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Magazine pitch!

  1. 1. Magazine Pitch.By Lucy Fitzsimmons.
  2. 2. Intro. • My magazine is going to be aimed at teenagers.• The genre of my magazine is indie/alternative. • My magazine will be released monthly. • It will be priced around £1.50-2.00.
  3. 3. Magazine name ideas. • Alternative • Sound • Rad Mag • Indie • VibeI found out that the most popular name to call my magazine would be‘alternative’ magazine. I also prefer this name, because it links in withthe genre of music it is about and generally fits in with the style of the magazine.
  4. 4. Target audience.• I will be making my magazine for teenagers aged from 15 – 18. It will appeal to girls and boys because it has content in it that both genders will like. • My target audience have to be into alternative/indie music, and also into finding out about unknown bands.
  5. 5. How will it be advertised?• My magazine will be advertised by using billboards, bus advertising and tv adverts. • I will be using these types of advertising because I think they will catch my target audiences attention and will attract them to buy it.• Also, I will have a facebook, twitter and tumblr page for my magazine. I am using these social networking sites because it will get the word around quickly.
  6. 6. USP – unique selling point. • My magazine is unique because it isn’t about the most popular music but it’s more about unknown bands and artists that aren’t that mainstream. This is a good selling point because people who are interested in new, unheard music will love this magazine. Also, this means it will stand out from most of the music magazines that are out at the moment.• Also with every issue of my magazine, there will be parts of a code included and if you buy the magazine enough times the code will be ready to use on iTunes and you will have up to £5.00 to spend.
  7. 7. Price. • I will be selling my magazine for approximately around £1.50-2.00. This is a good price and it will appeal to my targetaudience because it is cheap and afford able.
  8. 8. Where is it going to be sold?• My magazine will be sold in all super markets (Tesco, Sainsburys etc) because they are very accessible to everybody. • I will also be selling my magazine in newsagents, and also on magazine stands.• There will be a website for my magazine, and there will be an option to apply for a monthly subscription on there.
  9. 9. The main story.• The main story for my magazine is going to be an interview with a new singer/band. This will appeal to my target audience because new music is appealing and it would allow them to keep up to date with the new developments in the music industry! Also, the new singer will obviously be in the ‘indie’ music genre, so the singers style/image will fit with the magazine in general.
  10. 10. Publishing.• I will publish my magazine with a company who usually publishes magazines similar to mine: Bauer Media, IPC media, Haymarket media company.
  11. 11. Masthead fonts.Que FONTita! greaseChocolate Dealer coaster Neon pussycat
  12. 12. Target audience profiles.Name: Emily Winduss Name: Becky Metson Name: DomAge: 15 Age: 17 HibberdInterests: Shopping, Interests: Fashion, art, Age: 19reading, music, music, festivals, Interests: Goingfashion. shopping. out, gigs/festivals,Favourite music: Indie Favourite music: Indie. money.pop/rock, country. Favourite music: indie, dance.