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Workshop sarajevo


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Workshop sarajevo

  1. 1. hello FROM THE OPEN KNOWLEDGE FOUNDATIONFriday, 23 November 12
  2. 2. WE BELIEVE OF IN THE POWER Open.Friday, 23 November 12
  3. 3. THE OPEN DEFINITION defines ‘openness’ as the FREEDOM to use, re-use and redistribute without technical or legal restrictions.Friday, 23 November 12
  4. 4. A TOOL THAT WORKS WITH Data.Friday, 23 November 12
  5. 5. RpJ$J$KM Lsлв ¥ ¥THATkrkr C$€B/.Q Q RESOURCESkn RMkr ƒƒ£ krkr B/.GsBZ$ J$лв P PLtденkn KčMT £ ƒ £€ krQ¢GRp KMлв LsLt R$ RMMT ƒ C$ € ¢¢B/. $b $bлв лвLt ден kn MT £ kr kr € L t Rp KM LsлвLt R$RM KčMT C$ kr¢B/.L L лв ден P Ls R$ден ¥ kn kr C$ kr Q G Kč kr $$bJ$рублвCHF¥NT$Kč $ ƒ$Up.Lek ¢ Q лв $bKMруб CHF NT$ kn Kč kr Lek $ $ ƒ м Rpleiруб Lt ден¥ TT$TT$$U £ kr $krман $b KMLsleiлв R$NT$RM MTLek € ƒ Gs B/. Gs S/. P CHF ден $U Lek ƒ ман C$$bƒ ман /.J$ lei złLsруб R$ RMTT$ C$ BZ$ zł J$ лвP Ls Lt $ krzłлв лвCHF NT$ TT$ $U ƒkr B/. B/.pSHOW PEOPLEMT $U C$ kr B/.PGs tzłleiJ$ Ls Lt денRMTT$ ƒƒ Lek $ KMGs Rpлв złJ$ руб CHF NT$ MT RM C$ kr B/. ма L HOWRpJ$Rp $b Ls Lt денRM kr B/. GsƒKčlei руб£B/. GsQ pleilei J$KMLtLtPRMR$ C$ kn Kč C$Lekopenм .¢ Q L Ftрублв KM лв MTRM ¥MTS/. krkr kr$€¢TT ден R$ MTKč zł krkrƒ € ¢ p zł lei KM P лв R$ ¥ $U $U $ CHF NT$ $b Ls ден лв ƒ TT$kn kr £ kr лв CHFp. BZ$руб CHF NT$ ¥ TT$ Lek £ $ ƒ€ƒ¢Q BZ$$b рубP NT$ TT$kn$U Lek ƒ ман łł lei $b CHF лв NT$ $U Lek to kr € ¢ /. lei CHF R$ ¥BZ$ рубKM P NT$ TT$kn Kč kr $ ƒ ман Q złlei руб CHF NT$ денFtRM Lek £ C$ман BZ$KMKMR$ ¥LsLsлв¥TT$KčMT£ƒkr ƒkrMTB/złFt$bRp$b KM KčLt£денQ ¥ knMT ƒLtC$ kr Q ¢ BZ$ $b PJ$ P Ls Lt ден L $U Kč Rp J$KM kn PR$kr € ¢ knRp J$ MT£$kr kr¢ƒ C лв kr R$ ¥ RM kr up€ манFtBZ$J$лвлв P лвLt R$ RMKčлв LskrC$RM krQZ$ Rp J$ лв Ls R$ ¥ kn Kč kr ƒƒ£data.p. Rp$b лвP лв Lt ден RM MT£ kr €€ €B t $b KM лв ден ¢ B/BZ$$bzłTT$ $U рубR$p. BZ$ $b KM PTT$¥$U €krQ$ руб J$ KMруб ден NT$ TT$ Z$ Rp lei P лв Lt kn kr£ kr £ krQƒFt S/.NT$J$ LsLek $CHFден RMkr$UC$kr¢kr ƒ Z$CHF lei руб CHF¥RM MTлв R$C$ Lek¢$€ ¢ kn Kč MT kn Kč Lek BGsRpzł лв лвLt ƒ ман NT$ TT$ $U kr B/. S/. zł lei рубLt CHF NT$MT $U Lek $ S/. J$ лв LsLs ден RM Ft zł lei Rp J$ лв Ls Lt CHF NT$MT ƒ ƒ C$ kr B/ tRp p.MT C$Ls KM Plei RM R$ ¥ƒ$U Kčƒ ман$ƒ C$ B/.s/.S/.RM zł ƒleikr$bGs ден рубR$MT ƒknLekkrkrƒk Rp J$BZ$ рубS/.PNT$ R$TT$ C$ Lek krман zł lei $bB/.Lt ден RM TT$ $U Lek£ £ан p. BZ$ руб CHFлвNT$¥ kn Kč kr$B/.$ Lt ден leiлв$b KM CHFлв NT$$U C$ kr £ p.Gs zł BZ$ $bCHF złNT$CHF ¥TT$ Kč $Lek k н S/.lei руб CHFPP TT$ kn $U kr £ ƒ p. KM лв TT$ Lek S/.p.krBZ$¢RpFtJ$J$ LsLtLt TT$ can do Kčit) $złƒ /. Q Ftkr$bQJ$KMлвNT$TT$¥$Uwith Gs krC$ руб CHFLs(andденден $U Lek ƒ$C$S/. zł L Ft $bRpPлвLsлвwhat they RM krMT ƒан złp.£BZ$ KMлвлв NT$R$денC$ krLek S/.kr leiRp LJ$ лв PR$ден kn MT ƒ ƒ ¥ Kč MT lei руб KM Ls Lt knƒRM B/. £ $ £манL BZ$€ $bJ$ лвлв Lt ¥ ¥ knRM kr £ kr¢¥Q BZ$ Rp KM P лв R$ MT kn Kč p.p.L Ft $b KM P Ls R$ ден RM kr £ ƒ C ¢ Kč kn L Q лв RM kn Kč MT kr R$ нp. BZ$ p. BZ$KMрубR$ Lt Kč¥ kn€KčLkrRp J$kr¢p.Q ƒGs S/. złJ$ Lsлв ¥R$ ¥krNT$MT$UC$LL Kč $Uлв QGsFt $b leiKMPлв Lt CHF RM RMFtMTLek Rp leiруб CHF NT$ TT$ $ULekнU¢ FtLRp zł $bleiPруб ден £ kr TT$ ƒ£ ƒ BZ$ zł B/. $ S/. zł лв Ls Lt ден RM MT ƒ C$ B/.L FtFt J$ лв лв Lsknден RMQMT ƒ C$ r LekGsманRp J$ лв LsCHF NT$ ¢ TT$ B/. S/. RpQB/. Ft Rp J$lei руб CHF NT$ TT$ $U Le L Gs S/. Lt денQQL Ftp.p.leiJ$$b NT$KMCHFR$¥ $b KMkrk£ LtP лв RM kn Kč C$ LманRp lei руб CHFлв $ ƒ ман¥ ¥$U ƒ kr£ Qkr B/. S/. zł BZ$ $b TT$P денNT$ BZ$ Kč P лв ман S/. złлв Ls Lt NT$ TT$MT $Uƒ$манGszłzłруб $bKMCHF NT$ TT$ $U Lek r Gs Gs p.S/. lei руб $U лв R$ $U Lek ƒ Gsp. BZ$ CHF KM P лвR$ TT$ LekL B/. S/. BZ$ $b рубP NT$ TT$ kn Kč . ман S/. zł lei руб CHF Lek R$ ¥ kn Kč kr lei KM B/.L Ft¢S/.лвBZ$Rp J$CHFB/.Lt S/. zł lei руб RM TTƒƒƒGsQQp.Ls lei рублвлвLsGsLt TT$Kč kr MT /.Q¢ Q L FtBZ$KMKMkr NT$ денkn MTk € GsRp BZ$ Rp RM лвP лв R$ ¥ kn CHF MT £ /. ¢ L Ft Lt $b ƒлвP Lt ¥ knRM NT$ r ман BZ$ $b KM Ls лв ден $U Lek zł $b J$ман p. BZ$ Rp KMлвлв R$ ¥ kn RMkr £ ¢ € p. J$ L FtденJ$MTPC$LsR$ ден¥RM Kč ƒ € ¢ Q L Ft $b J$ P Ls Lt R$ Kč MT манp. лв R$ ¥ kn Kč KM ¢ лв R$ лв Ls Lt Kč kr ƒ € $b p. Kč kr£ман KM PBZ$ Rp kr £ kr €P Q L Ft Rp J$ден ден RM MT£C ман BZ$ $b Friday, 23 November 12 ¥ kn
  6. 6. LEGAL TOOLS Creating: Collaborating: PDDL and promoting open ODC-By licenses ODC-ODbLFriday, 23 November 12
  7. 7. SHORT, HIGH-PROFILE PROJECTSFriday, 23 November 12
  8. 8. A PROJECT THAT MAPSOUR Money.Friday, 23 November 12
  9. 9. OPENSPENDING WORKSHOP IntroductionFriday, 23 November 12
  10. 10. AIMSFriday, 23 November 12
  11. 11. SHARE EXPERIENCESFriday, 23 November 12
  12. 12. GAIN a stronger sense of what OPEN GOVERNMENT & OPEN DATA mean for the Balkans & Eastern Europe (and how your Data-Driven project can make them work for you)Friday, 23 November 12
  13. 13. DEVELOP a simple & common terminology for work around: •BUDGETS •SPENDING...Friday, 23 November 12
  14. 14. Friday, 23 November 12
  15. 15. Th i nk [DRIVEN] Advocate’s -ta nk ’s ^ ke r’s Hac CSOs & techies WORLD Ac t iv is t ’sFriday, 23 November 12
  16. 16. How much work the public will see (& care about) Level of detail policy wonks care aboutFriday, 23 November 12
  17. 17. NOW FOR THE PLAN...Friday, 23 November 12