Getting Up Close & Local (foursquare)


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ad:tech London 2012

Conference Keynote

Getting Up Close & Local

Charles Eklund, Head of Product & Business Operations, LivingSocial
Omid Ashtari, Business Development Director Europe, foursquare
Phillip Easter, Director of Mobile Apps, American Airlines

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  • foursquare CHECK-INS are a way to enhance your present experience of a place, share your experience with friends and archive your past experiences for later recall & future recommendations.foursquare as an ON/OFF SWITCH that enables your phone to notify you of suggestions and remindersabout interesting people, places & experiences nearbyfoursquare as a BRIDGE BETWEEN ONLINE & OFFLINE that enables people clip-and-save any content on the web that references a physical location and be reminded of that content when it’s contextually relevant.foursquare uses game mechanics to ENCOURAGE EXPLORATION and challenges people to seek out new places and experiences.foursquare provides TOOLS FOR LOCAL BUSINESSES to attract new customers and understand and retain existing customers.foursquare provides the best PLATFORM FOR DEVELOPERS who are developing apps context-aware location-based apps through (Places API, Context API and Explore API)
  • Getting Up Close & Local (foursquare)

    1. 1. foursquare // businesses
    2. 2. Foursquare at a Glance25,000,000+ users2,500,000,000+ check-ins40,000,000+ venues1,000,000+ local businesses
    3. 3. Foursquare Missionfoursquare helps you make themost of where you are. We buildtools that help you keep up withfriends, discover whats nearby,save money and unlock deals. 3
    4. 4. How it worksThe user experience stems from three panels:Friends Explore Your AccountA social feed to help you keep A data-rich map to help you A control panel to keep track ofup with your friends discover what to do nearby your favorite brands and venues
    5. 5. Value proposition Recommendations Content Rewards
    6. 6. Foursquare + businessesBusinesses leverage foursquare to engage customers when they’re on thego.Businesses can be thought of as either Brands or Merchants.Brands primarily use the Brand Page and its associated tools,whereas Merchants use the Merchant Platform in addition to theBrand Page. Brand Page  Tips  Lists Merchant Platform  Dashboard  Specials  Local Updates
    7. 7. Brand Case: London 2012
    8. 8. Brand Case: History Channel
    9. 9. Brand Case: British Vogue
    10. 10. Merchant Case: HMV
    11. 11. Merchant Case: Dominos
    12. 12. Merchant Case: Borough Market
    13. 13. Looking Ahead: RadarThe Radar feature offers passive push notifications that lets users knowwhen they’re near venues or friends they might want to see. • If a user follows your lists or adds one of your Tips to their To-Do List, they’ll get a push notification when they’re nearby - without ever opening the App.
    14. 14. Thank YouOmid Ashtari@thecoolgeek