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Curriculum vitae de luis medina medina inh2


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Curriculum vitae de luis medina medina inh2

  1. 1. Curriculum VitaePhD. Luis Enrique Medina Medina December, 20 on 2011
  2. 2. I.-PERSONAL DATA:Name: LUIS ENRIQUE Surnames: MEDINA MEDINAAddress: Street Jorge Guillen, Nº 23, Province: MurciaC.P: 30008Contact phone: 638257258 / 672236006 (Spain)country: SpainSpain contact phone: Mobile No. 638257258/672236006Email: OF HIGHER EDUCATION  DEGREE IN PHARMACY AND BIOCHEMISTRY (Registered 29-12-05). UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL SAN LUIS GONZAGA DE ICA-PERÚ. March 15, 1994  REGARDING ACADEMIC PROFILE TO THE PROFESSIONIII. DOCTORAL PROGRAMS COMPLETED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF PERU - SPAIN AND USA UNIVERSITY  Completed doctoral studies in Sciences of the health - University national Mayor of San Marcos-Lima-Peru-April 2003 to December 2004.  "Molecular and cellular pathophysiology." advanced studies diploma Pharmacological implications, held in the University of Salamanca, from November 20, 2004 until July 20, 2005.  Diploma of advanced studies in "Pharmacokinetics clinical and Experimental", Department of Pharmacy and pharmaceutical technology since May 2006 / 2007.  PhD in Experimental clinical pharmacokinetics, University of Salamanca, appointing of pharmacy of the University of Salamanca: from 2007-2009, title awarded in date of 07 December 2010  PhD Degree in Business Administration, Atlantic International University, Miami, State Florida, from October 2009 through April of 2011. Certificate of completion program 11 August 2011.  Current studies of PhD. Degree in Bioethics, University Catholic San Antonio of Murcia from March 2010.  Current studies of PhD. Degree in Public Health, Atlantic International University from August 12, 2011 third Phase studies.IV.-DIPLOMAS-GRADUATE PROGRAMS-PERU  Diploma in Total the quality management (TQM) - UNMSM-2003  "Computerized integration and human enterprises" – PUCP-LIMA-PERÚ. 1997
  3. 3.  Diploma in "Assessment and formulation of projects of investment in public and private Sector" with a duration of 48 hours. Academic .University National Mayor of San Marcos-Facultad Industrial Engineering April 2004-LIMA-Peru  Certificate course in "Commercial strategic management" - UNMSM - Faculty of Industrial Engineering, May 2004-LIMA Peru.  Diploma International in pharmacokinetics CLÍNICA-Universidad Norbert Wienner-Lima-Peru-February 2004.V.-EXPERIENCE IN PERU  National Institute of health (Peru): period 2000-2005  National Center of quality Control: charge chemical analyst  Chemical Division - Central Laboratory: laboratory of physical chemistry  Played position:  Chemical Analyst: Spectrophotometry-EIR-HPLC-EF-Volumetric  Laboratory standards: USP standards management, standards BP, PhEU standards, international standards.  The Area in Contramuestras Analyst: Administration of the Central warehouse of the CNCC.  Expert chemist of the Ministry of health 13 of July 2001.  An expert chemist of the National Center of quality Control of the National Institute of health of the Ministry of health of Peru.  Analyst in the area of certification and quality assurance of January 05, 2004 until July 10, the 200.  Chemical expert inspection result of INS - Ministry of health before the  Comptroller General of the Republic and OFECOD  An expert chemist of the National Center for quality Control  Analyst of the Division of certification and quality assurance from 04-01-05 quality up 04-08-05.  Physical chemistry Laboratory Analyst – HPLC Area,  Product, I.R., Espectroflurometria IR spectrophotometry, volume, and other analysis, as of August 28, 2004.  Analyst in the area of atomic absorption spectroscopy - dine, May 2002 INS-MINSA (food and nutrition).  Analyst area of spectroscopy gas trailer mass spectroscopy (SG-SM) from the 20th of July 2003 until December 30, 2003.VI-WORK EXPERIENCE IN OFFICES PHARMACEUTICAL/DRUGSTORES
  4. 4. COMPANY CHARGE OR OCCUPATIONBotica "Maria del Carmen" Technical AdvisorBotica "Ispher" Technical AdviserImporting distributor Dinmfal E.I.R.L. Technical AdvisorReenvasadora "Prolav" E.I.R.L. Tecnical AdvisorReenvasadora "Dinmfal" E.I.R.L. Technical AdvisorReenvasadora Bruguera E.I.R.L. Sales representative and TechnicalAdviserBotica "Clarita Regent and technical adviser"Botica "Balani" Advisor technical and vocationalPeruvian Institute of security-in-charge of the pharmacy serviceSocial IPSS and pharmacological Committee Regent of Service Pharmacy"Delia" Botica Regent and technical adviserVII.-EXPERIENCE IN PHARMACY: SPAINPharmacy "HERMINIA Mª JESÚS MARTÍNEZ" - ASTURIASPosition: Pharmaceutical Adjunto-Programa of handling FARMA II MILTime August 2006 - November 2006Pharmacy: "Vicente"-SALAMANCAJob title: Pharmacist internsTime: December 2006 - March 2007.Pharmacy: MAGDALENA SANZ MILLÁNJob title: Substitute pharmacist from September 5 to September 30, 2007Devogest Levante, S.L. Director technical pharmacist in integrated systems fromNovember 2009 until November 2011, integrated management of quality: ISO 9001, ISO14001.VIII.-INTERNATIONAL COURSES IN SALAMANCA-SPAIN  "Experimental methods of epilepsy", conducted at the University of Salamanca, Faculty of medicine day 11 to 13 May 2005-Spain.  "Development and cancer: new approaches to biology, clinical and treatment of cancer", carried out by the Centre for cancer research, University of Salamanca day from 15 April to 13 May 2005, with a value of 6 credits-Spain.  Ongoing monitoring drugs in the Clinic-Universidad practice of Salamanca-Juny of 2006 3 valid academic credits, year 2007 - June  Course of design, synthesis and evaluation of drugs - Dept. of chemistry Farmacéutica-Facultad of Farmacia-Universidad of Salamanca, June 2006. Synthesis of Benzimidasole
  5. 5.  Foreign trade course: held in Salamanca on 4 May to 24 May 2007, Salamanca overshadows-City Hall-Spain.  Basic training: Management and prevention of occupational risks made by AESCÓN. Salamanca from August 15 to September 5, 2007-10-26.  Upper course of prevention and occupational risks with specialization in Industrial hygiene with a length of 308 Institute TECNA SALAMANCA Street Plaza Los Gascones hrs, 2 Bajo-España.  Symposium international "models molecular associated to the interaction plant-microbe", with a duration of 20 hours, that is has held in the University of Salamanca, those days 28 and 29 of February of the 2008.IX.-STUDIES OF MASTER IN PERU AND SPAIN  MASTER IN EXPERIMENTAL PHARMACOLOGY - Universidad National Mayor of San Marcos-Lima-Peru. Slope of reading of thesis - year 1998-1999.  MASTER DEGREE UNIVERSITY IN CLINICAL TRIALS, by the University of Sevilla-España, September 2007.  MASTER IN MANAGEMENT OF BUSINESS (MBA) - FULL TIME UNIVERSITY OF LEON - SPAIN DATE OF OCTOBER 1, 2005 - OCTOBER 30, 2006.  MASTER IN BIOETHICS UNIVERSITY RAMON LLUL - BARCELONA 2007-2009. Spain. Institute of bioethics Borja - Barcelona Spain.  MASTER IN MANAGEMENT OF QUALITY - EUROPEAN INSTITUTE OF QUALITY - QUALITY EUROPEAN-GIJÓN EUROPEAN-GIJÓN-2007 / 2008  MASTER IN PREVENTION OF RISK WORK TECNA INSTITUTE, June 2008 until November 2008. 3 Specialities: safety and ergonomics and psychology, Industrial Hygiene (BUROVERITAS-training).  ADVANCED COURSE IN MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, held in Murcia from 12-04-2010 to 05-07-2010 - in Regional employment and training service.  MASTER IN SYSTEMS INTEGRATED QUALITY: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and HOSAS 18001 Occupational health and safety, ethics SGE-21 RSC, carried out by BURO VERITAS-UNIVERSIDAD international DE LA RIOJA titling process since March 11, 2010 until May 20, 2011.  SEMINAR WORKSHOP. "The standards of good clinical practice: the ethics A LA technique", Assistant and approved, carried out in November 2009.  Course of Internal Auditor in quality systems ISO 9001: 2008, carried out from February - May 2010 - 2010 SGS training.  Internal auditor of quality ISO 14001 environmental certification granted by
  6. 6. Bureau Veritas - International University of la Rioja  Internal auditor for safety and health of work OHSAS 18001 safety and health occupational-BUREAU VERITAS - International University of LA RIOJA Spain, March of 2011.  Advanced course in management and business management, in Murcia from 12-04-2010 to 05-07-2010, Regional employment and training service.  Technician in environmental impact assessment, conducted in Institute PRESCAL - Spain, duration course 90 hours since 10-06-2011 until July 15, 2011.  European Business Excellence model: EFQM, carried out by the CROEM - service Regional employment and training consultant PERSON-Spain course started from 1 July until 30-09-2011.IX.-LANGUAGES  English: Level Basic Level Institute Peruvian British-Privateacher  Italian: Intermediate Latin Institute - Lima, Peru  French: Basic level Institute Latino Lima, Peru  German: Basic level official languages school Salamanca-SpainX-AFFILIATIONS  College chemical pharmaceutical of Peru, an active member since 2000.  College official of pharmaceutical ASTURIAS, active from July 2006 until August 2007  College official of pharmaceutical NAVARRA, former active member since September 2007  Former member fellow of Institute of neuroscience of Castilla and León, with the research work: distribution of neuropeptides in diencephalon of Lama pacos (alpaca) - University of Salamanca-Facultad of medicine.  EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF INCYL NEUROQUIMICA-SALAMANCA  SOCIAL SECURITY FOR THE SACYL - MURCIA  MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATION OF PHARMACEUTICAL CLINICAL  Former member scholarship holder of the Banco Santander Central Hispano, from 2007-2009  MEMBER OF THE SPANISH ASSOCIATION OF PAIN  Member of the Spanish Association of quality - December 2011
  7. 7. XII. PUBLICATIONS OF WORK SCIENTISTS  Journals: Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy: Mapping of Somatostatin-28 (1-12) in the alpaca (Lama Pacos) Diencephalon, volume 42, Issue 1, September 2011. PAG. 89-98.  Thesis in network of the University of Salamanca Spain publications: "Distribution of neuropeptides in the diencephalon of the alpaca (Lama pacos): immunocytochemical study". Author: Luis Enrique Medina Medina, directors: Dr. Rafael Coveñas Rodríguez and Dr. Miguel Merchan Cifuentes.  Publications in the network of the International Atlantic University, Honolulu Hawaii, State United America: Students Publications title "Management of SMEs specialized in the sales and rental housing in the Community of Island Canary Islands - Spain" - 2011.  Publication in the digital network monographs. Title "test: next Keniche Ohmae Global scenario". Author: PhD. Luis e. Medina Medina.  Publication presentation in PPT in network Title: "implementation of a comprehensive management system: quality, environment, safety and health at work for a company of services pharmacy GEISFAR,"  Publication of presentation in PPT in network Title: "Evaluation of the Monograph of Hartford for aminoglycosides: gentamicin and Amikacin” XIII.-PARTICIPATION IN PROJECTS OF RESEARCH TO DATEMaster Degree Pharmacology thesis:Title: "Bioequivalence In Vitro and its correlation with dissolution in Peroral tablets thatcontain hydrochlorothiazide profiles"Centre: University National San Marcos – Lima- PeruCountry: PeruResearch work:Project development and improvement of the Organizations standards of quality (USP)Centre: Centre National Control Quality-Institute National Of Health- Minister HealthPerú
  8. 8. Country: PeruEnd of Master project: MBATitle: "Business Corralejo Property". As part of the project being undertaken by the MBACentre: University Of León - SpainEnd of master project of Master Degree on Training Clinic UniversitariesTitle: "Bioavailability study of a formulation of Captopril - hydrochlorothiazide capsule of50/25 mg of laboratories GENFAR Ltda." versus a formulation of Captopril -hydrochlorothiazide capsule from 50 / 25 mg of Ecazide Bristol-Myers Squibb referenceproduct. “In healthy volunteers of both sexes".Centro.: University of SevillaCountry: SpainEnd of master project: Master Degree in BioethicsTitle: "Do transplant of organs in patients with organic distinction physiopathological: Asafe and effective measure?." "It requires a bioethical, multidisciplinary approach andmanagement clinic defined".Centre: UniversityCountry: SpainEnd of master project PRL : Institute TECNA of FormationTitle: "Safety and health plan in feedlot calves accommodating up to 700 animals in theMunicipal term of Guijuelo Salamanca"-TECNA formation-FPRLP1/08/SA/022.Dissertation of the year 2006 / 2007Title: Validation of the Hartford Nomo-grama in ICU patients to aminoglycosidesAmikacin 15 mg/kg and gentamicin 5 mg/kgCentro: University of SalamancaCountry: SpainDoctoral Thesis in neuroscience: PhD in PharmacyTitle: "Distribution of neuropeptides in the diencephalon of Lama pacos (alpaca): aninmunocitoquimico study".Centre: Institute of Neuroscience of Castilla and Leon. Neuroanatomy and the Peptidergicsystems laboratoryCountry: SpainBioethics 2nd Master end work course, University Ramon LLUL-Barcelona.Title: "Ethical issues in the information given to the consumer of drugs and their role in the
  9. 9. decision at the recommendation of a generic versus brand product: A methodologicalapproach to applications jobs in Latin America"PROJECT OF END OF MASTERS DEGREE IN SYSTEMS OF INTEGRAL MANAGEMENT (SGI)Title: "Implementation of an Integral management system: Quality, environment, safetyand health at work of a utility - GESIRMAC, S.L"Centre: University International of The Rioja- Bureau Veritas FormationCountry: SpainPhD program in BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, UNIVERSITY ATLANTIC INTERNATIONAL,Honolulu, Miami, Florida State, August 11, 2011DOCTORAL THESIS DBA"Management of SMEs specialized in the sales and rental housing""in the Community of Island Canary Islands - Spain"Dissertation work as part of the programme of Ph D in BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION,UNIVERSITY ATLANTIC INTERNATIONAL, Honolulu, Miami, Florida StatePROJECT OF THESIS PHD IN BIOETHICSTitle: "Ethical aspects that produces the substitution of brand products by generic and theanalysis of values in conflict because of the refusal of the medical use of the generic partof the patient and the autonomic determination in decision-making - patient: HospitalUniversitario Morales Meseger - specialty family doctor"Centre: University Catholic of San Antonio- Murcia SpainCountry: Spain