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Meda conclusions powerpoint


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Meda conclusions powerpoint

  1. 1. • The general openings to my four deconstructions tend to follow the same pattern of opening the film with an event or incident that is taking place. This immediately gives the four movies a hint of drama to then follow on the stories with an action theme.• The four movies tend to use similar camera work; all four deconstructions of the films all open with an establishing shot or a close up shot. This creates a tense atmosphere for the audience, as they will be intrigued to know what the start of the film will show them.• Hints and clues are given at the start of each action movie deconstruction; for example ‘Saving Private Ryan’ has a shot of an American flag joining onto a French flag, giving the clue of the war of which these two countries fought in.• Diegetic and non-diegetic sounds also play similar roles on the four deconstructions. They all create an atmosphere to fit their action genre or in ‘Saving private Ryan’s’ case to hint what the film is about. ‘Saving Private Ryan’ plays non-diagetic sound of patriotic/militaristic which tells the audience it was a war-related film. However in the other deconstructions, for example ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest’, there are various non-diagetic sounds of drums beating to create a tense atmosphere for the audience.
  2. 2. • A common generally established feature within the first two minutes of my four deconstructions is the location in which the beginning of the film is set in. This is managed by mainly having long shots, crane shots and establishing shots to help the audience fully identify the whereabouts in the scene.• Theme is another factor established in the first two minutes, for example ‘Saving private Ryan’ manages to show the audience that the film is based on war, due to it recording various shots of a soldier grave yard, suggesting the main story in this film will be based around war.• A couple of the deconstructions seem to reveal its main characters within the first two apart from the second and fourth one, this may be used as an immediate indicator to the audience, of who is playing the main roles in that movie.• In all four deconstructions, at the start there is an immediate showing of action. For example Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, begins with the main female character being situated in an old ruin and suddenly becoming in battle with a robot. This may be used to immediately bring excitement and tension to the audience right from the word go.
  3. 3. • All four deconstructions have the tenancy to use long and extreme long shots in the first two minutes. This is used as a way of the audience being given the ability to fully understand the where -bouts in which the opening to the movie is set, and to help them have a better understanding of the story line in general.• The use of non-diegetic sounds also play a similarity in the four film deconstructions. Within the first two minutes of each film there is non-diagetic music in the background which all have a different theme to fit each movie setting. For example there is patriotic/militaristic music playing in the background of Saving Private Ryan, due to it being a war related film. This technique may be used to help the audience have a better understanding of the theme of the film, as they can relate the music to what is happening in the film.• There is also another interesting similarity in the use of non-diegetic sounds within the first two minutes of each film deconstruction. It seems that the use of non-diagetic music can determine for the audience when something is about to happen. For example in Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, as the English army are pulling to shore, there is a heavy use of drums and other dramatic sounds. This technique may be used to purposely make the audience feel the tension, due to something about to happen.• The Mis-en-scene established also has a slight similarity in each film deconstruction. The first two minutes of the films all give clues with what is put in the different shots to which may be of a significance throughout the rest of the film. This may be used to perhaps add twists onto the story, to which can also help the audience be more involved in the film as they have to work these twists out, which for some may make the movie a better experience to watch.