Lugo Marine Brochure 2011


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Lugo Marine Brochure 2011

  1. 1. R ooted in the belief that hard work and dedication would have a positive impact on his family’s way of life and move them ever closer to attaining the American Dream, Roberto C. Lugo decided to make the maritime industry the vessel that would make his dreams and those of hisfamily come true.Taking Lugo Welding Service from a one man business with a welding rig in the mid-1980’s to a world-class operation now known as Lugo Marine International, LLC has been the crowning achievementfor Mr. Lugo. Turning over the main operations to his four sons at the dawn of the 21st century marksanother milestone for Mr. Lugo and now he and his sons look forward to the future. We invite you tocontinue to be a part of the success of the Lugo Family as a world-class procurement, logistics andtransportation solutions provider for the next 100 years.To those who have made our success possible, we thank you. To those who have just come aboard, wewelcome you. To all, we pledge our continued commitment to the best level of service possible and wethank you for entrusting our team with your projects.We invite you to see the projects that have been part of our lives as outlined within the pages of thisbrochure and we look forward to including your project in future printings.
  2. 2. ShipS and BargeS
  3. 3. SHIPS AND BARGESThe backbone of the Lugo Marine Team has been the logistical planning and executing of scopes of work involving the shippingof cargo by barge and ocean going vessels. • Design and Fabrication of Weight Distribution Systems and Elevated Stows for Ro/Ro Operations. • Provide Stow Plans for the Proper Placement of Cargoes based on allowable deck space. • Welding and Fabrication of Tiedown and Securing Devices to prevent the cargo from shifting while In-Transit. • Plan and Calculate Ballast Operations for cargoes that must be maneuvered without the use of Cranes due to restrictions of the Loading or Unloading Sites. • Provide Lashing Labor and Materials for the Securing of Cargo. • Provide Gas Free and Hot Work Permits to prevent fires and/or explosions on board vessels while working along the Water Front as per Coast Guard and National Fire Institute Regulations. • Provide clean up of barges before loading and after cargo has been discharged, to include the sealing of man ways, removal of debris and rust proofing of areas where welded securing devices were removed.
  4. 4. rail TranSporTaTion
  5. 5. RAIL TRANSPORTATIONThe Lugo Marine Team has always prided themselves on being the last to know and the first to go when the call is taken for theloading and securing of cargo on railcars. Whether the cargo was loaded directly to the railcar using ship’s gear or whether thecargo was loaded using shore cranes or gantry systems, Lugo Marine is always instrumental in doing the job right the first time. • Railcar cleaning prior to loading. • Railcar layout and marking of Cargo Center of Gravity Marks in relation to the centers of the railcar both longitudinally and transverse. • Place securing devices on railcars as per the Association of American Railroads (AAR) – Open Top Rules and Regulations. • Assist Class 1 Railroad Inspectors with final inspections to ensure that all lashing and securing has met AAR Regulations so that the cargo can be routed to its final destination.
  6. 6. renewaBle energy
  7. 7. RENEWABLE ENERGYAs a testament to the longevity of the organization and the evolving world in which we live in, the Lugo Marine Team has leadthe way in providing the planning, installation, securing, procurement and transportation of Components for the Wind EnergyCommunity. A new twist to one of mankind’s oldest methods has propelled Lugo Marine to be a part of the newest and mosttechnologically advanced processes for generating electricity by harnessing the wind as renewable energy. Dealing with thecomplex issues of moving wind blades, nacelles, hubs and tower sections has become second nature and the processes of dealingwith these specialized cargoes has been the foundation of our organization from inception. • Design and Engineering – Custom made for the needs of wind components regardless of dimensions or weight or traveling by rail or over the road. • Railcar Layout and Installation of all securing components as per the final approved drawings as per AAR Regulations. • Coordinate the Loading and Securing of the components for transportation by rail. • Assist the Class 1 Inspectors in the final inspection of Unit Trains. • Scheduled Maintenance on Nacelles as per Manufacturers’ Specifications, while in storage or transit.
  8. 8. engineering and ConSulTing
  9. 9. ENGINEERING AND CONSULTINGBeing able to see the cargo, such as a transformer being loaded on a railcar can be beneficial when trying to decide if the loadingis within allowable clearance tolerances provided by the railroad. Drawing the cargo along with the railcar gives the customer andinspectors peace of mind that everything possible has been done to ensure a successful final inspection.Lugo Marine provides in-house engineering and design with accreditation in multiple States as Professional Engineers.Engineering staff provides: • Engineering and Securing Diagrams as per AAR Regulations. • Route Studies based on origin and destination. • Staff Trained in Open Top Loading Rules by Class 1 Railroads.