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London Market Capture Solutions


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London Market Services

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London Market Capture Solutions

  1. 1. Electronic document capture: Digitising information across the Lloyd’s and the London marketAs the consumption of paper continues to grow within 27% of organisations*,the London market begins to capitalise on the business benefits of electronicdocument capture.From digital mailrooms to slips and box scanning solutions, the market has seenan increase in the adoption of automated capture technologies. With only half ofclaims processing enterprise systems capture-enabled at a process level* andBusiness Process Outsourcing delivering a return in under 12 months*, this willcome as no surprise. What’s more, as the Insurers Market Repository launchestheir Document File Viewer, and Capital Capture delivers the automatic conversionof your documents into one single file type, a significant shift towards thewidespread use of digital technologies across the market is evident.At Capital Capture we are specialist providers of document capture solutions andservices, in particular the delivery of outsourced services that eliminate capitaloutlay. Already appointed by several Lloyd’s insurers to deliver a variety of capturesolutions, we have extensive knowledge of the London Market Principles and anability to design and deliver capture solutions, from digital mailrooms to specificLloyd’s box solutions. Digital mailrooms enable front-end scanning to be performed alongside the traditional mailroom activity, eliminating the potential for errors and the risk ofClaims processing and digital mailrooms processing delays. All incoming correspondenceScanning documents before they are processed means the movement of paper is sorted in the traditional manner, with selectedwithin your claims operation is significantly reduced. Delivering your business documents passed to the scanning team forcritical information to the right staff at the right time improves operational conversion, indexing and uploading into yourefficiency, customer service and reduces errors. What’s more, by releasing this document management system or claims database.information into workflows enables straight-through processing – in particular Within the market AON, QBE and Brit Insurance havewithin claims management, application handling, complaint management and already adopted a digital mailroom service managedinvoice processing. by Capital Capture. These mailrooms are delivered in full or as a part outsourced service therefore all equipment, staff and daily management is provided by Capital Capture, reducing the need for any capital outlay or loss from depreciating assets. Therefore, if you already own equipment and are looking to maximise its value, or you are introducing an electronic claims capture process for the first time and would prefer a fully managed service, we can design an automated solution best suited to your individual business needs. * © AIIM 2010,
  2. 2. Capture solutions About Capital Capturefor the Lloyd’s building Capital Capture is a trusted partner to many leadingWith many documents originating within your Lloyd’s box, from slips to policy organisations for the provision of document capturedocuments, ensuring this data is captured at its point of creation enables your services and solutions. From the delivery of onsiteproceeding business operations to be significantly more productive. digital mailrooms to the daily capture of invoiceAlso the need for manual data entry is eliminated, transparency and awareness of documents and expenses, Capital Capture deliversnew liabilities is improved, and the electronic distribution of information increases tailored solutions to address individual businessyour compliance and secures a clear audit trail. challenges and needs.Capital Capture design bespoke desktop scanning solutions, tailored specifically Over the last 13 years we have worked with manyfor slips scanning or accommodating your full range of document types. insurance firms including AON, Allianz, Brit, Hiscox, QBE, Cardif Pinnacle, Talbot and Admiral Insurance, providing data capture systems to help theseLloyd’s slips scanning organisations achieve a more streamlined claimsCapital Capture’s slips scanning solutions deliver operational efficiencies, as well handling process. Our wider client base includesas measurable savings on equipment costs; on average, 70% of Multi Functional Jardine Lloyd Thompson, Barclays Wealth, Bank ofDevice (MFD) capacity is used for scanning, but the cost to operate and station New York, MoD, Land Registry, Norton Rose andan MFD in the Lloyd’s building can be three times that of a desktop scanner. Virgin Atlantic.What’s more, smaller desktop scanning devices can be configured toautomatically extract data from your slips, importing the information directly into Established in 1998 and based in central London,your central data management system if required. Plus integral security protection Capital Capture runs an ISO9001 accredited scanningenables you to provide individual users with their own scanning configurations, bureau where all offsite scanning is managed. Wewhilst ensuring your information remains secure. continue to maintain strong relationships with the world’s top manufacturers of scanning software and hardware and our ongoing investment in theLloyd’s box scanning development of new technologies in-house enablesIn addition to the conversion of your slips, there may be many other business Capital Capture to continue delivering increasinglycritical documents originating at your Lloyd’s box that remain in paper format, or advanced document capture solutions.pass through a scanning process that is not entirely efficient.At Capital Capture we design and support networked or centralised scanningsolutions, creating a unique and seamless interface between your Lloyd’s boxactivity and your head office systems, irrespective of your chosen documentmanagement system.As a result, your wider business will be able to access, share and store criticalinformation, resulting in more accurate policy handling. Your dependency on asingle individual is reduced, the risk of lost files is minimised, and the speed atwhich your business becomes aware of new contracts in increased. Capital Capture Ltd, Churchill House, 142-146 Old Street, London EC1V 9BW Phone: +44 (0) 20 7314 7700 Fax: +44 (0) 20 7314 7777 Email: