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We provide training into Empower network

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  1. 1. ==== ====THE BEST HOMEBUSINESS...................... ====Empower Network, hum....So the question is, can Empower Network be the "Next Big Thing"?Well maybe or maybe not.So before I go on to answer that burning question I guess I should digress here and give you aquick overview of exactly what the Empower Network actually is, and what it is not.Empower Network is the brainchild of internet marketers David Wood and David Sharpe who insearch of a different and unique business model ended up combining aspects of affiliatemarketing, major product launch, greed, fear of loss, and a quasi MLM type commission thatemploys multiple levels within its structure but passes income upline using a comp plan variationborrowed from direct sales models known a pass up system.Confused yet?Well there is more, and by the way what is Empower Network actually selling? Is there actually aproduct here or is this just another variation of a pyramid money transfer system?Wow! Wash my mouth out with soap! I cant even believe those words came out of my mouth!Look I am not a MLM hater, I have been in the MLM industry for over 25 years and have been a 7figure earner in that industry for many years and I love the industry.But there is also the dark underbelly of pure scam that hovers on the edge of the home basedbusiness industry, and there are always people who find some new way to push the envelope witha new product or business model and it kind of leaves you scratching your head trying to decidewhat side of the fence a new gangbuster deal falls on.Thats kind of where I was when I looked at Empower Network.On its surface Empower Network is a pure money deal, and like it or not money deals attractpeople. I mean we are all in business to make money right?Then there is the "wave effect" in marketing where some new program or "new great thing" hitsthe marketplace and the early adopters all jump on board and then just because a lot of peopleare joining other people join just so they are not left behind.
  2. 2. The thought is Wow! Everyone else is doing it so I better get on board!But is there actually more to Empower Network than just a shell that allows you to make money byenrolling others who enroll others who enroll others and then sit at the beach while the automatedpass up system deposits money to your merchant account?Well sort of.The Empower Network SystemSo let me break it down for you in a form thats easy to understand, however it still may be hard tocategorize Empower Network since this is an entirely new business model.Empower Network is an affiliate product launch that has at its core 3 products.The core product is a self replicating WordPress blog that is already optimized for SEO (searchengine optimization), so that when you write blog posts the search engines have a better chanceof finding your content and ranking you on Google or the other search engines.Now optimizing a WordPress blog for SEO is not that hard if you know what you are doing but forthose who do not, Empower Network shortcuts the technology learning curve pretty dramaticallyso this is a good thing.This part of the program will cost you a basic membership fee of $25 per month.The next Empower Network product is an online training system called the "Inner Circle" thatcontains several recorded trainings by David Sharp and David Wood covering subjects such as:Down & Dirty Marketing Secrets, Hypnotic Selling Secrets, How to close 95% of your prospects,and other online success trainings.Now this part of the program will cost you $100 per month on top of the $25 per month you arealready paying.So is the "Inner Circle" actually worth what you pay for it?Now just to keep it in perspective you should keep in mind that these guys know their stuff. DavidWood and David Sharp are both very accomplished internet marketers. David Wood in particulareven though my competitive nature makes it hard to admit, is probably one of the most talentedmarkers working online today.Also I believe the intent of the Empower Network founders is to keep adding to this online libraryby sharing the success and strategies of other successful members using the system so thecurriculum should grow.The next product in the system is the "Costa Rica Intensive" training. This is a high def recordingof a live 2 day training intensive that David Wood recently did in Costa Rica where about a dozenpeople paid $3000 each to get training from David Wood on how to create the same type of magicin the online market as he does.
  3. 3. This Empower Network product will cost you a one time payment of $500.The Empower Network Compensation PlanNow all major product launches in the world of internet marketing share pretty much the samecharacteristics, they are all "How to" info products or trainings where the promoter is basicallytelling you "I have made millions online using this system or approach and if you pay me I willshow you exactly how I did it"The idea here of course is that if you buy the training and study the material you can do the samething they do and of course have the same financial success.Now this is a valid market, and it has been done in business just about forever and people will infact pay big money for key information especially if they see it as a missing link to their financialsuccess or if they just want a step by step "how to" guide rather than trying to figure it outthemselves.I have never had a problem with paying for training, specific business models, or coaching. Heckin my last conventional business I paid over $35,000 for a license fee and 3 day training intensiveon how to setup a successful banking service company.Now the online marketing world has caught on to this model and there are lots of people out thereselling training products.Also the stakes are much higher with the internet mixed in. I mean there are probably over 1.8billion people online today and if you can tap even the smallest fraction of that traffic and provide aproduct they want you can make millions with just your laptop.Today there are many talented marketers who have done just that, and then they turn aroundpackage that system into a training, and sell it in mass generating additional millions in profit.So is David Wood in that same league?Humm..well if he is not there yet, he is pretty close.However, his Empower Network training is not a specific approach but rather a money makingsystem wrapped around some general core training products that can teach you general onlinemarketing success principles.The Empower Network Compensation PlanThis is actually what is attracting all the attention. When you enroll as a Empower Networkmember, you get a replicated sales presentation funnel that you can then send your prospects to.When those prospects take the tour and listen to David Wood and David Sharpes presentation,
  4. 4. they are then offered the chance to buy the monthly membership to the blogging platform for $25 amonth. If they purchase that, then the up-sell process begins and they are next offered theopportunity to buy in at the next level, the "Inner Circle" training for an additional $100 per month.If they purchase that, then there is yet another up-sell that offers them the Costa Rica trainingintensive for a one time fee of $500.The profit potential on the Empower Network system is actually pretty amazing since for everyqualified member that buys into your system you could be making $125 a month in re-occurringcommissions and also a nice $500 one time bonus commission.Now the presentation constantly stresses the fact that you will be receiving 100% commissions onall your sales, but as the up-sell makes very clear, to receive commissions on your $25 orders youmust of course be active on the $25 membership, and if you want to receive the $100 re-occurringcommissions you must be also active at that level or the sale your system makes for you will rollup to your sponsor. The same also goes with the $500 product.So first the sales presentation appeals to your money making side by offering you a 100%commission, (OK lets be honest here and just call it greed), then the fear of loss clicks in whenyou realize that if you dont upgrade to the higher levels you are going to miss those commissions.Now for the leverage...There is another huge greed kicker here since when you enroll people in your system, and thenthey bring customers in, every 2nd, 4th 6th member they enroll, and then every 5th one after thatends up passing up to you and you receive the 100% commissions on those sales also.This pass-up keeps going since the person that you passed up will in turn pass-up their 2nd, 4th,and 6th sale etc, this pass-up structure actually goes down to infinity so the income potential ispretty huge if you sponsor a lot of people and they do the same.So in effect you get the leverage of an MLM style comp plan with an affiliate "info product".Can we say Wow!.....Now of course if you have ever sat through a MLM presentation before and watched a pro drawthe circles on a white board and then run the famous arithmetic progression........ So if you get 2, and they get 2, and so on.... you magically have 3125 people in your group injust a few months.Thats if your team members actually sponsor other people, and so on.Yes of course the potential with a multi level comp plan is staggering, which is what draws somany opportunity seekers into the industry every year, but of course in practice things usuallydont progress exactly the same as in the example.This is the same hypnotic power that the Empower Network comp plan has.
  5. 5. So OK Marc......get to the point, is this a thumbs up or thumbs down deal?Well I have to say there are things I like about it and things I dont.Lets start with the dont likes.I dont like the Empower Network introduction video presentation very much. I see many onlinemarketers today that when selling their product, they somehow feel the need to oversell and thentake way to long getting to the point, and David Sharpe is very guilty of this.Sales overkill just annoys me, but of course the Empower Network system is working and theygenerated over $1,000,000 in sales in just the first 22 days, so probably just ignore that comment.I also dont like the way they keep referring to the fact that you get 100% commissions but thenseem to ignore the fact that if you are passing up every 2nd, 4th, 6th etc that is not really 100% itsactually more like 50% on the first 6 and then 80% thereafter.Now of course you do receive 100% on the commissions you actually are qualified to receive butnot on all your traffic or generated sales.Also on the flip side you do receive the benefit of those pass-ups also and if you get a lot of peoplegoing the income effect it generates can be huge.So now on to the things I like.Look its a "Wave Effect" deal and whether you approve or not, lots of money is made in them, soeither take a flyer and surf the wave or get your binoculars and watch it recede into the distancewhile you think about all the money you could have made.Its an ambitious, aggressive, very creative business model and kudos to you guys for bringing itoff.In the end I cant tell you whether or not this deal has legs or how long it will last, but wave effectdeals have a way of becoming viral and I am sure there will be some huge money made withEmpower Network even in the short term.Keep in mind that income potential aside, there is actually a real product here. So if you are havingtrouble making the "buy" decision just based on "can I make a ton of money if I invest $625 to buyall the levels", then take a look at the Empower Network training and tools and decide if what youare buying actually is worth the money.In the end I would have to say that its probably worth more than $625 just to get your hands on 10hours of David Woods "Costa Rica Intensive" training.Look I know David personally, and my competitive nature aside, they guy is good.Now keep in mind that the most successful online business model is to develop multiple streams
  6. 6. of income, so even if you are excited about this and join, I would not drop your other businessmarketing efforts such as your primary MLM to focus all you attention here.Focus on the Empower Network for what it actually is, a really great affiliate income stream thatcould make you a lot of money.Now one final note here, if you have never been successful generating leads online before,Empower Network is not your magic solution. It is simply a product with a lot more sex appeal thanmost others and that makes it much easier to sell.To make the big money with Empower Network you will still actually have to learn some quick andeasy online marketing strategies like PPC or Banner advertising, or utilize some of my favoriteoffline strategies such as Voice Broadcast Marketing to push some aggressive lead traffic topeople already in the MLM industry.This product is ideal to target people in the MLM industry since it can provide them with a muchquicker cash flow than their traditional standard MLM can.There are many good offline strategies that I have used for years to drive big traffic, you just needa little coaching on how to implement them. Before I started online marketing I was sponsoringwell over 10 new reps a month just using a unique voice broadcasting approach with somespecialized scripts.Article Source: ====THE BEST HOMEBUSINESS...................... ====