B0 present future re-gener intro - 30 - en


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B0 present future re-gener intro - 30 - en

  1. 1. Founda0on             FUTURE      [RE]GENERATION                                                  System  Thinking  in  Ac0on  for  an  Alterna0ve  Economy  
  2. 2. With  the  inspira8on  of  living   laboratories  like  Esalen  in  US,   Schumaker  College  in  England,   Findhorn  in  Scotland  and  many   others  around  the  world,     following  the  principles     developped  by  BALLE,   Transi8on  Town,  Permaculture,   Biotecture,  Sociocracy,  etc.,     using  the  modern  Systemic,     Collabora8ve  and  Crea8ve   approaches  developped  by   SoL  ,  Presencing  Ins8tute,  etc.     COULD  WE  THINK  TO  [RE]BUILDING  in  ITALY   SUSTAINABLE,  RESILIENT,  GENERATIVE  and  VIBRANT   LOCAL  SYSTEMS  ?  
  3. 3. If you think to belong to the “Why Not” instead to the “Yes, But” … Yes, but … Why not !
  4. 4. If  you  too  think  that  we  are  living  every  day  more  in  a  …   WORLD  
  5. 5.   If  you  think  that  we  should  “Think  Global  and  Act  Local”  …     RE-LOCALISATION Reinforcing and recreating local links External links dominant Internal links dominant
  6. 6. If  you  desire  to  live  in  a  more  beauQful  town  …  
  7. 7. If you want to build and live in a sustainable, whealth house … Unsustainable Open-Linear Sustainable Closed-Cyclical
  8. 8. If  you  are  aware  the  it’s  you  that  create  your  reality  …  
  9. 9. If  you  think  that  it  is  true  that  ther’is  a  Climate  Change   because  of  the  industrial  age  …  
  10. 10. If  you  are  aware  of  what  <<Sustainability>>  is  …   SUSTAINABILITY     =     FUTURE  
  11. 11.    If  you  agree  that  we  need  “The  Necessary  Revolu0on”  …   INDUSTRIAL     ERA   Fossil  fuels     Global  Produc8on     Waste  and  waste     Standardizza8on     Maximize  income       By  Peter  Senge   POST-­‐INDUSTRIAL     ERA   energy   food   materials   variety   Social  well-­‐being   Sun     Local     No  waste     Diversity     Rela8onships    
  12. 12. 1   2   3   4  
  13. 13. If  you  are  aware  to  be  part  of  the  problem  …  
  14. 14. If  you  share  the  following  values  …  
  15. 15. If  you  want  to  parQcipate  building  a  Community  of  the  Society  4.0  …   By  O^o  Scharmer  
  16. 16. A  Community  with  strong  a^enQon  to  human  needs  …  
  17. 17. If  you  are  curious,  open  and  innova0ve  …      If  you  want  to  be  part  of  a  big  innova0ve  project  …          If  you  want  to  lead  from  the  emerging    future  …                  If  you  want  to  co-­‐create  a  new  posssible  World  …       …  than,     YOU  CAN  BE     ONE  OF  US  !  
  18. 18. Integrated,  MulQ-­‐level,  Local  System:  Concept  and  ProtoQpe   Vermont   Totnes   Findhorn   Esalen       100   km         10   km         1     km         0,1   km  
  19. 19. [RE]BUILDING       SUS-­‐RES-­‐GEN  VIBRANT   LOCAL  SYSTEMS     for  the   FUTURE         FUTURE     [RE]GENERATION   System  Thinking  in  Ac0on     for  an  Alterna0ve  Economy                   InternaQonal     Systemic      Retreat    Center           ACADEMY                               [Re]Building     Local  Systems     Design  Game                           Pilot  Project   Oltrepò  Pavese   Local  System   MODULAR  TRANSPORTABLE     TIMBER-­‐FRAME     SELF-­‐BUILT     ECO-­‐2-­‐HOUSING    
  20. 20. [RE]     BUILDING   Sustainable   Vibrant   Resilient   LOCAL   GeneraQve   SYSTEMS   CO-­‐HOUSING  +  CO-­‐WORKING  =  CO-­‐LIVING       0.      Create  new  Jobs  and  Hope   1.  Reconcile  Human  with  Nature     2.  Promote  Community   3.  Be  Feasible  and  Replicable   4.  Promote  Health   5.  Celebrate  Life   6.  Be  Exemplary  and  Visionary   CO-­‐DESIGNING  +  CO-­‐BUILDING  =  CO-­‐EVOLVING  
  21. 21.   ACADEMY     FOR  THE  FUTURE   YOU      MASTER   Leadership,  Management,  Design  and  Technology   for  an  Alterna0ve  Economy  
  22. 22.   Modular     ECO-­‐2   Transportable     Timber-­‐Frame     BUILDING   Self-­‐Builted        
  23. 23. ! !Produc3ve! Clusters! !Produc3on! Cluster!! P! CoGHousing! Clusters! !Produc3on! Cluster!! R! Skills!! Cards! !!Produc3on! Cluster!! B! U3lity! Cluster! A! ! Community! Housing! Cluster! !Produc3on! Cluster!! N! !Produc3on! Cluster! C! !Produc3on! Cluster!! D! Hub! !G20%! KHousing! Cluster!! I! !Produc3on! Cluster!! M! ! !Community!! !Housing! Cluster!! C! +30%! Main! Produc3on! Cluster! C! Main! Produc3on! Cluster! A! !Produc3on! Cluster!! E! E! !Produc3on! Cluster!! L! Guardians! Cards! !Produc3on! Cluster!! A! U3lity! Cluster! D! !Produc3on! Cluster!! O! Principles! Cards! !Community! Service! Cluster! Resources! Cards! !Produc3on! Cluster!! F! FHousing! Cluster!! F!      LOCAL        SYSTEMS      DESIGN        GAME   !(!Re)!Building!Local!Systems!Design!Game! ACADEMY! !R!              [RE]        BUILDING                     ! U3lity! Cluster! CC! U3lity! Cluster! B! !Produc3on! Cluster!! K! !Produc3on! Cluster!! I! Main! Produc3on! Cluster! B! !Produc3on! Cluster!! H! !Produc3on! Cluster!! G! Events! Cards!
  24. 24. Pilot   Project     Oltrepò   Pavese     Local   System  
  25. 25.     InternaQonal   Retreat       Systemic   Center       ART  and  WELLNESS   SCIENCE  and  KNOWLEDGE   ETHICS  and  WISDOM   Science  Needs  To  Be  Performed  With  The  Mind  Of  Wisdom.  Eleanor  Rosch  
  26. 26.  What  are  we  going  to  offer  …   Wise   Co-­‐Living   Wise     Co-­‐Working   Wise     Co-­‐Housing   Wise   InternaQonal     ConnecQons   Wise   Co-­‐Learning   Wise   Co-­‐Designing   Wise   Co-­‐Building   Wise   Co-­‐Evolving  
  27. 27.  Who  are  we  looking  for  …   Hybrid  Enterprises   Social  Experiments   Social  Business   Entrepreneurs   House  –  Home,     assistance   Elders   Change  Makers   Social  Innovators   New  Habitats   Wise  Managers   before  reQrement   Architects   Designers   A  new  “service”  Job   Families  with   childrens   House  –  Home,     protecQon   Experts  in  Sustainability   Facilitators     EvoluQve       Under  Employed     Young  People   Jobs,  Learning,  House,  Family   OrganizaQons   Living  Labs  
  28. 28. How  you  can  parQcipate  in  the  naQonal  system   Founder  :   10/5.000e   capital   Volonteer   25e  year     +  Qme   F.R.G.   Partner  :   500e  year   Associate:   100e  year   FoundaQon   Value  4  money  
  29. 29. How  you  can  parQcipate  in  the  Sust.  Light  Village   FRIEND  GUEST   One  Week   Holiday     for  20  x  12  euro  a   year   CITIZEN  PT   Green  Studio     in  MulQproperty     for  5/10.000  euro   S.L.V.   FRIEND   VOLONTEER   Co-­‐Worker  in  the     System   Living  in     the  Village       Full  Qme   CITIZEN  FT   Green  House  of     50/100  mq  for     50/100.000  euro   StarQng  in     the  System     An  Hybrid     Enterprise   25e  year     FoundaQon   Value  4  money  
  30. 30. “We  are  the  People  …  ”   We  are  forming  groups  for  different  issues,  systems,  projects,  clusters  …   YOU  CAN  HELP  WITH  YOUR  SPECIAL  IDEAS,  SKILLS,  TIME,  HANDS,  CONNECTIONS,     and  also  with  some  SCEC,  EURO,  POUND,  DOLLAR  …  even  10  each  month!   If  you  are  a  “why  not”  person,  WE  WAIT  FOR  YOU,  NOW  !!!   Founda0on             FUTURE      [RE]GENERATION                                                  System  Thinking  in  Ac0on  for  an  Alterna0ve  Economy   luigi.spiga@solitaly.org