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    1. 1. DANGERS OF OPIATE Mark Varner
    2. 2. WHAT IS A OPIATE?An opioid is a substance derived from the Opium plant orsimilar to it. This includes synthetically created medicines,such as Oxycodone.
    3. 3. WHAT ARE THEIREFFECTS?Opiates cause reduction of pain, sedation, reduction ofanxiety, and euphoria.
    4. 4. DOESNT SEEM TOO BAD, WHY ISTHERE SUCH A NEGATIVECONNOTATION WITH OPIATES THEN?Opiates are incredibly useful in medicinal purposes, such aswhen used as pain killers for operation or for pain relief.Morphine and Heroin are used as analgesics, and Oxycontinand Percocets are often used as prescription painkillers.Much of the bad rep from Opiates stems from illegal orrecreational use.
    5. 5. ILLEGAL USE? I THOUGHTTHESE WERE HELPFUL ?Opiates are, when prescribed and monitored by a doctor.Unfortunately, people often use these helpful drugs for theeuphoria they cause. They also have a high potential forabuse, which is why they are illegal. Heroin is schedule 1 inillegality, which means according the U.S. Government, theyhave a high potential for abuse and no legitimate medicalpurposes.
    6. 6. HAVE THEY ALWAYSBEEN ILLEGAL?No, Opium has long been used as a painkiller and anti-depressants by the Greeks, Romans and other civilizations.Problems arised when British scientists increased thepotency of the substance, and production increased.Knowing little about the dangers of the substance, it wasused widespread, even with kids. Widespread use in Chinacaused them to try and ban opium. Britain fought the 2wars, known as the opium wars, to force them to allowopium sales in China.
    7. 7. HUH, THATS WEIRD. SO ITREALLY CAN BE DANGEROUS? Yes, infact, opiate abuse is still very prevalent in American society and all around the world
    8. 8. I KNOW YOU HAVE TALKED ABOUT THE GOODEFFECTS AND THE ABUSE POTENTIAL, BUTWHAT ARE THE LONG -TERM EFFECTS OFOPIATE ADDICTION? Opiate addiction causes a dependence on the drug, making it almost impossible to function while off it. The increases crime rates, as addicts try to get enough money to pay for more of the drug. Long opiate use can also weaken the immune system.
    9. 9. PEOPLE OFTEN INJECT HEROIN AND OTHEROPIATES FOR STRONGER EFFECTS. WHATKIND OF PROBLEMS DOES THAT CREATE? It does indeed. When you directly inject too much opiates into your blood stream, it is significantly higher that you have an overdose and die from too much of the drug. Frequent use of needle can also increase the chances of people catching HIV, if the needles were not new.
    10. 10. WOW, THAT SOUNDS AWFUL. INEVER WANT TO USE OPIATESWell, don’t say that. Opiates are still a very valuablemedicine. Just remember to only use them when prescribedby a doctor.
    11. 11. CITATIONS