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New information products to support the global system


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New information products to support the global system

  1. 1. New information products to support the Global System
  2. 2. Why?• National genebank managers • What are the accessions I really need to look at? • Where else is similar material conserved?• International genebank managers • Where can I order them from? • Is there enough high-quality seed available? • Are they properly duplicated?• Users • What are the results of previous research on them? • How much use is being made of my collection?• Decision/policy-makers • How good am I at fulfilling requests?
  3. 3. Contents• GRIN-Global• Genesys• What the above are NOT
  4. 4. GRIN-Global• An information management system for genebanks• The new incarnation of USDA’s Genetic Resources Information System (GRIN)• Support to adoption by national genebanks has been provided by Bioversity• Some interest from CGIAR Centres too• “Open source” software for continued development and maintenance by the user community
  5. 5. Germplasm accession •Passport data•Inventory•Viability testing Availability GRIN-Global Acquisition Information•Phytosanitary procedures•Diagnostic testing Germplasm•Quarantine testing, status and clearance health •Characterization •Evaluation Phenotypic•Environments Information•Propagation methods Regeneration•Pollination management•Order fulfillment •For the future?•SMTA Genotypic Distribution•IPR management Information Data sharing Provided by Pete Cyr USDA-ARS
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Genesys• Online portal to accession-level information on the world’s genebank holdings• Developed by SGRP/Bioversity as successor to, and expansion of, SINGER• Also contribution from ITPGRFA-Secretariat• Initially encompasses International Collections, Eurisco and USDA• Searchable on passport, characterization, evaluation and ecogeographic descriptors• Ordering system• Plans for further development and improvement• Expandable to include your genebank!
  8. 8. SINGER GRIN Eurisco
  9. 9. Genesys You! You!International Eurisco USDA collections
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Not to be confused with… World Information and Early Warning System on PGRFA• WIEWS
  12. 12. Not to be confused with… World Information Sharing Mechanism on the• WISM implementation of the GPA for PGRFA
  13. 13. In conclusion• Together, we are building the information infrastructure of the Global System• Much is still missing, though…
  14. 14. Thanks!