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  1. 1. SchoolmanYoung MasterOn 8 March an event named YoungMaster took place in Tallinn.It introduced different vocationaloccupations.There were different workshops andyou could try them out. And watchthe candidates for the title of YoungMaster.Next day the best ones wererewarded.Form 7-9 students had a goodopportunity to take part in thiscareer fair.Their feedback was very positive..Election of Student CouncilAt the end of November every student candidateintroduced himself. Their posters were ondisplay and they ran a campaign. Students fromclasses 3-9 and teachers gave their votes.There were 11 candidates.8 students won the elections.In December the Student Council had the firstmeeting.Lets hope that they will keep their promises.Voting© Paul Põlma
  2. 2. SchoolmanChristmas PartyThe Christmas Party was in December 20 at Kehtna Basic School.Form 8 students organized the Christmas Party.The preparation required quite a lot of effort but the students managedwell.English teacher Evelyn helped with the Chirstmas Party, too.The main idea was that new Santa Clause was needed in Lapland and abunch of unemployed animals and birds decided to apply for the job.All the form 8 students had to choose an animal or a bird.They chose very interesting animals: Kaarel was a Crow, Paul was aPigeon, Marten was a Frog, Tauri was a Cat, Kenet was a Dog, Sabri wasa Wolf, Sten was a Chicken and Henrik was a Sheep. They had to mimicits voice. It turned out funnily.Before the Christmas Party the students had made videos where theyintroduced themselves and showed their place of living.Other students were asked to describe different Estonian public figureswhich were later mixed with the candidates.The host Egert asked additional questions and every animal or birdtried to convince the audiance of being the right candidate.After that everybody could give their vote by clapping their hands andthe one who got he loudes noise, became the new Santa Claus.The Crow was the winner and got his first task to give candies forchildren.Santa listened to all the students’ wishes and they put their wishes onthe Christmas tree.Most of the students had similar wishes.The Christmas Party was exciting for everybody.© Paul Põlma - Page 2
  3. 3. SchoolmanEstonian WeekIn March there was an interesting event Jeopardy “Kuldvillak” at Kehtna Basic School.The main subject of this Jeopardy was Estonia.Form 5-9 students were there and showed how much they knew about Estonia.Form 8 came first and for the prize they had a big chocolate that they enjoyed.____During the Estonian Week also a singing contest was held.All forms sang popular Estonian songs.Every class had a couple of weeks to practice their songs.All the students sang by heart and they did it well.On 4thof April there was Playbox in our school where everyone could take part in.When the registration had begun, no one wanted to register.But after a couple of brave students had registered, then several others decided to get involved.Even one brave boy performed alone.Sten and Maris were the hosts.There were 10 participants in total and later M-Dance club gave its dance performance.The jury chose the favourite acts and they were rewarded.1th place was: Põhja-Tallinn – Lähen ja Tulen (Form 5)2th place was: PS Troika – Kopamees (Taavi,Daniel & Sten)And the 3th place was – Getter Jaani & Koit Toome – Valged ööd (Maris & Diana)The Special Prize was given to Meie Mees – Valge Mersu (Rain)© Paul Põlma - Page 3
  4. 4. SchoolmanInterview with PE teacher Kadi Peedo►How long have you been working at Kehtna Basic School?7 years.► What made you choose this school?No specific reason, just tried and so it went.►What subjects do you teach and have taught?I have taught PE and Health Education and I still teach these subjects.►Why these subjects?Because, I like them.►Do you like teaching in our school?Yes.© Paul Põlma - Page
  5. 5. SchoolmanSchool BirthdayOn 29thApril there was the Anniversary Run at Kehtna Basic School.Forms 5-9 had to run 2 kilometers holding a rope.There were 7 points where you needed to run and take one classmate with you.At the finish all forms got sweets and all the students did it well.Next day after the Run Kehtna Basic School celebrated its birthday.Kehtna Basic School was 170.The whole school day was exiting for all the students.In the morning we had a little ceremony and after that all classes started to play.The game included different subjects.It showed how much you knew about common things and how you can manage that.After the game was rewarding and the best ones got chocolates.When the rewarding was over then it was time for lunch.We had delicious pasta salad, apples, and juice.© Paul Põlma - Page 5
  6. 6. SchoolmanComeniusWater - The Spring of LifeOn 10thMay the Comenius project partners came to our school.They stayed in Estonia for 5 days.On 13thMay we had a Welcome Concert.Every water legend was performed by form 8 and 9 students.4 schools came to Estonia:France, Turkey, Spain and Italy.© Paul Põlma - Page 6
  7. 7. SchoolmanAdvertisements© Paul Põlma - Page 7PlayBox - Estonian SongAt Kehtna Basic School4 April At 17:00Ticket: €1Students and teachers free entranceComenius project “Water – TheSpring of Life”10 May - Partner schools arrive at Kehtna11 May – Hiking at Mukri, Camping atTaevaskoja12 May – Canoeing on the Ahja13 May – Welcome Concert, Conference14 May – Excursion in Tallinn15 May – Partner schools leave homeThe school’s 170thanniversary isorganized by form 7 students andteacher Kadi Peedo. Workshops for students andteachers. A game “My teacher can” Special birthday lunch
  8. 8. Schoolman© Paul Põlma - Page 8