneraUng    Sustainable,  Resilient,   GeneraUve,  Vibrant  Local  Systems   (social,  ecological,  economical)     For  Conscious  People  (Self)  :   Co-­‐CreaUng  “Wealth”,  Well  being     (spiritual,  social)     Local   Economies  Re-­‐ GeneraUon   Hybrid   Enterprises   Environment   Future     CompeUUon   Future  Re-­‐ GeneraUon   Conscious   People  Well   Being  
  22. 22. The  8  “Know”   Know  Why   Purpose,  IntenUon   Know  Where   Know  When   Know  how   Know  what   PracUcal     knowledge   Technological     knowledge   Know  with  who   Know  for  who   Know  you     Self  TransformaUonal  knowledge   Luigi  Spiga  aker     OMo  Scharmer  
  23. 23.    StarUng  from  SOL  …  but  trascending  SOL  …   US   Santa  Fe   IFTF   De  Baak   DMI   BIOTECTURE   Peter  Block   WISER   RMI   BLU     Economy   Wisdom     ACADEMY     FOR  THE  FUTURE   FINDHORN  COLLEGE   Danah  Zohar   BARRET   VALUE   CENTER   ACTION  INQUIRY   Maxwell   UK  
  24. 24. Exchange  FacilitaUve  System   Euro   Min  40%   Alt.Curr.   Max  20%   Value4Money   Time  Bank   Max  20%   Study  Grants   Max  20%  
  25. 25. REQUEST OFFER Mainstream  Economy  ‘s  Market  
  26. 26. ExisUng  AcUviUes   New  AcUviUes   REQUEST OFFER Vibrant  Local  System’  s  Market   8  categories  of  people   4  categories  of  ciUzens  
  27. 27. Local  Systems  :  1  -­‐  Linear  -­‐  PosiUve  
  28. 28. Local  Systems  :  2  -­‐  Linear  -­‐  ProblemaUc  
  29. 29. Local  Systems  :  3  –  Circular  -­‐  PosiUve  
  30. 30. Local  Systems  :  4  –  Circular  –  ProblemaUc  
  31. 31.   To  develop  the  Enterprises  we  need  …       Profitability         HYBRID     BUSINESS   ENTERPRISE       Social  Mission                             Environmental   objecUves    
  32. 32. What  are  we  going  to  offer?   Wise   Co-­‐Living   Wise     Co-­‐Working   Wise     Co-­‐Housing   Wise   InternaUonal     ConnecUons   Wise   Co-­‐Learning   Wise   Co-­‐Designing   Wise   Co-­‐Building   Wise   Co-­‐Evolving  
  33. 33. Who  are  we  looking  for?   New  Enterprises   Social  Experiments   Social  Business   Entrepreneurs   House  –  Home,     assistance   Elders   Change  Makers   Social  Innovators   New  Habitats   Wise  Managers   before  reUrement   Architects   Designers   A  new  “service”  Job   Families  with   childrens   House  –  Home,     protecUon   Experts  in  Sustainability   Facilitators     EvoluUve       Under  Employed     Young  People   Jobs,  Learning,  House,  Family   OrganizaUons   Living  Labs  
  34. 34. How  to  parUcipate   Members   Friends   Connected       Partners  
  35. 35.  FUTURE      [RE]GENERATION                                                     [RE]     Sustainable   Resilient   GeneraUve   Modular     Transportable     Timber-­‐Frame     Self-­‐Builted       InternaUonal   Systemic     BUILDING   Vibrant   LOCAL   SYSTEMS     ACADEMY   FOR  THE  FUTURE         ECO-­‐2   BUILDING         RETREAT   CENTER     Friends                  Members                 AcUve       Partners                  [RE]        BUILDING                          LOCAL        SYSTEMS      DESIGN        GAME   Pilot   Project     OLTREPO’   PAVESE   Local   System  
  36. 36. The  4  basic  ingredients  of  the  general  project   InternaUonal   InsUtutes  on   EvoluUve   Culture   People  with   Needs,  and   Dreams  “in   change”   F.R.G.   Place  (Power   of),  Tools,   Resources   InnovaUve  and   PrcUcal  Ideas   for   Sustainability  
  37. 37. Legal  Form:  FoundaUon   ENGAGEMENT   (Love)   Needs  High  Levels  of:     -­‐  Consciusness  (Sensing  Reality)   -­‐  Followership  (Listening  Others)   -­‐  Leadership  (Purpose  and  AcUon)     Founda;on   People  with  Capital     Walk  Together   (Power  With  Love)   Yellow  vMeme     No  Organiza;on   No  People,  no  Capital     Walk  Apart   (Love  me  only)   Red-­‐  vMeme       Enterprise   People  under  Capital     Walk  Behind   (Power  On)   Blu-­‐Orange  vMeme   EFFECTIVENESS     (Power)     Associa;on   People  without  Capital       Walk  Freely   (Love  me  too)   Green  vMeme   <<To  do  the  best  choose   for  the  future  is  dealing     with  a  MYSTERY     wrapped  in  a  DILEMMA     inside  a  PARADOX>>  
  38. 38. Dance  of  Change     Risultati di business R3   Nuove pratiche di business Risultati personali Credibilità R1   Risultati di network Persone coinvolte Capacità di apprendimento R2   Entusiasmo Investimenti in iniziative di cambiamento Associato  Auvo  diventato  Facilitatore  che  co-­‐organizza  le  auvità  di  learning  
  39. 39. System  Thinking  in  AcUon   7  –  Living  ProtoUpes   6  –  PragmaUcal  Projects   5  –  Games  for  System  Design   4  -­‐  AlternaUve  Society  Models  (Society  4.0)   3  -­‐  CollaboraUve  InnovaUve  Learning  (U-­‐School)   2  -­‐  Trans-­‐Personal  EvoluUon  (Spiritual  Capital)   1  -­‐  Leadership  e  Management  3.0  Methodologies  
  40. 40. I’m  just  Joining  all  the  “dots”  of  my  life  experiences   Business     InnovaUon   Process     FacilitaUon   6   1    9   5   Fonding  Chair   Society  for   OrganizaUonal     Learning  Italy    8   When  young   wanted     to  become     an  Architect   2   Worked  as     TurisUc  Village  G.O.   during  University   Director  IED     Management     OlisUc  Academy     at  the  Global  Village   4    7   3   Enterprise  CreaUon     Consultant  for  20  years   Promoted  5     Regional     ConsorUa  in     Sardinia   Thinker   Alchemist     Architect     Designer   Test  driver  
  41. 41.     Leonardo     da  Vinci           If  this  quote  resonate  inside  you  …   <<He  who  loves  prac3ce  without  theory  is  like  the   sailor  who  boards  ship  without  a  rudder  and   compass  and  never  knows  where  he  may  cast.   Always  prac&ce  should  be  built     over  good  theory>>  
  42. 42. Biomimicry   If  you  know  that  the  man  isn’t  the  best  architect  in  the  World  …  
  43. 43. If  you  want  to  trascend  fragmentaUon  …  
  44. 44. If  you  are  open  and  ready  for  a  big  change  …  
  45. 45. If  anyway  you  are  curious,  open  and  innova3ve  …      If  you  want  to  be  part  of  a  big  innova3ve  project  …          If  you  want  to  lead  from  the  emerging    future  …                  If  you  want  to  co-­‐create  a  new  posssible  World  …       …  than,  YOU  CAN  BE     ONE  OF  US  !  
  46. 46.   Thank  You!       For  more  informaUon  and  the  next  steps,  write  to: