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What have (food) revolutions ever done for us?


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By Danny Hunter, Jeremy Cherfas & Luigi Guarino. Delivered at the Dublin Gastronomy Symposium, 2016

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What have (food) revolutions ever done for us?

  1. 1. What have (food) revolutions ever done for us?
  2. 2. 1. Neolithic Revolution 2. Columbian Exchange (Yes, that’s a revolution too!) 3. Green Revolution 4. Supermarket Revolution 5. Nutrition Revolution 6. Gene Revolution
  3. 3. Why? • Cannot domesticate everything – Domestication bottleneck • Big money for big crops – Stigma of poor people’s crops • Reductionist mentality – medicinal approach to food – Molecular gastronomy
  4. 4. What to do?
  5. 5. Diversity Reaction
  6. 6. Supple- ments Nutrient Dense/Therapeutic Fortification Staple Foods Oils Biofortification of Staple Foods Food, diet diversity and quality based solutions From pills to diverse diets
  7. 7. Nutrition Reaction Cavendish Common Variety <5 µg/100g pro-Vit A carotenoid <8500 µg/100g pro-Vit A carotenoid South Pacific banana varieties Source: Burlingame, FAO (2013) and Bioversity International