Lugo Marine - Barge Presentation 2011


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Lugo Marine - Barge Presentation 2011

  1. 1. Presentation ofLugo Marine International Barge Projects
  2. 2. Project 1:Marathon Refinery Expansion – Garyville, Louisiana Total Number of Heavy Lifts: 30 Ranging from 18 mt to 110 mt Total Revenue Tons of Cargo: 16,897 Project Time Frame: First Quarter 2009 Total Barge Moves: 4 Load Port: Port of Altamira, Mexico
  3. 3. Pre-planning meetings with fabrication yards in Mexico to ensure that the cargo was being fabricated to the specifications needed to make an ocean voyage via barge.
  4. 4. Survey of the Port of Altamira and the roads entering the facility to specify routes tobe taken as the cargo is shipped from fabrication yards to port for loading onto barges.
  5. 5. Preparing of the barges in Louisiana including the barge layouts, loading and pre-welding of elevated stow components and materials used for final tiedown of cargo in Mexico.
  6. 6. Transporting of cargo from fabrication yards to the laydown yard at the Port of Altamira in proximity to the wharf identified for loading the barges.
  7. 7. Lugo Marine managed the Ro-Ro operations with the Port of Altamira, the stevedores, heavy hauling companies, marine surveyors and the tug/barge crew.
  8. 8. Cargo being loaded on barges as outlined in the ballast and stow plans engineered by Lugo Marine.
  9. 9. Heavy lifts loaded , securing inspected and approved by underwriting surveyor, sailaway certificate issued and barge cleared for transport to Garyville, Louisiana for off loading.
  10. 10. Project 2: Power Plant Expansion Project Total Number of Heavy Lifts: 6 Total Revenue Tons of Cargo: 1,263Project Time Frame: First Quarter 2009 Total Barge Moves: 1 Load Port: Port of Houston
  11. 11. Performing barge layout, loading dunnage with the assistance of the stevedoringcompany and shifting the barge along side the vessel for loading of heavy lifts with the ship’s gear.
  12. 12. Heavy lifts discharged from the number three starboard hatch, were loaded on barge as outlined in the stow plan designed by Lugo Marine.
  13. 13. Vessel discharging to barge continued the next day for heavy lifts stowed in the number three portside lower hold.
  14. 14. Final welding and securing of all heavy lifts and departure of the tug/barge from the Port of Houston.
  15. 15. Project 3: Reactor Vessel Barge TiedownTotal Number of Heavy Lifts: 1 @ 1,000 mt Project Time Frame: Third Quarter 2009 Total Barge Moves: 1Load Port: Port of New Orleans, Louisiana
  16. 16. Reactor arrived via heavy lift steamship vessel and discharged directly to barge using ship’s gear.
  17. 17. Reactor vessel was positioned on the elevated stow equipment as per Lugo Marine engineering and stow plan calculations .
  18. 18. Final welding of steel tiedown devices and wirerope lashing of the reactor vessel to the barge for transport up the Mississippi River to Chicago.
  19. 19. For additional information, please contact:- Robert Lugo, Jr. Managing Director Email: Norbert Lugo Managing Director – Operations & Engineering Email: Browning Director of International Transportation Email: