Mobile Marketing & Advertising Strategies To Deliver On Your Key Objectives (2)


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ad:tech London 2012

Mobile Marketing & Advertising Strategies To Deliver On Your Key Objectives

Scott Seaborn, Executive Creative Director, XS2
Christelle Chan, Marketing Director,
James Connelly, Managing Director, Fetch

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Mobile Marketing & Advertising Strategies To Deliver On Your Key Objectives (2)

  1. 1. XS2 CredentialsThe Mobile FormatWe use the unique elements of thewireless device as our palette
  2. 2. The Creative Format of Mobile?
  3. 3. The Unique ElementsThe format Of Mobile, by XS2
  4. 4. Guinness - Passport to GreatnessIn 2008, Guinness became the officialbeer of the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens as partof a 3 year sponsorship deal.XS2 was asked to help deliver a campaignthat would deliver a digital element as a keyfocus of the experiential activity.Many years before the emergence of theAppe iPhone, this mobile application was thefirst example in the world of a branded locallanguage speaking guide with contentdirectly relevant to the product and thespecific event.Using a combination of experiential, SMS,WAP and web, the maximum reach wasachieved for downloads
  5. 5. The Fanta Stealth Sound SystemThe most important thing in the world forteens is their friends. Friends offer support,guidance and fun. They are also free!Mobile phones are their lifeline to theirmates. They could not live without them!Just like teens, friends are important toFanta too. One way to make friends is tomake a gesture and give them somethingthey would like.We used mobile in its broadest form bring tolife the Fanta vision - to create more play inthe world - and in doing so give teenssomething they want/need.Creative Insight: Teens are never separatedfrom their friends or their mobiles; they’rein a state of constant communication. Andthey would like to talk freely, without adultslistening in.Teens can hear higher pitch frequenciesthan adults. These frequencies have beenused in the past to stop teens hangingaround bus stops and shops in the UK...
  6. 6. The Unique ElementsThe Format Of Mobile, by XS2
  7. 7. NS Koninklijke Wach tkam ersTh e Royal Waitin g Room s
  8. 8. NS KoninklijkeWachtkamersThe Royal Waiting Rooms
  9. 9. Coca-Cola Olympic Games My Beat MakerMake your own music through movement and getcreative!My Beat Maker uses amazing technology to detectthe movements of your phone and transform theminto music so you can make your own beats!Bust out your own loops and beats based on theofficial Coca-Cola® anthem for the London 2012Olympic Games, Mark Ronson featuring Katy B’sAnywhere in the World, just from the motion ofyour phone.When your beat is ready, upload and share it toThe Global Beat... a huge worldwide musicalcollaboration!
  10. 10. Coca Cola London Beat MakerLondon 2012 Olympic Games