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The Social Media Honey Trap


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ad:tech London 2012

The Social Media Honey Trap

Peter Wood, UK Social Media Director, STEAK

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The Social Media Honey Trap

  1. 1. embracingthe social layer
  2. 2. social media has matured"You have to be totally connected with everyone who touches your brand.” – Angela Ahrendts, Burberry CEO
  3. 3. socialisation of the web
  4. 4. qualitative data social listening quantitative data attitudinal & insights behavioural
  5. 5. uses for big data research & brand assessmentdevelopment development
  6. 6. the challengehow can I make this workfor my business ?
  7. 7. midsize businessmedia type sentiment mention category control
  8. 8. product share of voice 1200 1000 800mentions 600 Joules Boden 400 200 0 Blazer T-shirts Shirts Shoes products
  9. 9. driving revenue with insighthigh awareness PPCsocial awarenesslow awareness social
  10. 10. influencing SEO
  11. 11. INPUTS INTERACTIONS TRAFFIC Your Properties Listening + Website, Social Search Enginesmonitoring tools Channels Strategic Branded Direction Content Your MarketSocial / Search Bloggers, News sites, Social Direct Traffic trend analysis channels
  12. 12. trainer examplenike vintage trainers nike + classics + retro 8 social mentions 35582 social mentions
  13. 13. what we found
  14. 14. what did we learnwe found who to types of content tone of voice engage with people engage with types of language used identified an entire community
  15. 15. presidential social data29 million social mentions
  16. 16. the complexities of data statistical modelling quantitive analysts media analyst battleground states analytics election analysts engineers
  17. 17. uses facebook socially influenced budget influencedata mining micro variants for display on ground
  18. 18. if you want social to offer you a return, stop looking at it as a channel… it’s a layer…