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Foundation presentation on 3/25/2008

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Foundation Presentation

  1. 1. GMS Alumni Program GMS Alumni have a clear commitment to “giving back” to the GMS community, continuing their personal and professional development, and helping to build the GMS brand. As the program has developed plans for a framework that best facilitates and maximizes Alumni involvement, a number of opportunities have emerged. Components of the Alumni Relations Program are designed to:  Ensure the impact of GMS and its Scholar/Alumni community beyond the twilight of the program  Provide infrastructure for Alumni self-governance  Serve as a mechanism through which companies and outside
  2. 2. GMS Alumni Program  Direct Donations Opportunities  Merchandising GMS/Self  Corporate Underwriting-Events Sustainability & Shared Revenue  Resume Service to Companies  Motivational/Speake r Bureau
  3. 3. Merchandising • T-Shirts • Shirts Clothing • Sweat Shirts • Scarves • Polo Shirts • Screen Saver Computer • Mousepad • Portfolios • Folders Office/School • Paper Weights • Supplies Pencils • Backpacks • GMS Calendars
  4. 4. Advertising & Marketing GMS has access to audiences that are often sought after by educational and community organizations as well as the corporate and commercial communities. Virtual marketing opportunities are available through GMS Imagine, Scholar Connection and the GMS website, while GMS hosted events offer in-person opportunities. Printed Materials such as the GMS Newsletter, Outreach flyers and conference and event programs can be a great resource for advertisers seeking to reach our audiences. *Documents such as the GMS Nomination Booklet, the trifold brochure and the annual report would not be among the list of printed materials available for advertising opportunities.
  5. 5. Advertising & Marketing GMS Imagine Target: High School Students/ Parents/Counselors What: GMS Imagine allows students from the 8th grade to receive regular messaging relevant to their grade level and academic calendar. Colleges, universities, organizations that offer middle/high school educational support services, may choose to market in this arena.
  6. 6. Advertising & Marketing Scholar Connection Target: Gates Scholars Opportunity: Marketing opportunities with Scholar Connection’s may include online chats and virtual workshops. The GMS website may offer an opportunity for job, internship and event postings.
  7. 7. Advertising & Marketing GMS Print Materials Outreach/Event Programs/ Newsletters Target: Gates Scholars/Alumni, Middle/High School Students, Educational and Community- Leaders Opportunity: Advertising, opportunities in printed materials
  8. 8. Advertising & Marketing GMS Hosted Events Conferences/Graduate School Institutes/Academies/Outreach Target: Audience will vary Opportunities: In-person or virtual marketing opportunities may exist according to the event type.
  9. 9. Corporate Underwriting  Colleges, universities and corporations seek to diversify their respective communities. Educational institutions have enhanced their financial packages to attract high talent students of color, and corporations implement diversity recruitment initiatives to achieve the same objective  Through Leadership Development and outreach events, GMS can provide diversity recruitment opportunities
  10. 10. Corporate Underwriting Target: Gates Scholars Academies and Alumni Activity: Supports Corporate Underwritin Future g Diversity GSIs Events LDP Recruitment EVENTS Conferences
  11. 11. Corporate Underwriting-Male Initiative Target: Middle & high school males of color, Gates Scholars, and educational organizations Conferences focusing on males of color Bridge Builder Forums Corporate Underwriting MALE INITIATIVE
  12. 12. Corporate Underwriting-Early Outreach Events Target: Middle & high school students, and educational organizations
  13. 13. Partnerships There are several organizations, like GMS, that have an objective of providing academic and professional development support. While the GMS Program targets Gates Scholars and Alumni, collaborating with other organizations that target broader or similar audiences can produce cost efficiencies.
  14. 14. Partnerships with other Organizations Partner with organizations to conduct = Shared joint events to address Costs target audiences
  15. 15. Grant Focus  Grants from foundations, organizations and institutions who share GMS’ mission and vision for minority youth development are potential sources of partnership and revenue  GMS may seek grants to promote and support research by Scholars and Alumni in their areas of academic discipline, especially those related to the seven funded areas  Grant support may be sought to underwrite GMS events such as outreach and conferences  With a wide population of students committed to STEM disciplines, geared toward community service, and trained in research, GMS has important resources that may be of interest to grantors. GMS is well suited to be a grants administrator for other grant types that may benefit Gates Scholars and their academic interest, social concerns and professional development  GMS’ focus on underrepresented individuals in key academic disciplines provides an opportunity to offer specialized training to Gates Scholars and other people of color in the disciplines. Additionally, the broad reach of the alumni population provides opportunities for similar engagements
  16. 16. Grant Focus • Scholar Research • Alumni Research Research • Outreach • Conference on Male Initiative Events • Early Outreach • Start-ups • Community Projects Grant Administration • Research • Alumni Association Specialized Training
  17. 17. Opt-In Data Membership  GMS has over 12,000 Scholar data to date and over 40,000 Non Select Applicant data in a given year which institutions, corporations, and organizations can have access to these data as long as students opt-in to participate. GMS can set up a membership fee and provide access to the outside entities so that institutions, corporations, and organizations can recruit the students for their appropriate endeavors  To comply with Title VI, Federal government agencies would not be allowed to participate in the Opt-In Data Membership opportunities
  18. 18. Opt-In Data Membership Product Target  Institutions  Scholar Data  Grad Scholars  Corporations  Undergraduate  Organizations Scholars  Nominations Data  Non-Selects
  19. 19. Consulting Services  GMS has over ten years of experience in outreach and recruitment of students of color, scholarship management, and increasing student retention in colleges and universities  With vast range of experiences gained in managing the Gates Millennium Scholars Program, GMS can provide consulting services to the administrators at the undergraduate and graduate school levels, high schools, and other organizations
  20. 20. Consulting Services  Diversity Recruitment  Outreach  Scholarship Awarding Process  Graduate Schools Retention   Undergraduate Non-Cognitive and  Schools Candidate Evaluation Process  High Schools Nomination Process  Scholarship Management  Scholar Tracking Database 
  21. 21. Software Platforms/Hosting  GMS Scholar Tracking Database and the GMS Imagine applications have received positive feedback from institutional and organizational representatives who have also expressed interest to GMS to expand these two software platforms to accommodate their program needs.  Therefore, GMS can provide software platforms and hosting services to interested institutional and organizational representatives to manage their audiences.
  22. 22. Software Platforms/Hosting Institutions & Organizations -Scholar Tracking Database -GMS Imagine