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Supporting Staff Development in Digital Literacy


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This presentation was delivered as part of 'The future is connected' strand at the 10th HEA Annual Conference, 2 July 2014 at Conference Aston.

Through a knowledge exchange project, the Centre for Enhancing Learning through Technology (CELT) at De Montfort University (DMU) is building upon the internationally-acclaimed DigiLit Leicester project, which supports the development of school staff digital literacy skills and confidence. This session will introduce initial plans for the University's work.

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Supporting Staff Development in Digital Literacy

  1. 1. Supporting Staff Development in Digital Literacy a knowledge exchange project #digilitleic
  2. 2. Lucy Atkins Digital Literacy Research Associate Sukhtinder Kaur Enhancing Learning through Technology (ELT) Project Officer #digilitleic
  3. 3. The DigiLit Leicester Project 2 year Knowledge Exchange Project (2012-2014) • Leicester City Council • De Montfort University Developing secondary school staff digital literacy, through the implementation of a self- evaluation framework.
  4. 4. The DigiLit Leicester Project The project has three key objectives: • To investigate and define digital literacy; • To identify current school staff confidence levels; • To support staff in developing their digital literacy skills and knowledge.
  5. 5. The DigiLit Leicester Project
  6. 6. The Centre for Enhancing Learning through Technology • CELT @ De Montfort University works with staff and students to transform their teaching and learning experiences through the situated use of technologies. • ELT Strategy – project ELT Professional Development focus on ELT DigiLit Project • literacy refers to the way in which one is able to utilise technology to Enhance teaching practices, transform participation and engagement for students, and enrich ones own professional development • …through sharing effective practices and building knowledge networks. • …able to make informed decisions about the appropriate situative use of technology in all areas of ones professional and personal activities. (Atkins and Kaur 2014) Defining Digital Literacy for HE
  7. 7. MyELT Overview • Faculties will be supported in an inclusive programme and varied support through a network to facilitate sharing good teaching practice in face-to face discussions, online resources and virtual communities • Enabling autonomy in self-development of digital literacy through ELT support
  8. 8. MyELT Overview • Recognition of acquired and developing skills – connect to Academic Development Project at DMU • Considering - UKPSF (UK professional standards framework – key: alignment framework to the digital);Digital Badging, DMU Academic Professional Development Project
  9. 9. DMU MyELT DigiLit project plan • Project Plan is developed (18 months) • Evaluate the current self-evaluation framework, mapped against our ELT threshold/CARR model • Evaluate the logistics of the survey tool • Evaluate current support - staff digital literacy resources • Adapt, implement and pilot the survey with e-learning champions before launch
  10. 10. Useful Links The Project Website: SchoolTech blog: The CELT Hub @ DMU: