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Film studies


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Film studies

  1. 1. FM3: Small Scale 2nd Presentation
  2. 2. My Research Title – Genre Study Statement: “The impact of social realism in constructing counter stereotypical representation of teenagers” In the form of a question: To what extent do the
  3. 3. How I intend to break up my investigation  What is Social Realism? What is it’s purpose?  What are the conventions?  Textual analysis of films, look at how these conventions have possibly impacted on the construction of the teen representations  Consider what is stereotypical in order to provide an explanation of what is counter stereotypical (may refer to another film which has a ‘stereotypical’ representation)  Consider audience response to these representations VS the stereotypical  Find out what he directors/writers have said about the films.
  4. 4. Focus Film – 2.37 2.37 (2006, Murali K. Thalluri) My focus film is 2.37 - I chose this film because its counter stereotypical. - Extreme and dark representation of teenagers. - Deals with serious subjects such as suicide and sexual abuse. - Social Realism; Documentary feel.
  5. 5. Additional Films – Kids & Fish Tank 2009, Andrea Arnold 1995, Larry Clark Fish Tank: - British Social Realism film - Documentary feel - More realistic and relatable representation Kids: - Extreme representation - Sex and drug oriented - Social Realism/Documentary feel - Explicit nature
  6. 6. Initial Research - The Social Realism Genre: - Themes often include: sex, drugs and violence. - Unknown Actors and Actresses keep the sense of realism - 'Chick Flick' films: - How they have helped to form the stereotype teenager we know today - Around since the very early days of cinema - Similar ideologies in these films that we see today - In popular films teens are shown as living adventurous, exciting yet unrealistic lifestyles - Audiences start to believe and desire to lead similar lives to the characters
  7. 7. Examples of key scenes from films watched so far that will help my investigation 2.37 – The suicide scene and the rape scene. They show a dark and extreme representation of teenagers. They also show that what we see on the surface isn’t always what they are feeling or are like underneath and in private
  8. 8. Examples of key scenes from films watched so far that will help my investigationThe Rape scene in Kids and the scene where Mia gets attacked by some men in Fish Tank Again it shows the nasty and horrific side to teenagers, that they are capable of doing things that some people may only associate adults doing.
  9. 9. Primary Research - Looking into audience responses for the counter stereo typical representations from my chosen films VS stereotypical representations
  10. 10. Problems that have occurred - Chosen project area too big - Not sure what to do for Primary Research - What research would be relevant