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Presentation to the UN Social Media Group in Geneva about the use of visuals by participants at the World Economic Forum in Davos 22 - 25 January 2014.

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  • The World Economic Forum has become one of the most important global eventswith close more than 400 journalistsreporting and 2,500 participants sharing snapshots via social networks such as Twitter and Instagram.
  • Communication from the Annual Meeting 2014 in Davos wasmainlyvisual. The Forum set up a special @WEFPics Twitter account, posting the best picturesfrom the official photographers.
  • The Forum also set up a special @WorldEconomicForumInstagramaccount, sharing «behind the scenes» picturesfrom the meeting.
  • The mostmemorablequotesfrom the panelistswerecaptured on the Forum’sPinterest page set up in 2013.
  • Burson-Marsteller set up a Davos Sharypic picturewall. During the 4-day conference more than 10,000 picturestagged #WEF, #WEF14 and #Davos had been captured on the site:
  • Evenbefore the meeting hadstarted the World Economic Forum wasbuzzing on social networks, namely on Twitter.By the end of the four day meeting there had been: 31,641 online news items. 2,570 TV spots. 906 videos. 195,417 tweets. 68% more coverage than 2013.
  • One of the mostsharedpicturewas the message from Pope Francis to the Davos participants - 13,500 RTs, 450 favs
  • Asnapshot of the blank Davos booklet pages of Madrid Mayor Ana Botella and SpanishMinister José Manuel Soria went viral in Spain and becameone of the mostsharedpictures on Twitter.
  • As in 2013 the Forum had set up a giant 8-metre wide Social Media Wall in the heart of the Congress Centre to capture the participant buzz. On the wall the Forum sharedpictures, the live streamfrom key plenaries and tweets from participants.
  • The wallfeatured a leader board of the most active and the mostretweeted Davos tweeps.In 2014 morethan 1,000 of the 2,500 Davos participants hadpersonal Twitter accounts.In comparison in 2008 therewereonly 23 participants on Twitter.
  • The wallwasnoticed by numerous Davos tweeps,including ISO Secretary General Rob Steele.
  • The Social Media wallalsofeatured a leaderboardwith the 20 best connected participants, based on mutualfollows.AP journalist John Heilprin topped the list.
  • The most active Davos tweepswere the MexcianPresident, Enrique PeñaNieto, EU CommissionerNeelieKroes and the IndonesianMinister of Trade.The key trtendingthemesamong the tweeting participants were «jobs», «europe» and «digital» according to a KPMG visualization of the Twitter activity.
  • One of the mostinteresting aspects of Davos 2014 wasthat participants in the audience AND evenpanellistswereactivelytakingpicturesusingtheir smartphones.
  • Of course, many participants snappedpictures of the global superstars such as actor Matt Damon.
  • A Davos participant snapping a picturewithhis smartphone
  • Selfieswere all the rage in Davos.Here is John Maeda, taking a selfiewith a Forum staffer.
  • CNN’s Richard Quest made a selfie challenge withhispartnerwhichheeasily won:
  • Questwas able to takeselfieswith 18 participants including Bono, Finnish EU Minister Alex Stubb, Queen Mathilde of Belgium etc.:
  • EvenBrazilianPresidentDilmaRoussefagreed to pose for a Selfie in Davos.
  • EU CommissionerNeelieKroesneverthoughtthatshewould one daytake a selfiewith Brad Smith from Microsoft.
  • Other leaders werelessdaring but still sharing pictures of theirencounterssuch as José Manuel Barroso meeting Bono, Kofi Annan and Javier Solana.
  • Texas Governor Rick Perry regularlysharedpictureswithother people wewas meeting in Davos on his Twitter profile.
  • French ForeignMinisteropted for the casualencounterwith Marissa Mayer on a sofa.
  • French Minister of the Economy Pierre Moscovici sharednumerouspictures of his TV appearances in Davos.
  • UNFCC’sChristianaFigueressaidthat the issue of climate change has never been higher in Davos as she is beinginterviewed by German TV in the snow.
  • Haiti’s Prime Minister @LaurentLamotheevenshared a selfiefrom the Congress Centre, thanking the Forum for itshospitality.
  • One of the best Davos tweepswas EUCommissionerNeelieKroes
  • At the beginning of the weekshepromised to open up Davos to herfollowers, mainlytweetingherself if not herspokesperson Ryan Heath would tweet for her.
  • Sheoften made hardhitting and sometimeswittycomments about the event.
  • Sheevenagreed to do a six-second Vine video.
  • As did Bono to promote the latestcampaignfunded by Bank of America to fightagainst AIDS
  • Anotherveryinteresting Davos tweep is FinnishMinister for EuropeanAffairs Alexander Stubbwho tries not to takehimselftooseriously.
  • Before the start of the meeting hepostedthispicture of hisgaloshes, Finnishshoe protections, ready to hit the road to Davos.
  • Over the nextdayhewoudlsharethree observationsfrom Davos.
  • Startignwith the threereasonswhy go to Davos:
  • During the conferenceheposted a picture ofhimselfwithEstonianPresidentToomas Hendrik Ilves and SwedishForeignMinister Carl Bildt.
  • His final three points on the economywraoit up nicely in 140 characters.
  • Another Davos tweepsworth a read and a follow is Rob Steele, the Secretary General of the International StandardizationOrganization.
  • He simplytook a picture of a Davos workshop outcome and shareditwithhisfollowers.
  • He evensummed up his Davos takeaways on a flip chart.
  • And took a picture of the train at Davos train station thankinghisfollowers for followinghimduring the Davos week.
  • Othershad a faster commute such as Israel’sPresident Shimon Peres whose staff postedthispicture of a thoughful Peres in the helicopter on hisway to Davos.The staff iof UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moonposted a similarpicturewith Ban leaving Davos.
  • At the end of the four days of workshops and meetings most participants weresimplyDavosed out as SumaChakrabart, the head of the EBRD put it on Twitter.
  • Twiplomacy - Snapshots from Davos 2014

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    21. 21. @NeelieKroesEU Davos Selfie 21
    22. 22. @BarrosoEU encounters in Davos 22
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    24. 24. @LaurentFabius & @MarissaMayer 24
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    26. 26. @CFigueres Davos Interview 26
    27. 27. @LaurentLamothe Selfie 27
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    29. 29. @NeelieKroesEU opens Davos 29
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    34. 34. @AlexStubb does Davos 34
    35. 35. @AlexStubb does Davos 35
    36. 36. @AlexStubb does Davos 36
    37. 37. @AlexStubb does Davos 37
    38. 38. @AlexStubb does Davos 38
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