Portfolio Booklet                 June 2011                 June 2011          Lucy Wiggins        BA (Hons) PG Dip CMLICh...
Lucy Wiggins BA (Hons) PG Dip CMLI Personal          Telephone         07709498944                         Date of Birth  ...
construction on site as part of a design and Build contract. Including a new campus                  environment and road ...
RHS: Harlow CarrRHS H l C
PROPOSED PLAN                                                                                                             ...
Selby College
Heart                                                              Campus              Arboretum                          ...
1   ‘The Street’ VisualisationProposed Site Plan - Scale 1:500                                     Key Plan   2   ‘The Hea...
Exsiting Site Plan - Scale 1:500                Selby College                Public Consultation - 24th January 2008   Exi...
Section AA                                                                                                     Existing Se...
British Library: Newspaper Storage Building
Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme
2.0       Overview          2.1 Study Area: River Corridor & Zones                              Horsforth                 ...
3.1           Zone 1A: Kirkstall Weir to Kirkstall BridgeZone 1:                                                   Outline...
A Outline Design Landscape Case Study - Old Bridge Inn Beer Garden - Plan    Site Constraints                   Impacts   ...
3.1        Zone 1A: Kirkstall Weir to Kirkstall BridgeA Outline Design Landscape Case Study - Old Bridge Inn Beer Garden -...
Hornsea Renaissance EconomicAssessment & Masterplan
Portfolio Booklet Compiled 72dpi June 2011
Portfolio Booklet Compiled 72dpi June 2011
Portfolio Booklet Compiled 72dpi June 2011
Portfolio Booklet Compiled 72dpi June 2011
Portfolio Booklet Compiled 72dpi June 2011
Portfolio Booklet Compiled 72dpi June 2011
Portfolio Booklet Compiled 72dpi June 2011
Portfolio Booklet Compiled 72dpi June 2011
Portfolio Booklet Compiled 72dpi June 2011
Portfolio Booklet Compiled 72dpi June 2011
Portfolio Booklet Compiled 72dpi June 2011
Portfolio Booklet Compiled 72dpi June 2011
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Portfolio Booklet Compiled 72dpi June 2011


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Portfolio Booklet Compiled 72dpi June 2011

  1. 1. Portfolio Booklet June 2011 June 2011 Lucy Wiggins BA (Hons) PG Dip CMLIChartered Freelance Landscape Architect 22 Higham Way, Garforth, W.Yorkshire, LS25 2PS W.Yorkshire, LS25 2PS T: 0113 286 8224 / M: 07709498944 E: lucywiggins@yahoo.co.uk W: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/lucywiggins
  2. 2. CV
  3. 3. Lucy Wiggins BA (Hons) PG Dip CMLI Personal  Telephone   07709498944      Date of Birth  29th December 1982 Information  Email    lucywiggins@yahoo.co.uk   Nationality  British                  Key Skills & Achievements  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, enabling good working relationships between  internal and external design team members, clients and contractors;  • Ability to manage, organise and deliver projects on time and to budget to an appropriate standard,  associated skills include preparing budgets, spend forecasts, programming and resourcing;  • Delivery of landscape and public realm schemes from feasibility and concept through to the  preparation of detailed designs, contract documentation and site supervision;  • Wide range of experience from small projects to major private and public developments, in detailed  design of hard and soft landscape proposals;  • Highly innovative with a flexible and pragmatic approach, and the ability to create practical design  solutions efficiently and effectively;   • Proactive towards developing skills as a professional Landscape Architect and continuing professional  development;  • Excellent capability in the creation of original high quality graphic material to support design  proposals and aid design development as well as bids and presentations;  • Proficient expertise in AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Acrobat Professional, Microsoft Office  software and competent in 3D packages such as Sketch‐Up;  Career to Date March 2011 – Present Day: Freelance Landscape Architect at FDA Landscape  • Appointed to assist the design team in delivering a range of projects from residential developments,  commercial and retail developments, care facilities and recreational masterplanning. Work includes  soft landscape design, masterplanning and graphic support work.January 2011 – Present Day: Freelance Senior Landscape Architect at Squared Circle  • Appointed to assist in the delivery of key projects. Initially responsible for the coordination and  preparation of design package submissions, including contract documentation and planning  applications.  • Projects include the preparation and submission of a planning application for the redevelopment of  the part of the RHS garden, Harlow Carr, including further works to continue aspirations of a more  coherent amenity garden, extension to the existing Queen Mother Lake and a new lake/pond to cater  for the new sustainable drainage system. Following this submission the project was split into  manageable phases for development, this reflected the clients funding process and ensured that  interruption to the visitors enjoyment of the garden was kept to a minimum. A tender package has  now been submitted for the first phase of works. September 2006 – December 2010: Landscape Architect at Atkins  • Gained considerable landscape project management experience including multi‐disciplinary external  co‐ordination and landscape design, delivering a number of key projects from inception through to  completion on site. This included the provision of a key support role within the landscape team and  wider internal teams on a range of high profile and challenging projects.   • Key project experience includes:  o Landscape project manager for the production of landscape design and construction  drawings for the £28m redevelopment of Selby College under the Learning Skills Council  (LSC) programme taking the scheme from a review of RIBA stage C, through planning to 
  4. 4. construction on site as part of a design and Build contract. Including a new campus  environment and road layout.  o  Landscape project manager and external coordinator for the production of landscape design  and tender drawings for the £30m new Newspaper Storage Building including the  preparation of material to discharge planning conditions. Including new external  environment, SUDS and pedestrian and vehicular access layout.    o Assisted in the environmental co‐ordination of Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme, this included  landscape & visual impact assessment and landscape design for the proposed flood defences  and associated public realm spaces through the centre of Leeds to be used by the client, the  Environment Agency for tender purposes and to apply for funding.  o Assisted in the preparation of the Hornsea Renaissance Economic Assessment & Masterplan  for East Riding of Yorkshire Council. This included urban design and masterplanning  proposals to address the incoherant main areas of the town.   o  Assisted in the preparation of designs for Enniskillen Hospital  up to RIBA work stage D to  support the Direct Health bid alongside Skanska for a new £600m hospital in Enniskillen,  Northern Ireland.  • Additional responsibilities included being a fire warden, a representative for the sports and social  council and the department representative for an internal energy saving initiative. September 2004 – July 2005: Assistant Landscape Architect at Quartet Design  • Provided a project support role initiating, reviewing and harnessing design ideas for group and  individual projects for large residential developments, park extensions, SUDS, roof gardens, design  competitions, indigenous planting schemes, and private garden designs.   • Key projects include Chimney Pot Park, a Landscape Institute competition to redesign a run down  park in Manchester where the submission was shortlisted to the final 3 and Campbell Park extension  network. Located in the centre of Milton Keynes these extensions provided vital links to the  surrounding residential area into the centre of the city and to its main amenity parkland.  • Attended and hosted meetings with key clients for current and prospective projects.  • Provided a general office management role including administration and business support.  June 2003 ‐ August 2003: Assistant Designer: Lancaster City Council  • Responsibility of designing the exterior of a local community centre working alongside the project  manager, key members of the community and community workers.   • Achieved a good rapport with the local community developing a series daytime and evening sessions  to encourage involvement and ownership of the new site.  Qualifications, Education and Training2010  Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute (CMLI) – Landscape Institute 2008  Construction Skills Professionally Qualified Person – Design, health and Safety test – CSCS card holder 2006  PGDip Landscape Architecture  ‐ Leeds Metropolitan University 2004  BA(Hons) Landscape Design  ‐ Leeds Metropolitan University 2003  City and Guilds Two‐Dimensional Computer Aided Design (CAD) level 2 – Leeds Building College 2002  City and Guilds certificate for Computer Aided Drafting and Design  ‐ Leeds Building College 2001  4 x A Levels (Art, Geography, Psychology & General Studies) – Morecambe High School & Sixth Form  Additional Information • Full clean driving licence & car owner.   • Leisure Interests: Design (art, fashion, interior, jewellery), reading, cooking, gardening and cycling.  References : Available on request 
  5. 5. RHS: Harlow CarrRHS H l C
  6. 6. PROPOSED PLAN Access route for site SOUTH FIELD traffic and route to silt and weed temporary storage area. Exact location and alignment to be proposed by Existing trees contractor and retained & approved by client 147.5 147.0 protected 146.5 146.0 146.0 146.5 147.0 147.5 147.0 Contractor to submit 147.5 protective fencing location & alignment 146.5 proposals 147.0 bank 147.0 top = 14 7.00 occasio Contractor to submit nal tem flood lev porary 146.0 el protective fencing 146.5 location & alignment 145.5 proposals Existing trees Gravel retained & protected Planting ba nk top = 14 Lakeside 7.0 0 vegetation retained where possible W/L 145.65 TW/L = 146.50 0 7.0 14 = p k to an 147.5 147.0 146.5 146.0 b 146.0 146.5 147.0 147.5 GARDENS THROUGH TIME 144.0 147.0 147.5 144.5 146.5 Grade area back 145.0 146.0 147.0 147.0 ban k top = 147 to fit in with exsting .00 occasiona l temp flood level orary 146.5 146.0 levels in GTT Grass Gravel 145.5 Gravel Planting ba Retained nk top = 14 7.00 greenhouse Replanted hedgerow Greenhouse 147.5 N N Grass N TEACHING GARDEN Planting Grass1:500 @ A1 1:250 @ A1 PlantingNOTES SPECIFICATION NOTES KEYGenerally safety during the construction period. It is the contractors responsibility to determine whether the Hard Landscape CONTRACT BOUNDARY EXISTING FOOTPATHS TO BE RETAINED EXISTING TREES TO BE RETAINED AND REPLANTED EXISTING HEDGEROWDrawing is to be read in conjunction with the site clearance drawing SC07-005. protective fencing stops visitor access around the lake or it maintains it.Alignment and location must AND PROTECTED DURING CONSTRUCTION. PROTECTED FOLLOWING RELOCATION DURING SITE be approved by the client to ensure visitor circulation is not obstructed and disruption is kept to a Gravel Surfacing ANY AREAS DISTURBED/DAMAGED DURINGDrawing is to be read in conjunction with associated Drainage and Arboricultural CLEARANCE WORKS minimum. Fencing must also include net/mesh to stop the spread of dust during construction works -To match existing paths within the garden:drawings & documents TAR, SPRAY AND CHIP FOOTPATH SURFACE. CONSTRUCTION TO BE MADE GOOD. TREE PROTECTION LINE PROPOSED ORNAMENTAL PLANTING and to assist with screening. -MOT Type 1 or approved 6F2 covered with 20mm down Carboniferous limestone & See specification notes for further details AND GRASSED AREAS. Species As Per blinding dust and capped with pea gravel.All work to be undertaken to the satisfaction of the local authority building control. RHS Selection Protective fencing is to be coordinated with the tree protection fencing and must be in accordance with the Tree Protection Plan and the Tree Survey Report. Timber Edging TMBER EDGING EXISTING CONTOURS ROOT PROTECTION AREA (RPA) PROPOSED AREAS TO BE HYDRO-SEEDEDAll workmanship and materials shall comply with the latest British Standards and - Softwood board 150x38mm pressure impregnated nailed to pegs with galvanised nails; See specification notes for further detailscodes of practice. Vegetation - Softwood pegs 38x38x400mm driven into ground at 1.0m centres along straight runs; Generally - Shorter lengths of board to be used to avoid kinks, double pegs centred at 300mm to EXTENDED QUEEN MOTHER LAKE AND PROPOSED CONTOURS EXISTING PLANTING TO BE RETAINED ANDAll works are subject to location of services. The Contractor is to carry out their own Any areas of grass/ planting damaged or disturbed during the construction period ensure smooth curves. NEW LAKE PROTECTEDinvestigations to confirm lines of services on site. are to be made good. - All timber to be FSC certified; Beech hedge EXISTING LEVELS EXISTING PLANTING TO BE RETAINED ANDDo not scale from this drawing OCCASIONAL TEMPORARY FLOOD LINE PROTECTED WHERE POSSIBLE. INFILL Beech hedge located to the North East of the allotment gardens is to be removed and replanted in Soft Landscape place of the close board fencing adjacent to the greenhouse to provide a continuous boundary and PLANTING TO BE AS PER PROPOSEDHardworks screen. Planting ORNAMENTAL PLANTING. Species as per PROPOSED SILT RETAINING WEIR. FOR PROPOSED LEVELSAny areas of existing hard surfacing damaged or disturbed during construction are All ornamental planting species and suppliers are to be selected by and approved by RHS RHS selection DETAIL SEE DWG 11/04/HARLO20to be made good Health and Safety Contractor to submit health and safety proposals inline with CDM Regulations 2007. If project lasts Grass & Hydro-SeedProtective fencing EXISTING SPILLWAY TO BE HEIGHTENED. GRADIENTS EXISTING HEDGEROW TO BE RETAINED more than 30 days or or involves 500 person days of construction work a CDM co-ordinator is to be All grass and hydro-seed mixes and suppliers are to be selected by and approved by RHSExact alignment and location of protective site fencing to be proposed by FOR DETAIL SEE DWG 11/04/HARLO20 AND PROTECTED appointed by the contractor. The CDM co-ordinator is responsible for the notification of the projectcontractors. Proposals must be in accordance with any health and safety to the Health and Safety Executive and all other associated documentation.requirements in regards to visitor Squared Circle Landscape Architecture Ltd. CLIENT RHS 4 Long Ridge Drive, PROJECT Harlow Carr, QML & Landscape Upper Poppleton, TENDER TITLE Detailed Landscape Proposals QML York, YO26 6HD DWG NO SCALE @A1 REVISION DRAWN CHECKED T: +44 (0) 1904 340 089 SC07-004 1:250@A1 - LW JP E: info@squared-circle.co.uk W: www.squared-circle.co.uk DATE CREATED 06.04.2011 REV DATE DESCRIPTION
  7. 7. Selby College
  8. 8. Heart Campus Arboretum StreetSelby CollegePublic Consultation - 24th January 2008 Materials Plan
  9. 9. 1 ‘The Street’ VisualisationProposed Site Plan - Scale 1:500 Key Plan 2 ‘The Heart’ Visualisation Selby College Public Consultation - 24th January 2008 Proposals
  10. 10. Exsiting Site Plan - Scale 1:500 Selby College Public Consultation - 24th January 2008 Existing
  11. 11. Section AA Existing Section AA Key PlanExisting - Scale 1:250 Proposed Section AA Key PlanProposed - Scale 1:250Section BBExisting - Scale 1:250 Existing Section BB Key Plan Existing Section BB Key PlanProposed - Scale 1:250 Selby College Public Consultation - 24th January 2008 Sections to Illustrate Proposed Landform
  12. 12. British Library: Newspaper Storage Building
  13. 13. Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme
  14. 14. 2.0 Overview 2.1 Study Area: River Corridor & Zones Horsforth West Roundhay Park Weetwood Meanwood Rodley Kirkstall Chapel Allerton Zone 1 Headingley Seacroft Pages 4-7 Hyde Park Stanningley Bramley Potternewton Zone 2 Pages 8-15 City Centre Zone 3 Zone 4 Lowtown Armley Page 16-17 Pages 18-39 Halton Lower Pudsey Wortley Holbeck Cross Zone 5 Green Pages 40-50 New Farnley Beeston Hunslet Belle Swillington Zone 6 Gilderstone Isle Pages 52-56 Zone 7 Pages 58-61 Zone Key: Zone 1: Kirkstall Weir to Kirkstall Bridge Drighlington Zone 2: Kirkstall Bridge to Kirkstall Viaduct Rothwell Zone 3: Kirkstall Viaduct Wellington Bridge Zone 4: Wellington Bridge to Crown Point Bridge Zone 5: Crown Point Bridge to Atkinson Hill Footbridge Morley Middleton Zone 6: Atkinson Hill Footbridge to M1 Motorway Bridge Zone 7: M1 Motorway Bridge to Fleet Wier3 INDICATIVE LANDSCAPE PLANS - Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme
  15. 15. 3.1 Zone 1A: Kirkstall Weir to Kirkstall BridgeZone 1: Outline Design Landscape PlanNewlay Bridge to Kirkstall Bridge N Site Constraints Impacts Mitigation Kirkstall Abbey Conservation Area Flow Control Structure - 1 Within visual influence and Neutral impact to Kirkstall Stone wall will match Grade II Listed Structure adjacent to the boundary of Abbey Scheduled Ancient finish of Grade II listed Kirkstall Abbey Scheduled Monument; Flow Control Structure and Enhancement Ancient Monument; Slight adverse impact to Clough Cottage; Newlay Part of the proposed scheme views to & from, setting Tree survey will be Clough Cottage - Fish pass / otter pass on will be within Kirkstall Abbey and built fabric of Grade II undertaken to ensure careful Bridge Grade II Listed Building flow control structure Conservation Area; listed Flow Control Structure, alignment of scheme to Proposed works to Flow Clough Cottage and Weir; minimise number of trees Go Control Structure, Clough Neutral impact to Kirkstall affected; it Enhancement Kirkstall Weir - 1 Cottage and Weir (all Grade Abbey Conservation Area; Many of Goitside bank Grade II Listed Structure Goit side improvements II listed) will require listed Slight adverse impact to habitat and trees will Kirkstall such as marginal planting building consent; views from, and the built be protected during Bridge with channel improvements Adjacent to a miniature fabric of the miniature construction; Minature Railway to include backwater areas, railway; railway; Anticipated small number of also in stream habitat. Adjacent to Abbey Mills goit Loss of 10m of miniature trees to be lost on Goitside Leeds Rhinos Approx 200m length with established trees along railway track and bank (subject to findings ofExisting Context Plan Rugby League goit bank and in Clough temporary disturbance to tree survey) will be replaced including works in Kirkstall Cottage garden; use of remainder during at a 2:1 ratio typically with 2 Training Ground Mill Goit in Zone 2a. Site of medieval weir and construction and; year old transplants and cell Goit (Mill Race) - potential Anticipated small number grown stock; Enhancement Enhancement areas of archaeological of trees (<10) on goitside Archaeological watching Improved drainage significance; and bank will be lost adjacent to brief may be required; New bird and bat boxes in to rugby pitches to 2 wooded area adjacent to Proposed work to trees proposed new flow control New pedestrian waiting area enhance access for within Kirkstall Abbey structure (subject to tree (2 no. benches and tarmac goit. Conservation Area will survey); paved area) for miniature fish during floods. require written notice to the Potential disturbance to railway; and Enhancement local authority. archaeological remains; Disturbance to minature re Temporary disturbance to railway, Kirkstall Abbey Resurfacing of footpath use of very small area of Gardens, Clough Cottage Ai alongside right bank of Goit Kirkstall Abbey Gardens and adjacent land will be er Riv 4 with improved signage. during construction; and managed through the Traffic Tree Temporary disturbance Management Plan. Preservation to access to Clough Cottage and land during Abbey Road Orders construction. 3 BHS Site Constraints Impacts Mitigation A 2 Will be partially within Neutral impact to Kirkstall Brick wall will match finish Old Bridge Inn Minature Railway visual influence of Kirkstall Abbey Scheduled Ancient of existing BHS car park wall;Key: Abbey Scheduled Ancient Monument; Tree survey will be Listed Building Leeds Nature Area Monument; Anticipated small number undertaken to ensure careful Rail Bridge Mills (Gratterpalm) - Grade II Listed Building Adjacent to established of trees on riverside bank alignment of scheme to way Conservation trees and vegetation along will be lost (<10) directly minimise number of trees Area Public Right of Way Bridge Road riverbank; and adjacent to existing BHS affected; Kirkstall Bridge - Grade II Listed Structure Adjacent to area of store (subject to tree survey); Anticipated small number of Scheduled Ancient Monument confirmed otter activity and Temporary disturbance to trees to be lost on riverside Reproduced from the 1:10000 Ordnance Survey map with the therefore further ecological use of BHS car park during bank (subject to findings of permission of the Controller of Her Majestys Stationery Office. 0 20 40 80 surveys will be required to construction; and tree survey) will be replaced For reference purposes only, no further copies may be made. © Crown Copyright. Licence No. 100026380. Metres determine if a Protected Habitat of importance to at a 2:1 ratio typically with 2 Species Licence is required. otters may be affected. year old transplants and cell Key grown stock;Existing Context Majority of riversideLocated south of Kirkstall Abbey, this stretch of river FLOOD DEFENCE PROPOSALS bank habitat and treesis heavily vegetated creating an informal character. will be protected during 3.39m high defence (approx); Stone clad wall to match existing Listed Area covered by Landscape construction, including newBritish Home Stores (BHS) and its car park occupy alarge area within the site, however despite this; the 1 building stonework (Clough Cottage); including new Flow Control Outline Proposals - see otter ramp, to maintain Structure across Abbey Mills goit. following page. continuity of wildlifehistoric character of the adjacent scheduled ancient corridor; andmonument site of Kirkstall Abbey still influences 2 3.34m high defence (approx); brick clad wall with earth embankment. Disturbance to BHS car parkthis stretch of river. The stone-built listed Flow Conservation Area will be managed through theControl Structure; Clough Cottage; Weir; Bridge 3.60m high defence (approx); Existing stonework wall rebuilt, Traffic Management Plan.Mills and Kirkstall Bridge all contribute to this 3 raised and strengthened; ties into existing bridge parapet.historic character. Work to existing vegetation, see 4 3.07m high defence (approx); Grass earth embankment. ‘impacts’ for further information. 5 INDICATIVE LANDSCAPE PLANS - Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme
  16. 16. A Outline Design Landscape Case Study - Old Bridge Inn Beer Garden - Plan Site Constraints Impacts Mitigation3 Proposed works to Kirkstall Slight adverse impact to Stone wall will match finish Bridge (Grade II listed) setting and built fabric of of existing wall; will require listed building Grade II listed Kirkstall Bridge; Tree survey will be consent; Slight adverse impact to undertaken to ensure careful Within visual influence of views from Grade II listed alignment of scheme to Bridge Mills, Gratterpalm Bridge Mills (Gratterpalm); minimise number of trees (Grade II listed); Anticipated small number of affected; Site of historic buildings trees on riverside bank will be Majority of riverside - potential area of lost (<10) adjacent to Bridge bank habitat and trees archaeological significance; Mills (subject to tree survey); will be protected during A A Adjacent to established trees Moderate beneficial impact construction; along riverbank; and to Old Bridge Inn beer Anticipated small number of Proposed works to garden through mitigation trees to be lost on riverside trees covered by a Tree enhancements; bank (subject to findings of Preservation Order (TPO) Slight adverse impact to tree survey) will be replaced within Old Bridge Inn beer pedestrian access between at a 2:1 ratio typically with 2 garden will require TPO Old Bridge Inn car park and year old transplants and cell consent. beer garden; grown stock; Potential disturbance to Access ramp will be installed archaeological remains; over proposed new wall Temporary disturbance to use between Old Bridge Inn car of Bridge Mills (Gratterpalm) park and beer garden; and Old Bridge Inn car parks Terraced decking will be during construction; installed to beer garden, Temporary disturbance to use tying into proposed wall of Old Bridge Inn beer garden and sensitively designed to during construction; incorporate existing trees; Trees covered by TPO will Archaeological watching brief be crown lifted to allow may be required; sufficient space for proposals; Disturbance to use of car and parks and beer garden will be Security / safety issue due to managed through the Traffic opening up flood arch under Management Plan; Kirkstall Bridge. Trees with TPO consent to be retained and protected during construction; Tree survey undertaken and TPO consent obtained prior to any tree works commence; and Architectural lighting underneath Kirkstall Bridge will reduce security and safety issues. Site Constraints Impacts Mitigation4 • Adjacent to Leeds Rhinos Temporary disturbance to New embankment will blend Rugby League Academy access road for Leeds Rhinos into existing grassed areas; training pitches and vehicular Rugby League Academy and access route. training pitches during Disturbance to access road construction. will be managed through the Traffic Management Plan. Plan of Bridge Inn Beer Garden Extract from Dwg No: 5057597_L_P_1_2B_1000 INDICATIVE LANDSCAPE PLANS - Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme 6
  17. 17. 3.1 Zone 1A: Kirkstall Weir to Kirkstall BridgeA Outline Design Landscape Case Study - Old Bridge Inn Beer Garden - Typical Section Section through The Old Bridge Inn Beer Garden Extract from Dwg No: 5057597_L_S_1_2B_1001Context/Material Finishes Flow Control Structure & Clough Cottage BHS Car Park Gratterpalm & Old Bridge Inn Leeds Rhinos Training Ground1 Proposed finish for flood defence in area 1 2 Proposed finish for flood defence in area 2 3 Proposed finish for flood defence in area 3 4 Proposed embankment for flood defence in (as marked on Outline Design Landscape (as marked on Outline Design Landscape (as marked on Outline Design Landscape area 4 (as marked on Outline Design Landscape Plan) will match existing stone wall. Plan) will match existing brick wall. Plan) will match existing stone wall. Plan) will blend into existing grass area7 INDICATIVE LANDSCAPE PLANS - Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme
  18. 18. Hornsea Renaissance EconomicAssessment & Masterplan