the boy with square eyes


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an english story for the learning of english

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the boy with square eyes

  1. 2. Charlie watches television all the time
  2. 3. It doesn’t matter what it is, Charlie watches it. “You’ll get square eyes,” his mum says everyday.
  3. 4. “ Lunch” shouts mum. “Can I have mine in front of the television?” asks Charlie. “No, come to the table.”
  4. 5. Charlie goes to the kitchen and sits down. “Mum,” says Charlie, “the Kitchen looks funny.”
  5. 6. “ Everything looks square, square plate, square chips, square sausages, square peas and square tomatoes.”
  6. 7. “ You’ve gone and done it!” Charlie’s mum screams. “Done what? Asks Charlie. “You have got square eyes.”
  7. 8. Charlie goes to the bathroom. “Mum! They are square.” “To the doctor says his mum.Let’s hope she straightens things out.” “But I want rounding out,” says Charlie.
  8. 9. Charlie stares at the street as they wait for the bus, Things are just not looking right.
  9. 10. “ Very odd,” says the doctor. Charlie starts to cry. “Does he read books, go for a walk, draw pictures?” “No” says Charlie’s mum, “He only watches television.” “Televisitus” says the doctor.
  10. 11. “ There is only one cure, exercise of the eyes.” They thank the doctor and go out. First, they visit an art gallery, looking at pictures can help.
  11. 12. Then they go to the library, “do you feel better” she asks. “A little,” says Charlie.
  12. 13. After the library they go to the park, Charlie’s mum buys him a hamburger. “Feeling better?” She asks. “Mmm…” says Charlie.
  13. 14. When they go home Charlie’s mum pulls out the plug of the television. “No more until those eyes are back to normal,” she says. “Aww… Mum, but I’ve got nothing to do,” Charlie says. “Read a book, do a puzzle, draw a picture, watch the gold fish, look at the sky.” says his mum.
  14. 15. So that is what Charlie does. He reads a book, does a puzzle.
  15. 16. He draws a picture.
  16. 17. He looks at the gold fish.
  17. 18. And finally he looks at the sky.
  18. 19. Suddenly Charlie feels strange and begins to ask questions. “How far away is the moon?” “What are the clouds made of?” “How many people are in this city?” “Why does the world spin around?” “Charlie’s mum comes into the room. “Charlie! Your eyes! They’re back to normal!”
  19. 20. “ Great!” says Charlie. But he never sees things quite the same way again.