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Why lean for my org


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Why lean for my org

  1. 1. Why Lean for my Organization? June-13 By: Jorge Flores
  2. 2. Understanding the Vision      The first step to implement or enrich an Operational Culture in an organization it’s to understand & define: Where are we going? Why do we exist in the Industry? Who are our customers? What do they expect from us (value)?
  3. 3. Understanding the Vision - Pull Takt time Systematic Elimination of Waste - Lean-Sigma Lean Sigma One piece flow Our company Today
  4. 4. Why change at all?    Understand and believe that Lean Principles directly address core business problems (waste). Without this there is no business case for lean. Without a business case, there is no compelling reason for a leader (and the organization) to change
  5. 5. Key principles of Lean Customer Value Systematic Understand Elimination People Process of Waste (Lean-Sigma) Establish Flow
  6. 6. Actual condition In a production tour I identified plenty room for Continuous Improvement deployment. I can recall these topics:  Do the employees know or see the company Vision?  How can every employee support the company's vision on a daily basis ?  Visual Factory deployment not developed  Value Stream Map as Business tool for key decisions  Lack of Product, material & Information Flow  Standard work not in place as CI foundation  Organization members aren’t comitted to vanish processess waste  Couldn't perceived a strong employee commitment to learn and live lean principles
  7. 7. Actual condition Continue…  Machines & equipments down or not operating without a signal or status  Poor utilization of the available floor space  Lack of 5S’s on work stations  Tools aren’t arranged according to Production Plan needs & sequence  Customer expectations in terms of quality are not part of the standard operation procedures  Accurate KPI’s aren’t visible nor available on floor shop for daily accountability  Can’t see Problem Solving or High performance boards at floor shop  Lack of SMED as operational estrategy to achieve OEE  Can’t see if the actual process cycle time it’s under the Takt time beat  And many others…
  8. 8. Proposals Lean Enterprise Culture Implementation There are many facts to be consider, but like any system there are 3 main areas to focus during implementing Lean, these are People, Method (Know how) & the Infrastructure of the organization. Taking as baseline this fact I will explain the milestones of the culture implementation in sequence:
  9. 9. Task By Tool Compile Company Vision Mangement Tougth Map, Coaching Design a Roadmap to get there! Management Kaizen event Operation System & Culture creation Management & Lean leader Lean House, QFD & Kaizen Leadership engagement & Detailed work Plan Lean leader & leadership Formal training, Operation KPI design & Implementation trough the organization to give direction Lean leader & leadership QFD Matrix or Score card Daily Performance walk (Gemba) Lean leader & leadership HPT & HPB Creation of value based on customer voice Lean leader & leadership CTQ, Value add analisys Flow creation door to door Lean leader & leadership VSM, SMED, Pull system, OPF, Takt vs CTime, FIFO Daily culture change deployment Leadership 5S’s, HPT scheme Continuous Improvement effort all over the organization (waste reduction) Lean leader Lean-Sigma, Kaizen, PDCA Redesign the Production cells, creating Lean leader & Kaizen System Manual (deliverable)
  10. 10. Feedback at: There are so many men who can figure costs, and so few who can measure values... Questions, Comments, Suggestions