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We provide training into Empower network

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  1. 1. ==== ====THE BEST HOMEBUSINESS......................http://www.viraltrafficcenter.com==== ====If youre reading this, youre probably deciding whether or not to join the Empower Network.Frankly, with all the hype and buzz going on about it, not looking at it is almost impossible. Withthat said, its tempting to get sucked in and join without doing any due diligence. In this review,youll learn what the Empower Network is, whos behind it, and how it works. Youll also learn acritical mistake that many are making and how you can avoid it like the plague. Ready? Lets getstarted!Who Is The Empower Network?First and foremost, its important to have an understanding of who is behind The EmpowerNetwork. The Empower Network is the creation of David Sharpe and David Wood. Launched inNovember 2011, the Empower Network has gone viral, and is taking over the Internet. At onepoint, the Empower Network made the Whats Hot list on Alexa.com. As of this writing, it has anAlexa ranking of 2,770, which is absolutely remarkable considering that it has only been around for30 days.As far as the co-founders go, they both have exceptional track records in the industry, specificallyin the online marketing arena. David Wood is a true guru marketer. He tells his story of starting,and struggling, in Network Marketing while living in a van in Hawaii. He has gone on to becomethe top recruiter in his primary company, as well as a top producer in one of the largest AttractionMarketing communities online today. David Sharpe also explains his rags to riches story as beingone that has gone from being a overworked and underpaid construction worker working in the hotFlorida sun to being recognized as one of the top copy writers in the industry. While they bothhave different leadership styles, together they have dynamic synergy. Personally, I like thetransparency they provide, which I believe comes from the years of struggling in the industry theyboth endured.What Is The Empower Network?Contrary to what many think, The Empower Network is not a network marketing company. In fact,its nothing more than a viral blogging platform sold through affiliates. As a marketer, why do youneed a blog? Because, by far, the most effective way to brand yourself, generate leads and sellstuff online is through a personalized blog.When you sign up, you receive a fully functioning wordpress blog. This is a true plug and playsystem. When you become a member for $25 a month, you instantly have access to a highlyoptimized blog, complete with lead capture page and sales funnel. You can start bloggingimmediately! The great thing that few realize is that the Empower Network already has a higherpage rank than someone who starts their own personal blog. Having a higher page rank will result
  2. 2. in your blog posts being ranked higher and faster on the search engines. A person who hasNEVER blogged at all can use this system! And because its a plug and play platform, you donthave to fiddle with complicated plug-ins or learn all types of different header tags.If youre a seasoned blogger already, there is still a tremendous amount of value for you to get anEmpower Network blog. Without getting overly complicated, you can simply use it to get highauthority and valuable backlinks to your current blog.While the plug and play blog is the core product, there also an Inner Circle membership that givesyou access to several hours of advanced marketing training from David Wood, David Sharpe andother top producing members. Lastly, there is also a product called the Costa Rica Intensive,which is a complete video course that covers a multitude of marketing topics.How Do You Make Money With The Empower Network?Aside from the viral blogging platform, the main thing that attracts more people is the potential ofgenerating 100% commissions directly deposited to your account. That is unheard of in the onlinemarketing industry. This is because most people who make money online generate only apercentage of the sale (anywhere from 2% all the way up to 50%) instead of earning all 100% of it.Additionally, commissions are usually paid out weeks or even months later, not instantly.Generally speaking, the only people who were able to generate 100% commissions and get itdirectly deposited instantly, were marketing gurus who created and sold their own products. Fornewbies, this would be impossible since they dont have their own products to sell.The Empower Network Compensation PlanAs far as the compensation plan works, it operates on a pass up model. The way it works is thatyou pass up an occasional sale to your sponsor. Because the system is in its infancy, the systemis changing. When you sponsor others, the same will happen to you. The kicker for this though isthat you dont earn commissions on any products you dont own. The commission is received bythe first person in your line that does own the product. This is powerful for two reasons. For one, itcreates a fear of loss with members you personally sponsor to get all the products when they signup. And two, even if they dont get all the products, you get roll up sales from people they sponsorwho do get all the products.Look at this example:Affiliate A owns the blog, and the mastermind membership. Affiliate A enrolls Affiliate B.Affiliate B owns the blog only. Affiliate B enrolls Affiliate C.Affiliate C owns the blog, and enrolls in the mastermind membership.In this example, Affiliate A receives a $25 commission for enrolling Affiliate B. Affiliate B earns $25for enrolling Affiliate C. Because Affiliate B did not purchase the mastermind membership, thecommission earned from Affiliate C goes to Affiliate A.The Critical Mistake You Want To Avoid Like The PlagueThe Empower Network is an easy way to get started online. This system allows you to have
  3. 3. instant access to online marketing, and instant access to your commissions. If you are looking tolearn how to market on the internet, make a lot of money, and generate a ton of leads, then youneed to join the Empower Network today!But dont do what most people do, which is joining under someone who wont provide support,guidance and leadership. Its also important that you have a way to communicate and reach yoursponsor. If you join someone who doesnt provide support and cant be reached, youll have tostumble your way around and figure things out on your own. Of course, theres nothing wrong withthat, but you can significantly decrease your learning curve if you work with a good sponsor and asolid team. If you can partner with a solid sponsor, you can very well be on your way to creating anEmpower Network success story of your own.Before you join, its important to get a full Empower Network review so you make an educateddecision.Additional marketing training to grow your Empower Network business is available with JaimeSoriano.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jaime_Soriano==== ====THE BEST HOMEBUSINESS......................http://www.viraltrafficcenter.com==== ====