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Amores perros 1


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Amores Perros

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Amores perros 1

  1. 1. Amores Perros (2000)
  2. 2. Introduction to key themes and context • Director: Alejandro Inarritu • Released: Summer 2000 • “A Mexican Pulp Fiction” • Means ‘ Love is a Bitch’/ ‘Dog Love’. Ambiguity of title in Spanish is important as ownership of an animal is seen as a status symbol. Indiginous Mexicans believed dogs to have a soul.
  3. 3. Stereotypical Mexico in film pre 1990 was RURAL (apart from Los Olividados)
  4. 4. Contemporary Mexico City post 1990 • Hand held camera • Sharp close ups • Face paced editing • Juxtaposition of contrasting images • Film score • Documentary feel Give the film a very edgy feel
  5. 5. Move from rural to urban film making 1. 1968: Students and workers marched in protest of government. This ended in massacre and focused global attention on Mexico city. 2. 1985: Severe earthquake. Government was slow to respond. Many people lost their homes. This drew attention to geographical instability of Mexico City. 3. July 2000 (coincides with film release): PRI was replaced by PAN/ Alliance for Change.
  6. 6. Political situation in Mexico • PRI- (Institutional Revolutionary Party) had been in power since 1929 • Known as “la dictadura perfecta” (Llosa-Mexican writer) • They were a symbol of corruption and fraud • 1994 Economic crisis caused PRI to lose absolute majority. • 2000 first non PRI president elected since 1929 • 2000 election was won by PAN (National Action Party)/ Alliance for Change. They were led by Vincente Fox. • 2012 PRI voted back in (disappointed with PAN rule)
  7. 7. Situation for film makers in Mexico • 1990s: the government gave very little money to fund films. In response more and more directors were setting making films on small budgets/ setting up their own production companies. • 1990s saw the rise of politically engaged films It was from this that Amores Perros emerged. “It’s a story that deals with human pain, love and death- which make no distinction of social class.” (Inarritu)
  8. 8. Alejandro Inarritu • Started his career as a radio DJ (reflects contemporary feel of soundtrack) • Then directed commericals • Set up Zeta Films which helped to finance AP. “A very political film, although not overtly so. At the end of the day it portrays the effects of 70 odd years of an extremely authoritarian regime”
  9. 9. Key themes?
  10. 10. Task: You are going to re-watch the first 20 minutes of Amores Perros. While you are watching I want you to make notes on the representation/ depiction of contemporary Mexico City.