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Managing your Online Reputation

Reputation Management and the Streisand Effect

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Managing your Online Reputation

  1. 1. Managing your online Reputation The Streisand Effect @ludwig428
  2. 2. Kevin MaxwellTechnology Shepherd @ludwig428
  3. 3. @ludwig428 ORM is new SEO 84% of marketers believe building trust will be primary focus for marketing efforts in the future * 1to1 Media Survey 4 out of 5 people say they have received advice about purchasing decisions via social media * Pew Statistics 46% of adults now have an online profile. * Pew Statistics
  4. 4. Total Immersion, suppression Ask them to remove remark Threats, legal action Linkbacks @ludwig428
  5. 5. How can I defend against negative online results? @ludwig428
  6. 6. In the online reputation game: @ludwig428
  7. 7. Get your House in Order Create Social Currency in Advance Be Sure to Maximize your Digital Assets Don’t do Social Media, Be a Social Company ~Jay Baer @ludwig428
  8. 8. Listen to the conversation. Where is the online chatter? Monitor the situation. @ludwig428
  9. 9. @ludwig428
  10. 10. @ludwig428
  11. 11. Hugh Macleod ~ Gaping Void @ludwig428
  12. 12. Someone is defaming me, what do I do? @ludwig428
  13. 13. Fix the problem. The underlying issue. Let it go? Measure the impact Be truthful in addressing customers Opportunity for positive feedback? @ludwig428
  14. 14. Who is doing it right? Examples @ludwig428
  15. 15. @ludwig428
  16. 16. @ludwig428
  17. 17. @ludwig428
  18. 18. The Streisand Effect @ludwig428
  19. 19. The Streisand Effect: @ludwig428
  20. 20. @ludwig428
  21. 21. @ludwig428
  22. 22. Streisand sues for $50 Million Before lawsuit image #3850 had been downloaded 6 times After the lawsuit 420,000 times Suit is tossed @ludwig428
  23. 23. Best Practices –Handy Tips @ludwig428
  24. 24. Google your phone number and email address Press Releases Charitable Donations Press Releases No Magic Wand @ludwig428
  25. 25. Takeaways @ludwig428
  26. 26. A overall positive corporate image will do more to mitigate any negative results than almost any endeavor to remove comments Be a good citizen Assign someone to engage Create a community. @ludwig428
  27. 27. Questions?