1. presentación noticia bbc


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is an interesting fight beetwen the cats of the prime minister and the tresur of Londres

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1. presentación noticia bbc

  1. 1. CHARACTERS David Cameron - Prime Minister of England Larry (Cameron) - Davids cat George Osborne - Chancellor of England Freya (Osborne) - Georges cat
  2. 2. DAVID CAMERON• He is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom since2009. He became the youngest British Prime Minister sinceLord Liverpool.• First Lord of Treasury, Minister for the Civil Service andLeader of the “Conservation Party”.• Member of the Parliament for Whitney.• He is married with Samantha Sheffield (maiden name)• He has four children: Ivan Reginald Ian (deceased),Nancy Gwen, Arthur Elwen and Florence Rose Endellion.• Residence: 10 Downing Street.• His cat name is Larry.
  3. 3. George Osborne. George Osborne• George Gideon Oliver Osborne is theChancellor of Exchequer and Second Lord of theTreasury, roles to which he was appointed inMay 2010.• Member for the Parliament for Tatton,• Married in 1998 with Frances Osborne.• He has two children: Liberty Kate Osborne andLuke Benedict Osborne.• Residence: 11 Downing Street• His cat was named Freya.
  4. 4. THE G OVERN MENT´THE GOVERNMENT´S CAT S C ATFIGHT FIGHT 23 October 2012•23 •Theres been trouble this week between the October 2012•Theres been trouble this week and 11 Downing Street, occupants of numbers 10 between the occupantsof numbers 10 and theDowningMinister David Cameron the homes of 11 Prime Street, the homes of thePrime Minister David Cameron andOsborne. But its not and the Chancellor, George the Chancellor,•George Osborne. But its not exactly political… exactly political…•Reporter: Reporter:•Rob Watson Rob Watsonhttp://httpws.bbc.co.uk.edgesuite.net/mp3/learningenglis http://httpws.bbc.co.uk.edgesuite.net/mp3/learnih/2012/10/witn_121023- ngenglish/2012/10/witn_121023-fighting_cats_report_121023_witn-fighting-cats-report-au-bb.mp3 fighting_cats_report_121023_witn-fighting-cats- report-au-bb.mp3
  5. 5. In Downing Street you can see, the black shiny door of number 10 and next door number 11. There has been a fight between the occupants . Not, David Cameron and George Osborne, theyre still pretty good friends. Its their cats, who were captured on camera fighting.Freya, thats Mr. Osbornes cat, gave a left hook to Larry,Mr. Camerons cat. There have been rumors of tensions forsome time.Asked about relations between the two cats, the PrimeMinister said they co-exist, but insisted he was not "going toget into commenting on the adventures of our feline friendsin Downing Street".
  6. 6. Vocabulary• Maiden name: The surname that women had before get married.• Deceases: Someone who has died.• Exchequer: Treasury.• Treasury: Public funds.• Left hook: swinging punch with the left hand.• Stray: homeless animal.• Dozed: slept lightly.