A2 media evaluation


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A2 media evaluation

  1. 1. A2 MEDIA EVALUATION. LUCY WILLIAMS. Lucy WilliamsA promotion package for a new film, to include ateaser trailer, together with two of the followingthree options: A website homepage for the film. A film magazine front cover, featuring the film. A poster for the film.
  2. 2. IN WHAT WAYS DOES YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT USE, DEVELOP OR CHALLENGE FORMS AND CONVENTIONS OF REAL MEDIA PRODUCTS?Within my trailer I have included all of the traditional forms and conventions of realmedia texts. This was done by firstly researching into trailers and teaser trailers in thegenre of horror . By looking into the real media texts I gained to realise what specificforms and conventions were used to make it have a great impact on the viewer. Thesewere a dark environment which is often used as it sets the scene for the trailer and theaudience. I also noticed in many of my research the story behind it was ghostly aswell as having a main murderer, and a main victim (or possible victim). Some of thecommon themes of horror are death, victims, as well as the conventions of theproduction such as ominous music, and editing or creating a story which itselfcreates and enigma for the audience: leaving them guessing.
  3. 3. FORMS AND CONVENTIONS From my research I included these forms and conventions of the real media text.Length of the teaser trailer. This image shows how long my teasertrailer is. The normal length of a teaser trailer is between 1:20 – 2:00 long, asyou can see from the image it follows this convention as it is 1:22 long. This isconsiderably less then a normal trailer as the teaser trailer is meant to show onlyparts of the film without giving the storyline away.Establishing Shot From researching into teaser trailers I realised that every trailer had a …
  4. 4. FORMS AND CONVENTIONSestablishing shot, which captures the audience attention by setting thescene and atmosphere. Along with the establishing shot I used music in thebackground so the trailer is starting off calm and consist, before itreaches the section where everything is up-beat and fast. When filmingthe establishing shot we thought about the mise-en-scene this is shown bycapturing the shot in the afternoon whilst the sun was setting to createspooky and strange atmosphere.
  5. 5. FORMS AND CONVENTIONS.The Pace.This is the beginning of myteaser trailer, this follow‟s theforms and conventions of areal media text, as it beginswith the opening credits whichinclude the production companyand the green band certificatethat means that it has beenapproved for the targetaudience, the overall build upis a normal to slow pace thenleading into the main sectionwhich is where it all changes.
  6. 6. FORMS AND CONVENTIONS Pace From researching trailers I realised they all had a jump cut sequence which makes the trailer become memorable as it usually makes the audience feel on edge as well as creating a suspense atmosphere. I realised this is the most important part that has1:01 to be within a teaser trailer to make it effective. The images show the main section within my trailer that‟s had the most impact on the target audience. Here is 1:03 where it follows convention of a real teaser trailer, because this is where it picks up the pace, as you can tell by looking at the timing on the bar. This is put in place to show an insight to the „film‟ without giving to much away. This1:04 section of my trailer gives an indication to the audience whilst leaving them guessing to what happens overall. 1:11
  7. 7. FORMS AND CONVENTIONSMusic / sound effects. The most important forms and conventions to make a successful horror teaser trailer is the music and the sound effects used. It is clear that every trailer wither being a real trailer or a teaser trailer, they all include music and sound effects in the background. Music is used to create the suspious atmosphere, the music within my trailer I believe adds to the effect of horror as I have used music that follows the conventional smooth music at the beginning to the up beat pace following the jump cut section. Music keeps the audience attention as is focuses them on the trailer, by the way I have edited the music fits in with different sections of my trailer as well as linking different music with different section, The music carries on through out my trailer as it is then a consistent technique that I have used. Music adds the suspense of the trailer, which is something I wanted to achieve within my horror trailer. The music I started my trailer with is smooth as then it immediately creates an uneasy atmosphere. This makes the audience feel on edge from the beginning which therefore makes them anxious for the rest of the trailer, as they will be waiting for something to happen. As well as using music I used a heart beat sound effect at the very end of my trailer to highlight how the audience are feeling, I think using this specific sound effect makes my trailer memorable.
  8. 8. FORMS AND CONVENTIONS Text on screen From my research I immediately realised that all trailers and teaser trailers have text on the screen as well as a voice over , both of which are effective. Techniques like this grab the audience attention and gives them an in-sight to the plot and surprise them. Within my trailer I havent used a voice over as I am creating a teaser trailer which is only a limited amount of time, having short sharp text I believe grabs the audience attention more. These images show all of the main text tag lines that are used within my teaser trailer, I think the use of word and language is effective as I have created them to be direct to the audience, as then it makes them feel more on edge and cautious of what can happen next, as in my trailer the mise- en-scene seems like such a normal everyday setting. Also the way in which the pace of music builds up steadily from the first text box to the last adds intensity.
  9. 9. FORMS AND CONVENTIONSText on screen Coming up towards the end of my trailer I decided to include a text slide announcing that is it „inspired by true events‟ as this will again have a impact on the audience giving my trailer the a added surprise factor. This is effective as then the audience may start to acknowledge that as it is based on true events, it can happen to them, leaving them feeling anxious as my trailer is set in a normal house. Throughout my trailer all of the text slides that I have used, I have kept a simple black and white colour scheme as I think it is effective. I thought by bringing in colour it may distract the built up atmosphere of dark and gloomy so the of using basic colour reflects this.
  10. 10. FORMS AND CONVENTIONSRelease date From doing research into teaser trailer I noticed that it is a key convention to announce the release date of the film, at the ending of the trailer. From my research I realised the difference between real trailers and teaser trailers, as real trailers give the specific date of when the film is being released compared to teaser trailers they normally say „coming soon‟. I used the same technique in my teaser trailer as you can see in the image, I think using „coming soon‟ is a good idea as I didn‟t want to give anything away, also I like the idea of leaving the audience wondering and wanting to find out when the actual release date will be.
  11. 11. FORMS AND CONVENTIONS.Camera AnglesPanningThese next few images are showing the way in which I have recorded some scenes within my trailer.I have used the conventional camera angles that I have learnt from doing my research and analysing whatprofessionals use, from this I no the camera angles have a massive contribution into how the audiencereacts to the teaser trailer. The use of panning technique creates a tense atmosphere and is very effective asfor my trailer it sets the time of day and location.
  12. 12. FORMS AND CONVENTIONS.Over the shoulder. Carrying on from the previous slide, this image shows that I have used an ‘over the shoulder’ shot, I used this shot so the audience will be able to see what the main character sees herself. This is effective as the audience are more involved with the trailer. Behind. This is another camera angle that I have used within my trailer, I placed myself behind the victim so it is like the audience is watching over her as well as the other character within my film that is following and pestering her. This is effective because the audience will feel cautious whilst they get to see her reaction.
  13. 13. FORMS AND CONVENTIONS.Tracking This is another camera angle that I have used, I would say this camera shot has the most impact on the audience as I believe it is the most intense scene within my teaser trailer as it shows the audience both main characters in one shot. I decided to use the technique of tracking as I think this builds up tension as well as making the audience feel on edge as they don‟t know what to expect. This section looks effective as the use of camera angle makes the victim look vulnerable.
  14. 14. HOW EFFECTIVE IS THE COMBINATION OF YOUR MAIN PRODUCT AND ANCILLARY TEXTS?My main aim that I wanted to achieve whilst making my horror teaser trailer and the ancillary tasks were tograb the attention of my target audience, this is important as this will lead them into wanting to watch theoverall teaser trailer which then leads them into wanting to find out more. With this as my aim I wanted tocreate my ancillary tasks appealing to my target audience as then they will want to watch the trailer. Magazine This is my magazine front cover that I made through Photoshop, I have had previous experience using Photoshop as last year I used this also. From research that I have carried out before creating my final magazine front cover I learnt the forms and conventions from a real magazine this being mainly focused on Empire Magazine as it is a well known film magazine. I then followed through with many of the forms and conventions in my own front cover, this being the use of the layout, text and free- bees.
  15. 15. HOW EFFECTIVE IS THE COMBINATION OF YOUR MAIN PRODUCT AND ANCILLARYPoster TEXTS?This is the final poster that I created also throughPhotoshop. Likewise with this ancillary task I researchedinto different film posters and realised the different formsand conventions that go into a poster to make it lookeffective and eye-catching. I realised from this that allposters have a main image, the age rating, the release dateeven though I used ‘coming soon’ to add an edge, thenames of the actors and actresses, a catchy tag line, theproduction company, credits, website and the mostimportant of all the film title. My poster I believe linkswell with my teaser trailer as the main images is thehouse where it is set and the main character, giving theaudience an insight in what to expect to see within thetrailer.
  16. 16. HOW EFFECTIVE IS THE COMBINATION OF YOUR MAIN PRODUCT AND ANCILLARY TEXTS?Images.  The images I have used in both my magazine and poster is effective as the image in my magazine, the girl is surrounded by darkness and looks vulnerable and afraid which makes the viewers of this wonder why? As well as making them curious of what has actually happened her, this is why I chose that specific image for my magazine as it engages the audience.  Compared to my poster image I used a combination of two images, one being of an old mysterious house, I used this as I think the bricks and layout of the building make the image that more interesting, also I think it will create an image in the viewers head of what it could look like inside due to it being an old house. The other image I used is the one of the main character, who becomes the victim within my trailer. I used this image and as I think she looks vulnerable and scared and I think the editing of the image round her eyes makes more of an intense image. I place the image in the centre of the page so it grabs the attention of the audience straight away, as well I lowered the opacity on the image so the foreground image of the house comes through, which overall I think is effective and works well.
  17. 17. HOW EFFECTIVE IS THE COMBINATION OF YOUR MAIN PRODUCT AND ANCILLARY TEXTS?Colour scheme.  The colour scheme I decided to go for was black, red, white. I went with this colour scheme for both my final magazine and poster. Using this for both ancillary tasks means that my colour scheme stays consistent, as well I think it links well with the genre of horror, how black and white is plain and simple compared to the use of red which relates to danger and blood.  With the use of red I realise that the Empire Magazine title is big bold and red, which is good as it fits in with my colour scheme perfectly. As well as this is used red and white for the main text on both ancillary tasks which therefore the red highlights some text that would stand out to the viewers.
  18. 18. HOW EFFECTIVE IS THE COMBINATION OF YOUR MAIN PRODUCT AND ANCILLARY TEXTS?TitleThe most important part when ever creating a poster or magazine, the aim is toget the film known for the audience to remember what the name is so theybecome fascinated which will lead them to look for the teaser trailer, this wasmy aim when creating both my poster and magazine. I think I achieved this whencreating my magazine as I made sure ‘The Senseless’ was in capitals, in the largestfont I could use as well as having a white background and red writing, which issticking with the colour scheme whilst standing out to the viewers. This is the samefor my poster, I made sure that ‘The Senseless’ is eye-catching and effective, thishas been achieve by being in large effective font.Tagline.Another main thing I added within my poster is the tagline, „ You‟re NeverAlone‟ this brings in the audience and puts them on edge, I used white and redfont for this specific section as it stands out to the black font of ‘TheSenseless’.
  19. 19. WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED FROM YOUR AUDIENCE FEEDBACK?The audience feedback has been a helpful way in informing me on what different people like about myteaser trailer, my poster and also my magazine. They help me in stating what was good about theseindividual sections and what could have been improved or changed about. The feedback I got back werewritten by those within my class, which is the target audience therefore I really appreciated what they hadto say about my work.Audience Feedback. on my Trailer.Well done! We really like how you have used the music to create tension and build up suspense. The trailer gives indicationabout what the film is about without giving away too much information, which is one of the key conventions in a teasertrailer, so this works well! Its good how you have dipped each shot out to create a continuous spooky atmosphere but thencontrasting this with cut shots to give the jump effect. We really enjoyed it :)From this audience feed back I have learned; that my music works well within the trailer. achieving my aim of not giving to much away which a teaser trailer is created for. That I have successfully managed to create a spooky atmosphere by the use of „Dip To Black‟ Achieving a noticeable jump cut section
  20. 20. WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED FROM YOUR AUDIENCE FEEDBACK?This is so good! I think youve used a good choice of music as it builds tension. It fits the typical conventions as itdoesnt give to much away but enough of it to find out the basic storyline. I like the sound effects used as it makes itthe trailer a quite jumpy, Youve used good contrasting cut shots that add to that effect, I had goose bumps by the needof it!!From this audience feed back I have learned; Music fits in well with my whole teaser trailer creating tension. I follow the conventions of a real media text due to the fact I don‟t give too much away. I make a good use of sounds effects. I have used “contrasting cut shots”Brilliant soundtrack, very atmospheric and genre appropriate. The sequence of events effectively sets the sceneand build tension throughout, I especially like the beating heart sound that accompanies the film title at thenend. From this audience feed back I have learned;  The music fits perfectly within my trailer  I have managed to create a atmosphere  Genre appropriate.  Clearly set the scene  Good use of sound effects
  21. 21. WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED FROM YOUR AUDIENCE FEEDBACK? This trailer conveys all the typical aspects of a real media teaser trailer. The use of sound is really good as it fits well with the sequence and camera shot. Sound effects, titles and camera angles give it an authentic trailer feel and all together creates a well produced teaser trailer. Very well done I must say.From this audience feed back I have learned; I manage to use the conventions of a real media teaser trailer. Music fits well through out the trailer. All camera angles and titles give and “authentic” trailer feel Sound effects are appropriate.Great job, Lucy! I love the initial titles - especially with the sound effects so well coordinated. Thenyouve really matched the conventions perfectly, from establishing shot through intertitling and crossfades through black. Tense and scary. Well done! From this audience feed back I have learned;  Good use of initial titles.  Sound effects fit well with the teaser trailer.  Showed that I have used all the conventions of a real media text throughout.  I have managed to create a tense atmosphere.
  22. 22. WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED FROM YOUR AUDIENCE FEEDBACK?I really like it!! all of the angles work really well and the non-diagetic soundtrack fits perfectly! I like how youstart with an establishing shot at sunset getting darker, this sets the location and time of day, it also makes thelocation seem isolated. you have matched conventions of similar movie trailers well, by the choice of soundtrack,cutting from clips to title text, and the pace of the trailer works well; increasing to the climax/ cliff hanger. welldone! From this audience feed back I have learned;  I have used a good use of camera angles.  A good use of non-diagetic sounds.  Showing clearly the establishing shot. – setting location and time of day.  I have managed to meet the conventions of a real media teaser trailer.  Good use of editing.  The pace of the trailer builds up creating an atmosphere.
  23. 23. WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED FROM YOUR AUDIENCE FEEDBACK?The creation of the teaser trailer is brilliant. It really shows that it is the genre of horror. The build up oftension really adds too the atmosphere of what is going too happen. Also the amount of scary bits also helpsto represent it as a horror trailer. I mainly liked the opening scene which saw the typical conventions of thecompany that produced the film and other things of that category. A well made trailer which I really enjoyed.From this audience feed back I have learned; I successfully show the genre of horror. I manage to build up tension which reflects on the atmosphere. The opening scene is effective That I use the typical convention of real media text.Over all from the audience feedback I believe that it is all positive comments and from this Ithink I have successfully managed to follow the real media forms and conventions to create myhorror teaser trailer, this is done by building up tension and engaging with the audience by the useof titles and music.
  24. 24. WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED FROM YOUR AUDIENCE FEEDBACK? Magazine.This looks so professional, just like the real one that you posted at the bottom. I think youve linked all threetogether really well as you can tell that theyre all linked. Youve used good Photoshop skills by merging the imageand the writing all together, as the finishing outcome fits the typical conventions of the genre horror.From this audience feed back I have learned; That my magazine looks professional I have managed to link my poster magazine and trailer altogether well. Shown a good use of Photoshop skills. Showing the use of forms and conventions of a real magazine.Your magazine cover follows the key conventions of a magazine and looks really professional. You have used aconsistent colour scheme and have editited your photo well, and made it central on the page making it stand out andeye catching to the audience. You have kept the consistent theme of horror throughout the magazine which indicatedthe genre of the film to the audience.From this audience feed back I have learned; I follow the forms and conventions of a real magazine. Looks professional. Shown use of a consistent colour scheme. Good use of Photoshop. Layout of the whole magazine is effective. Clearly showing that the genre I was going for is horror.
  25. 25. WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED FROM YOUR AUDIENCE FEEDBACK? Poster.I think you ancillary tasks work well too! you have followed similar styles and conventions to other posters andmagazines, and they work really well!From this audience feed back I have learned; The ancillary tasks work well with my teaser trailer. I have showed a use of real media conventions.It is good how you have used Photoshop to put the image of the girl in front of the house, it compliments the themeof horror and the girl is the central image. The facial expression of the girl makes her look vulnerable showing thatshe is going to be the victim in the horror film. You have used key conventions by using the trademark logos andincluding information of the production details ect at the bottom of the poster.From this audience feed back I have learned; I have shown a good use of Photoshop skills. Clearly showing that it is the genre of horror. That the is effective. I have followed key conventions by using trademark, logos and including production details.
  26. 26. WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED FROM YOUR AUDIENCE FEEDBACK?From the audience feedback on both of my ancillary task I have managed tosuccessfully achieve all my aims, these being that they appeal to my target audienceand clearly show the genre of horror. As well as with my poster and magazine Ibelieve I have successfully followed the forms and conventions of real media texts. Ialso think that I have shown a good use of Photoshop skills that reflect on thefinal poster and magazine, whilst sticking with the colour scheme which links thethree tasks together.
  27. 27. HOW DID YOU USE NEW MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES IN THE CONSTRUCTION AND RESEARCH, PLANNING AND EVALUATION STAGES?Starting off the with construction stages of my trailer I created it using Premier Pro editing systemthat is used for creating things like a teaser trailer.. I started using this programme without anyknowledge of how to use it but I picked the skills quickly to create my final teaser trailer. Dip to black. These images show that I have used the correct editing conventions of real media texts. It shows that I have used Dip To Black within my trailer which is the main technique that is used between each scene of my trailer. This builds up tension as the audience don‟t know what to expect next.
  28. 28. HOW DID YOU USE NEW MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES IN THE CONSTRUCTION AND RESEARCH, PLANNING AND EVALUATION STAGES?Razor Tool I used the razor tool so that I can could easily pick and select different sections within the footage that I have recorded. This helps me to delete the areas that I don‟t need, as well as making me be able to move the specific section in different places.Fading soundFading sound is another area that I used within my trailer as I used many different sounds within mytrailer. I used the technique of fading sound in between each piece of music and sound effects.Adding TextA key technique that I used within Premier Pro is adding text. This is so that text comes on the screenbeing able to tell a phrase of words which is gives an insight to the audience what the film is about aswell as making them feel on edge and tense. Using this method to engage the audience, I decided to useshorts and snappy lines which grabs the attention of the audience.
  29. 29. HOW DID YOU USE NEW MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES IN THE CONSTRUCTION AND RESEARCH,Blogger! PLANNING AND EVALUATION STAGES?Blogger is the main source that I have used to show my work all in one area,blogger allowed me to add my personal touch making it my own, but I usedblogger just for showing my work in a clear and presentable way. Blogger has beena easy way in showing my research into the genre of horror, I done this byuploading YouTube videos and the appropriate posters showing all my research Ihave done on different teaser trailers and posters. As well as showing clearly theconstruction, planning and evaluation stages.Photoshop Photoshop is a editing programme. I used Photoshop to produce both my final magazine front cover and poster. I found this quite easy to use as I have had previous experience using Photoshop, as I used it in last years project. I used many of the editing techniques it offers like cropping, smudging, sharpening, and burning the image, all of which I believe makes the image look stronger and eye-catching to the audience.
  30. 30. HOW DID YOU USE NEW MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES IN THE CONSTRUCTION AND RESEARCH,YouTube! PLANNING AND EVALUATION STAGES?YouTube has helped me through out this task. This programme has helpedme as I have done most of my research into horror teaser trailer throughYouTube. This lead me gaining inspiration for my own teaser trailer, and byanalysing the trailers, it makes me understand what I need to put in a teasertrailer to make it effective. As well as this YouTube is the programme I usedto upload my final piece (teaser trailer) as YouTube is a clear way to watch myfinal piece, leading on from this I then embedded the YouTube code intoBlogger and therefore my very own teaser trailer is on my Blogger along withthe rest of my work.
  31. 31. HOW DID YOU USE NEW MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES IN THE CONSTRUCTION AND RESEARCH,Da.Font. PLANNING AND EVALUATION STAGES?I used „dafont‟ as it is an online download text site. Dafont is easy to use and easyto access with many different thrilling font which I wouldn’t be able to createusing the basic fonts you get given in Photoshop. I used the dafont websitewhilst creating my poster, I used it for „The Senseless‟ and chose a style thatwould work well with the rest of the layout and overall poster.Slide Share.Slideshare is a website which allows you upload many things, in my case I usedit for uploading a PowerPoint Presentation, this is good as it is easier thenuploading each slide as an image its quick and looks presentable when it isfinished. Using Slideshare has helped me with the evaluation stages of mywork, as I have created a PowerPoint Presentation, which now I am going toconvert into Slideshare.