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Join 200+ senior level execs at North Americas first event focused on NFC Payments. Meet MasterCard, Isis, and Citigroup and get opinions from industry leaders on Overcoming lack of devices, the best business models and reaching critical mass with payments. NFC Payments USA is taking place 2-3 November at Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove, Miami. This is your first chance to network with entire NFC payment value chain and is undoubtedly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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NFC Payments USA Brochure

  1. 1. Save $400 REGISTER BEFORE September 9th 2011NFC Payments USA 2011November 2-3rd 2011, Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove, MiamiAccelerate your progress to successfulcommercial rollout and build scalable NFCpayment solutionsnorth America’s first-ever event for everyone in expert speakers include:the nfc value chain – your chance to make thebusiness-critical partnerships you need to pushout mass market payment solutions• Finally meet the contacts and partners you need: This is the first opportunity for North America’s NFC community to meet under one roof and drill down into key strategies for commercial rollout• Inside Wallet Wars: Understand what the rise of the mobile wallet means for your business and get valuable ideas to differentiate your offering within a wallet• Reach critical mass: The latest forecasts on how soon it will happen, plus drivers such as bridging technologies, coupons and loyalty programs• Overcome lack of devices: Hear from industry experts and understand what to do to ensure your business booms regardless• Definitive business models: What’s the best model for banks, carriers and other parties? • Triumph over interoperability issues: Best ways to deliver interoperability between carriers and banks and create a positive experience for everyone Drinks Reception Sponsor: Media Partners: 200+ Delegates 30+ industry Experts speaking 12 Hours of Networking Full Conference Agenda & Speaker List Inside - Open NOW!
  2. 2. “We believe that by 2015, digital currency will be accepted everywhere in the U.S. – from your local corner store to Walmart.” Scott Thompson, CEO, PaypalMobile money is no longer just The first top-level event in North Reserve your place amongstan abstract concept. The rush to America that brings together the the industry leaders and keydigital currency is truly underway, entire NFC ecosystem – with a innovators from across the NFCwith major players such as Google clear emphasis on helping you value chain. Make the partnershipsWallet, Isis, Visa Wallet and Serve accelerate your progress to you need to profit fully from themaking fresh announcements by successful commercial rollout digital currency goldrush.the day. And with rumors circlingabout Apples launch... watch this With so much at stake for everyone in NFC Payments USA is your passport to aspace! the mobile payment value chain – banks, wealth of premium business intelligence. payments, mobile carriers, handset Important though that is, it is only oneIn short, the next few years will prove providers and technology suppliers – this element of the event.pivotal for the NFC industry. And while is a timely and unique opportunity formuch is uncertain, one thing’s for sure: you to slice through all the hype and drill This is also your chance to talk face-to-Businesses whose strategies keep ahead down to address the key topics that are on face with people who share your visionof the curve are going to win BIG. everyone’s mind right now. – people who can help you leverage your business assets because they are lookingNo matter where you sit in the value chain, When you come to scrutinize the to make those all-important partnershipsa variety of common questions remain Conference Agenda, you’ll understand and connections that are an essentialunresolved. For example: how everything you see and hear is of element of NFC strategy. With networking direct relevance to you and your business. breaks, an online contact center and• How do you battle interoperability and networking drinks party you can be sure handle market fragmentation? From authoritative projections about the you will meet and exchange business proliferation of devices in the market, to cards with the people that will make a real• What’s the real business case behind business models and revenue stream difference to your business. NFC payments? analysis – it’s covered. Our European event attracted a ‘full house’• When you structure a deal with other From ways and means of educating of 200+ participants. NFC Payments USA parties, how do you protect your ROI – merchants and consumers, to the is already looking like a sell-out event and and ensure you have sufficient scope to key drivers that are destined to push tickets will be awarded on a strictly first- differentiate? the payment market forward. From come-first-served basis. the business case behind NFC to theWith more and more players entering the business-critical issues of standards, Don’t get left on the waiting, ground-breaking deals announced security and privacy – it’s covered. Book your place now.on an almost-daily basis, market valuepredictions increasing hour-by-hour, and From the golden rules of structuring deals November 2-3rd, 2011, Miamicommercial launch just around the corner, and making ‘co-opertition’ work, to whatthe moment has come for a forum that couponing and loyalty can bring to thebrings together everyone who is currently table. Plus the technologies you should Lucy Lincolndeveloping digital currency as a viable be adopting, the business models that are Vice Presidentproposition. currently leading the way, how to secure NFC Insight ROI from day one and much, much more – lucy@nfcinsight.comNFC Payments USA is that forum. we’ve got it covered. Tel: +44 (0) 207 375 7595 Over the course of two dynamic, fact- filled days, you will hear from Isis, Citibank, Discover, MasterCard, Rogers Communications and Nokia, IBM, Living Social, Fifth Third Bank, American Express, U.S. Bank, TD Bank and many others. In fact, it’s no exaggeration to say our speaker faculty reads like a Who’s Who of the NFC payment space. Call the booking line on +44 (0) 207 375 7595 to reserve your place today!
  3. 3. “NFC transactions will reach $50 billion worldwide by 2014” - Juniper Research Day 1 Presentation Case Study NOVEMBER 2 NFC & The Mobile Network The Magic Combination: Social, Local and Mobile Presentation Operator: Opportunity or Threat Commerce Mobile Payments: Where the • Explore how emerging NFC services are • Living social share their knowledge on the impact of social in the Paved Road Ends and the Off creating opportunities for MNOs owning mobile space Road Adventure Begins the SIM • Debate how integrating payments is key to the future of an end to • Identify how embedded secure elements end experience for consumers• Hear about U.S. Bank experience in the and App stores are offering phone mobile payments arena and examine the Eric Laird, Sr. Product Manager, LivingSocial vendors new opportunities trials they have done across a number of • Discuss how the different alternatives in Panel technologies, including NFC, contactless stickers, and micro SD enabled devices NFC will prompt aggressive competition The Business Case Answered: Debate the ROI Behind• Explore the road to mobile payments • Find out how MNO’s can harness these NFC Payments and the work that remains in the opportunities through collaboration to get areas of business models, technology market share • Discover where banks and operators are investing right now – approaches, device capability, Padraig Moran, Global Director, Product and the implications for your business acceptance, security and more Management, Giesecke & Devrient • MNO, Bank or Payments: Examine the most lucrative NFC• Understand key lessons learned, payment opportunities for your organization Case Study considerations, and U.S. Banks vision • Banks and MNOs: Are they better off working together or going for the future Coupon Redemption: Challenges it alone?Dominic Venturo, Chief Innovation Officer, Outlined; Solutions Discussed • NFC security: Will fraud prevention be the element that drivesU.S. Bank Payment Systems contactless forward and pushes merchant investment? • share their insight on the Presentation impact of coupons on mobile payments Thomas Hissam, Worldwide Mobile Commerce Solutions - Banking, Payment and Value Added Services, IBM • Get key insight into the importance of Connecting the Dots: Placing Peter L Petersen, Vice President and Director Bank Card Business redemption in the coupon journey and Mobile Contactless Payments in a what it means for payments Integration, Fifth third Bank Strategic Context • Examine key challenges for payment Panel• Explore key take away’s and lessons redemption and uncover solutions to learned from the first commercial make it work from day 1 Reaching Critical Mass: Uncover The Industry’s Best deployments of mobile contactless Steve Horowitz, CTO, Kept Secrets payments around the world, Inc. • Identify the role banks and MNOs must play in gaining critical• Get insight into the strategic context for Panel mass for merchants and consumers alike mobile payments for issuers, MNOs and merchants • The importance of bridging technologies: How big an impact Dissect the Future of NFC will they have on consumer pick up? Are we stalled until moreJames Anderson, Group Head, Senior Vice Adoption: Beyond Payments consumers have devices in their hands?President Mobile, Emerging Payments,MasterCard Worldwide • Find out what applications are really going • Examine how Coupons, Loyalty and LBS will foster the next to push the payment market forward stage of critical mass Presentation • How much of the infrastructure is already in place to support • Explore which VAS you should add to The NFC Blueprint: Pinpoint your offering; Couponing, Loyalty or LBS? billions of payments – and how fast is it growing? How Agreements Can Be • Understand how these VAS will drive Spencer Jones, Head of North American Money Movement Online Structured Between Banks and consumer pick up & Mobile Channel TD Bank MNO’s to Ensure NFC Rolls Out • Get an in-depth view of the best ways to Mark Beccue, Senior Analyst, Mobile Payments and Commerce, Successfully handle redemption aBI Research • Pinpoint the services consumers want Presentation• Examine the ideal blueprint for both most – and make sure the technology banks and MNO’s: How will deals be doesn’t get in the way of the real offering Wallet War: Does the Rise in the Wallet Prompt a Future made and will the TSM be necessary Damien Balsan, Director, Business of competition• Get the strategies to differentiate your Development, Nokia Inc. offering in an open and collaborative • Understand what the rise of the wallet means for the NFC industry market Farhan Ahmad, General Manager, Prepaid & Director of Emerging Payments, Discover • Debate the amount of control institutions can have over a ‘wallet’,• Trouble-shoot key issues: Who owns the is it better to be a card in a wallet? Or a wallet? Network customer, who will be the regulators Steve Horowitz, CTO, Coupons Inc. • Pinpoint how the banks can position themselves in the wallet,• Understand the nuances of a 1 TSM should you partner – or develop your own offering or 2 TSM model, in terms of security, Eric Laird, Sr. Product Manager, LivingSocial • Examine key methods to differentiate your offering to remain business models and openness “first in wallet”Jeppe Dorff, Head of Transaction Services, • Does the arrival of the wallet signal an open platform futureRogers Communications Speakers for this session will be announced shortly. Please check the website for updates Register soon to benefit from early-bird discounts and SAVE $400!
  4. 4. “NFC payments will grow by 68 percent over the period of 2010-2014’ ” – Technavio Day 2 Panel Panel NOVEMBER 3 The Most Lucrative Business Models Educating the Consumer: Getting it Right Presentation Revealed: Who’s Getting the Best ROI • Who is currently leading the effort to market NFC from NFC – And How Are They Achieving Avoid the Dangers of Market to consumers – and how much are they gaining Success? as a result? Fragmentation and Prove Your ROI from Day 1 • Make money now! Get key strategies to build • Identify what the key focus for the consumer revenue from Day 1 message, speed, simplicity or security• Get key insight on the importance of hybrid • Explore how banks and operators can maximize • Debate if we can rely on the tech giants to payment solutions to ease people into digital the revenue opportunities – what are the key master consumer education and push critical payments: Examine swipe, mobile and P2P priorities? mass options • Identify how to create deals that avoid Dominic Venturo, Chief Innovation Officer, U.S.• Understand the importance of technology fragmentation and boost the industry’s revenue Bank Payment Systems agnostic products and an open framework to ensure the success of NFC payments potential Presentation• Examine the issues fragmenting the mobile • Key elements of a positive revenue share: payments market and get the best methods to Should MNOs be party to the interchange fee? SIM vs. Embedded vs. Micro SD: The tackle them And will mobile space be up for rent? Final Tech Debate• Debate the importance of keeping the mobile • Evaluate the best strategies for banks that are not yet involved in a scheme • Explore the pros and cons of each option and ecosystem open and how to bridge existing identify the best choice for your solution technology with NFC to ensure success in the Rich Clow, Managing Director-Global Mobile space Development Group, Citigroup • Is Micro SD merely a bridging service? Or a genuine long-term possibility for serviceDavid Messenger, Executive Vice President, providers?american express Company Presentation • Debate if this will lead to fragmentation, how to Concept to Production : What Will it take Presentation handle standards and security to Make Mobile NFC Payments Real Jörg Suchy, Senior Marketing Manager Chip Card The Future of the Wallet: Exploring the • Hear about the Mobile NFC experience of ING and MCU, Samsung Semiconductor europe Isis Offering GmbH DIRECT and get practical insights into how to• Navigating the fragmented market: Examine how get to market sooner Panel a player like Isis, who claims they will transform • What strategies should banks not included in the how people shop, pay, and save, come to Google Pilot employ? do they go it alone or wait Overcoming Lack of NFC Enabled market? until the tech and business is mainstream Devices in the Market• Understand Isis’ place in the value chain and • Get a better understanding of bank’s what are they trying to achieve? expectations and debate when the companies • Examine which devices will be on the market in that provide products and services will win big the next 12 months• Get insight on the Isis ecosystem and the benefits that they plan to deliver to merchants, David Pinski, Group Leader, Discovery Services, • Identify how the industry can work together to consumers, issuers, and networks and why they ING DIReCT stimulate the proliferation of devices are investing big in NFC • Creating compelling consumer offerings on theDoug Kilgour, Senior Business Development Case Study new devices: Debate what works and discussExecutive, Isis what’s better avoided Exploit NFC to Create Customer Loyalty in a Merchant Environment • Discuss which bridging devices you should be using stickers, tags or micro SD • How fast are innovative retailers investing in NFC • Challenge the value of these technologies and contactless terminals – and what’s the business how they will this effect consumer and merchant payback? adoption • Discover what retailers want – more than Doug Kilgour, anything else – from NFC payments Senior Business Development Executive, Isis • Understand the prime reasons why merchants are investing in contactless now • Get the lowdown on the most effective ways to work with merchants and how to promote merchant pick-up • Examine the importance of integrating loyalty and coupons to provide and end to end service and prove ROI Speakers for this session will be announced shortly. Please check the website for updates Great speakers, Great Audience, What a success!” Gemalto
  5. 5. Save $400 Register for a GOLD PASS and REGISTER BEFORE September 9th 2011 receive the AUDIO stream too! Date & Venue 5 Easy Ways to REgistER November 2-3 2011, Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove, Miami @ Email with your full contact details Accommodation We have arranged a discounted room rate at The Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove, Miami and reservation details will be sent to you when you register. Register on the secure website at: 8 It is recommended that you book early to take advantage of this offer as rooms do sell out! Group Discounts * Mail this form to: NFC Insight, 7-9 Fashion Street, Book as a group of 3 or more and save even more money. London E1 6PX, United Kingdom To see if you are eligible email! 2 Fax back this form to +44 (0) 207 375 7576 How to Pay Credit Card: Complete and return this form with your credit card details Call the booking line on UK +44 (0) 207 375 7595 Invoice: Complete and return this form and you will receive ( Toll Free: +1 800 814 3459 ext. 7595 an invoice Cheque/Draft: Payable to FC Business Intelligence Ltd PASS TYPES AND PRICES SUPER EARLY BIRD EARLY BIRD NORMAL PRICE The sooner you book, the more Register before Sep 9th Register before Oct 7th Register after you save! SAVE $400 SAVE $200 Oct 7th Gold Pass: • 2 day conference pass • Access to post-event webcast $1395 $1595 $1795 (slides & audio) Silver Pass: • 2 day conference pass $1295 $1495 $1695Gold and silver passes include your food and beverage for the two days: coffee, snacks, 3 course lunches and the networking reception.They give you an access-all-areas pass to the event. Delegate Details Payment Please photocopy this form for multiple registrations Choose one of the following payment options: Mr / Mrs / Ms / Dr: First name: I enclose a cheque/draft for: $______________ (payable to FC Business Intelligence Ltd) Last name: Please invoice my company: $______________ Company: Purchase Order No.:______________________ Position/Title: Please charge my credit card: $_____________ Telephone: Fax: AMEX Visa Mastercard Email: Credit card number Address: Expiry date: Zipcode: Country: Security Code:Cancellations: All conference places are fully transferable without any charge. There will be no penalty for Name on card:cancellations received before Friday 30th September 2011 (Credit card registrations are subject to a 5% cancellationfee) If written confirmation of a cancellation is not received before Friday 30th September 2011 we will be obliged to Signature:charge the full conference fee. Please note, you must inform NFC Insight in writing of any cancellations: please The organisers reserve the right to make changes to the program without notice. NB: Full paymeNt must Be received BeFore the eveNtThis event is organised by FC Business Intelligence. Register now at
  6. 6. Save $400 REGISTER BEFORE September 9th 2011NFC Payments USA 2011November 2-3rd 2011, Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove, Miami4 Key Reasons to Just imagine what you could learnattend NFC Payments USA: from these expert speakers: Rich Clow, Managing Director- Steve Horowitz, CTO, Coupons Inc.1 A once in A lifetime opportunity The NFC payment industry is about to take off, it’s clear the Global Mobile Development Group, Citigroup Dominic Venturo, Chief Innovation Officer, U.S. Bank Payment market is on the brink of something huge. This conference is Jörg Suchy, Senior Marketing Systems the only place that will help you to capitalize on this boom. Manager Chip Card and MCU, Samsung Semiconductor Europe Thomas Hissam, Worldwide Mobile As the first NFC Payments event in North America, we are GmbH Commerce Solutions - Banking, bringing you the key contacts and key knowledge to make Payment and Value Added Services, NFC payments happen now. David Pinski, Group Leader, IBM Discovery Services, ING DIRECT2 Peter L Petersen, Vice President everyone you need to meet in one plAce David Messenger, Executive Vice and Director Bank Card Business This is the first time the entire payment ecosystem will be President, American Express Integration, Fifth third Bank together in one room to discuss an NFC enabled future. We Company Padraig Moran, Global Director, understand how important networking is, so we allow plenty Doug Kilgour, Senior Business Product Management, Giesecke & of time in the agenda for you to meet and chat with the key Development Executive, Isis Devrient industry players. Our online networking centre allows you Spencer Jones, Head of North James Anderson, Group Head, to set up those crucial meetings prior to the event, and the American Money Movement Online Senior Vice President Mobile, networking reception in the evening gives you ample time & Mobile Channel TD Bank Emerging Payments, MasterCard to swap business cards and set those deals in motion in a Worldwide Eric Laird, Sr. Product Manager, relaxed environment. LivingSocial Jeppe Dorff, Head of Transaction Services, Rogers Communications3 HeAr from tHose key stAkeHolders tHAt will most effect your business Damien Balsan, Director, Business Development, Nokia Inc. Mark Beccue, Senior Analyst, Mobile Payments and Commerce, ABI We are dedicated to bringing you the key people you need to Farhan Ahmad, General Manager, Research hear from to make sure you’re on the right track. From Banks Prepaid & Director of Emerging Payments, Discover Network to Operators, Isis to Samsung, MasterCard to Citigroup we are making sure you hear from industry leaders and learn from their successful strategies.4 GAin tHe strAteGies you need to ensure successful commerciAl rollout The NFC industry is moving fast, with new announcements happening everyday it is becoming more important than ever that companies are adopting the right strategies. With many challenges in the market NFC Payments USA will bring you a fantastic networking opportunity “ ” all of the must know topics. From battling interoperability, reaching critical mass to handling lack of devices we have Lifera Inc. every need to know topic covered. Ensure you meet these Great dialogue across the ecosystem “ ” challenges with the right approach and make sure you are represented at this historic meeting. Citi Register now to benefit from early-bird discounts and SAVE $400!